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Edited by qqqpeter at 2019-10-2 13:21 reported that yesterday, the founder of SELF TOKEN, Xu Jiakai, was nominated for the best new director of the 56th Golden Horse Award for the film "The Last Thieves". He also immediately shared the news on the fan page and thanked the family, friends, The fundraiser is accompanied by all the way. In addition, SELF TOKEN was officially listed on the exchange yesterday. Before the deadline, SELF TOKEN was priced at $0.10, slightly lower than the $0.12 at the opening.


Screenshot of "The Last Thieves"

Xu Jiakai, the newly award-winning director, also responded exclusively this morning (10/2),

I believe that this time the Golden Horse Award is the best new director. He represents not only my personal affirmation, but also the ability to complete a movie through the power of the masses and through the power of the blockchain.

Then, it also means that the world of blockchain is closer to the mainstream world.

I believe that next, we can use more different new ways to make movies and flip the existing entertainment industry.

Let us generations, with our methods, can create new opportunities and possibilities!

Chinese first blockchain business movie

The Golden Horse Awards (GHA) is the Taiwan Film Award and one of the earliest Chinese Film Awards in the world. It aims to reward the creation and development of Chinese film. The Golden Horse Award is rich in political meaning. It is the most representative film award in Taiwan from the names of Kinmen and Matsu. It also has the reputation of the "Chinese Academy Award for Academy Awards".

This time, Xu Jiakai is a film about the blockchain theme of "The Last Thieves".


Yin Zixiang, a young entrepreneur with a future dream, can create a new world free from state control and bank abduction through blockchain technology. She worked hard with her girlfriend Chen Hao and worked hard in the ruthless fund company general manager Xu Jing, behind-the-scenes black hand Lin Mingyan, and the director of the financial management department, Chen Fatong.

Through the trailer, we can have a glimpse of Xu Jiakai's imagination of the new world of blockchain. In the new world, the economic results created should be shared by all, not monopolized by a few.

Just like in the movie trailer, Lai Yazhen explained with a cup trick,

The blockchain is to change these opaque cups into transparency so that you can always know where your money is.

In the first time of the finalists, Xu Jiakai also recorded a short film on the slate page of SELF PICK, the entertainment company he founded, and thanked everyone for their support. He said,

The most important thing is to thank the friends who supported us along the way. From the initial "Mr. Bartender" fundraising failed, fundraising success, building a bar, making movies, all the friends who supported me, including family, friends, Fundraiser.

All this is very unbelievable to me, I really want to say thank you to everyone.

SELF TOKEN officially launched on the exchange BitAssets yesterday

Yesterday, in addition to Xu Jiakai's "The Last Thieves" shortlisted for the Golden Horse Award, SELF TOKEN issued by the company's fundraising has also been put on the exchange, officially circulating in the market.

According to the data of the BitAssets exchange, SELF TOKEN rose from the opening of 0.12 US dollars to 0.14 US dollars, the lowest fell to 0.05 US dollars, equivalent to Taiwanese dollars about 1.5 yuan, a drop of 58%. However, it may be because the Golden Horse Award nomination is fermented, and the price of SELF TOKEN has steadily increased.

The current price is $0.109, which is equivalent to NT$3 (about 0.096516 USD).

The price of SELF TOKEN purchased on the official website is about 1 SELF TOKEN = 3.3 NT, and the minimum purchase price is 100 SELF TOKEN, equivalent to NT$330. And 100 SELF TOKEN can be exchanged for a ticket of "The Last Thieves" or a cocktail at a partner bar.

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