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Cyber Bitcoin
Edited by qqqpeter at 2019-11-5 15:49 reported that Bitcoin is expected to re-hellish the rewards around May 19, 2020, and the price impact on Bitcoin (BTC) after halving the reward will increase the price as much as the previous Bitcoin reward halved. It will still be the footsteps of the 5% reduction in the Litecoin reward, and the price drop is everyone’s guessing and discussion. This article is aimed at miners who are rewarded with a halving of the first line of impact and understand their views and insights.

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According to an interview with the and the miners, there are different opinions on the impact of the 2020 Bitcoin (BTC) mining awards will be halved. Some miners believe that bitcoin prices will double, but some miners think Bits Both the price of coins and bitcoin cash (BCH) will fall.

Bullish bitcoin

Sean Walsh, Chairman and CEO of Hyperblock Inc., is optimistic,

If we look at the price movements of bitcoin six months before and after the previous two halving, we all see a significant increase in bitcoin prices.

He also mentioned that although it is a bit scary for the miners to halve the revenue stream overnight, the exchange rate after the bitcoin rise will be enough to make up for the miner’s revenue reduction in bitcoin. In other words, the number of bitcoins received by miners has decreased, but due to the increase in bitcoin prices, the miners will not cause too much damage.

Miner, Eric.P also believes that the price of bitcoin will rise after halving and that miners will no longer want to sell them after bitcoin has risen to a certain extent because the bitcoin of the same price is now more difficult to obtain.

Bearish bitcoin

Although some miners are full of confidence, some miners believe that the price of bitcoin will fall after halving. Nick Damico, BitPatagonia's chief technology officer, used LTC to fall after the halving of the reward in the majority of bullish positions. And now it is still slowly recovering.

SBI Crypto CEO, Carson Blake said he doesn't think the price can double, but he doesn't know how to anticipate the price movements afterwards and doesn't specifically indicate that he is bullish or bearish.

However, most people who mine mining have a consensus that after the halving of the reward, it is bound to crowd out some miners who were not performing well and have insufficient calculation power, or urge the miners to upgrade their equipment and improve their computing power. Genesis Mining CEO, Marco Streng said,

The halving of (reward) is a cruel annihilation. It directly eliminates the inefficient miners and has no mercy.


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