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Cyber Bitcoin
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Since MicroBT released the Whatsminer M20S 68T Bitcoin mining machine in 2019, the bitcoin mining market and miners have not stopped chasing high-performance mining machines. Recently, Avalon and Bitmain have also launched new models, A11 and S17+, and the maximum power of the single machine can reach 73TH/S.

On October 9th, at the 2019 Global Digital Mining Summit hosted by Bitmain and Matrixport, Bitmain officially released two new Antminers, S17+ and T17+. The standard computing power of the ace model S17+ is 73TH/s, energy efficiency ratio 40J/TH+10%, with the advantages of high computing power, low power consumption, and strong stability. The introduction of S17+ and T17+ will further consolidate the position of the leader of the Bitmain mining machine market and rapidly expand the market share at domestic and abroad.

At almost the same time, Avalon also launched a new generation of A11 bitcoin mining machine, the official published single T average power consumption of 47W/T, mining machine test video shows that the average power of the A1166 bitcoin mining machine is close to 73TH/s, According to relevant sources, the research and development of the Avalon 5 nanometer bitcoin mining machine is also on the road.


Before the halving of 2020, the new round of computing arms races of major bitcoin mining machine manufacturers is intensifying

Bitcoin's network computing power has been exponentially rising in the past decade, and prices have risen nearly 7 million times since its birth in 2009.

At present, the total network computing power of Bitcoin is close to 100EH. Many people may not be sensitive to this number. I don't know how big this number is. Let's feel it: How big is 100E?

1E=1000P 1P=1000T 1T=1000G 1G=1000M 1M=1000K 1K=1000

The latest report of the world's Top500 supercomputer list in November 2018, the world's fastest computer Summit computing speed is 143.5 ten trillion times, the Tianhe-2A supercomputer in the National Supercomputer Center in Guangzhou, China, ranked fourth, the computing speed is 61.44 ten trillion times (here, the supercomputer is counted by floating-point operations, not the same type of operation as bitcoin hashing, just a simple comparison of numbers)

Now the entire bitcoin network computing power is very amazing, equivalent to the computing speed of more than 70 US supercomputers, even if supercomputers now enter the blockchain network, the entire network is still safe.

Bitcoin mining difficulty belt and price relationship

At present, we are in the era of EH computing. The entire network computing power of Bitcoin has experienced the EH era from the initial GH era to the TH era and nowadays. According to the current growth rate, we may enter ZeraHash in a few years.

1Z (Zera)=1000E

A new era of computing power. As the cost of mining bitcoin is getting higher and higher, the cost of excavating or producing a new bitcoin is rising over time, which will lead to an interesting bit of bitcoin price. Phenomenon: As long as bitcoin has always existed, in order to make miners profitable and maintain the power to participate in the protection of the network, the currency price of Bitcoin will always fluctuate with the production cost.

From the bitcoin mining difficulty belt and price growth curve chart of the WOOBULL.COM website, it can be clearly seen that whenever Bitcoin's mining difficulty belt shows a staged decline and the bitcoin volatility and price will be greatly reduced, The market is in a bear market. On the contrary, whenever the bitcoin mining difficulty band is gradually expanded and dispersed, the volatility and price of Bitcoin will gradually increase, and the market is in a bull market. From the current difficulty zone, we may see that we are in the early stage of the bull market launch in 2019. From now on, miners and investors should start a rational long-term layout, and time will bring the most to those who believe in bitcoin. good result.

Recently, bitcoin prices have fallen sharply. Is it a wise choice for miners to buy mining machines for miners at current currency prices and the difficulty of the whole network?

As the founder of Whatsminer Mining Machine, Yang Zuoxing said:

Buying at this point is not a good deal compared to buying two or three months ago. In fact, this is already an old-fashioned reason. We should invest at the lowest point, so that we can make the most money.

The best admission time for the mining machine is in February and March of this year. The mining machine is sold and sold. Unfortunately, everyone was very scared at that time, and few people dared to shoot. Then, when you buy, you buy it. When you sell it, you sell it. Do you have any reason to earn more money than others?

The current investment in mining machines does not make money, depending on how you look at the future. My opinion is that in today's increasingly volatile global macro world, the value of Bitcoin as a non-sovereign stored value tool is becoming more and more obvious. But until now, there are not so many people who know and fully agree with the value of Bitcoin. From this perspective, investing in bitcoin is still a good choice. And if you want to invest in bitcoin, mining is still one of the most cost-effective methods.


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