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Shenzhen Fusionsilicon Semiconductor Co. Ltd. has been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of semiconductor products and solutions. The whole team comes from large chip design enterprises. The core team has more than 15 years of experience in integrated circuit design and has strong algorithm and protocol analysis ability. Focus on digital money mining industry chain chip design and complete machine design, R&D, production. It has a rich product line of various super computing chips.


The Fusionsilicon X7 is a X11 algorithm based Dash mining machine that Shenzhen Fusionsilicon Semiconductor Co., Ltd launched in early 2019.

Introduction to Dash


Dash is an anonymous encrypted digital currency that enables instant delivery and anonymous delivery over a distributed masternode network. The total amount of Dash is approximately 18.9 million, which was discontinued in 2300.


Dash mining difficulty trend (January 2018-2019)

Dash is issued in 2.5 minutes and produces 550 blocks per day. At present, the total network computing power of Dash Mining is 3.32P, and there are 4,936 active masternodes on the Dash network. The miners in the block award account for 45%, the main node is 45%, and the budget system is 10%. The current block reward is 3.11 DASH and the miner reward is 1.55 DASH.

Fusionsilicon X7 official parameters

Officially announced the Fusionsilicon X7 stand-alone computing power is 262G, wall power consumption is 1420w, the overall energy efficiency ratio is 1G/5.42W.


The appearance of Fusionsilicon X7:

The Fusionsilicon X7 Dash mining machine shell uses an aluminum alloy wire drawing process. The outer box size is 340x130x198mm, and the whole machine weighs 4.8kg.



The Fusionsilicon X7 adopts the traditional single-tube dual-fan heat dissipation design. The advantage of the single cylinder is that it is small and does not occupy the ground. The disadvantage is that an external power cord is required.



The Fusionsilicon X7 comes with a kernel version of the Linux 4.9.69 control board, built-in cgminer mining software, the current version is 1.0.19, the control board has IP reporting button, Ethernet interface, status indicator and restart button.



The detailed parameters of the mining machine and the precautions for use are attached to the side of the Fusionsilicon X7.


The Fusionsilicon X7 has built-in three mining boards, and a total of 63 pieces of 22nm chips are used. The mining board and the control board are connected by cables.


The Fusionsilicon X7 can be connected to the 6P mining machine power supply. The interface solder joints are rounded, and the cushions in the middle of the power board and the casing can effectively prevent scratching.



Each of the three power boards requires three 6P power supplies, plus the control board power supply, a total of 10 6P power lines are required.


The only shortcoming of the Fusionsilicon X7 is that the 6P power interface is not a mis-insertion-proof design. Pay special attention to the direction of the buckle during the plug-in process to prevent mis-insertion.


The light of the Fusionsilicon X7 is relatively eye-catching. It is blue when it is running normally. It is very high at night. From a distance, the status indicator and the network indicator will show a purple effect.


Fusionsilicon X7 Dash Miner mining steps:

1. Insert the mining board power cord and control board power cord
2. Insert the network cable
3. Turn on the power
4. Find the mining machine IP address
5. Input the mining machine ip address in the browser
6. Enter the password "fusion" to enter the control page.
7. Select “Miner Configuration” to modify the minimng pool and worker id.
8. Click on “save&apply” on the lower right side to complete the setup. Mining starts.

The Fusionsilicon X7 control page is simple and straightforward. The upper side shows the computing power of the three mining boards. The “Restart” button can easily restart the mining machine. The four main menus are Miner Status, Configuration, Network, and System. The information on the running time of the mining machine, real-time calculation power, average computing power, and receiving conditions of the mining pool can be seen at a glance.


Fusionsilicon X7 test results:

The Fusionsilicon X7 Dash Mining machine in the f2pool (which support wallet anonymous mining) mining shows that the reception fluctuations are not large, the 24-hour average exceeds the officially announced 262G, reaching 266-274G.


Using the official power supply, the actual power consumption of the Fusionsilicon X7 mining machine is 1586W, which is slightly higher than the official power consumption. The unit power consumption ratio is calculated to be 5.96W/G.


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