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I have rarely shared personal opinions recently. And many of my articles are about Facebook's Libra report this moment. In fact, this is an important factor in the recent push-up of Bitcoin.

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In the past, I shared in some group of social media, saying that the analysis of the coins price should pay attention to the world economy, including the foreign stock market. Some netizens said that the coins market and the stock market are separate and irrelevant...

Who is entering the market now? What fund? In addition to the general mass retail investors, more are professional investors, they are not only investing (playing) coins.

I shared in the Portal staff group and the altcoin group I managed in the past that the rise of the Bitcoin price mainly includes the following factors: halving next year's output, US interest rate cuts, and Libra issue.

It is not necessary to say that the output is halved. See the price trend of Litecoin.

The US interest rate cuts have caused funds to flow to the asset class. Because the economy is not good, some cheap money will be used to whitewash the market. However, this situation is like eating a sleeping pill when a person is not sleeping well. It is useful at the beginning, but it will be effective fewer and fewer when keeping using it. In fact, cheap money will flow into the financial market more than the real economy, so this rate cut will be a new round of asset redistribution, just like after the Lehman incident. How does the interest rate cut affect the price of the Bitcoin? Let's see how the news of the last US-China trade conference restarted affects interest rate cuts, gold prices, and Bitcoin prices.

Finally, Facebook's Libra was born. Although it has been criticized by many governments, it is believed that Facebook is well-prepared. You can take a look at Facebook's response to criticism from these countries.

If the interest rate cut will affect the decision of professional investors to invest in Bitcoin, Libra's launch is to increase public awareness of Bitcoin and the door to buy.

I am in Hong Kong. Many years ago, Taobao was popular in the Mainland. However, there are not many people involved in Hong Kong. There are two main reasons. One is that payment is more troublesome, and the other is the problem of shipping. Today's payment is more convenient than before. There are many ways to pay in Hong Kong. In addition, there are many options for shipping the goods to Hong Kong, including Taobao's official and unofficial (however, if there is a need to return, it is still very troublesome).

Investing in Bitcoin, many people want to buy and sell on reliable exchanges, such as Bitstamp or Binance, etc. If it is not at the location of these exchanges, deposits and withdrawals may require bank transfer, remittance service fees and time are the reasons why many people are deterred.

In the future, if Libra is successfully launched, in the place where the currency is circulated (meaning there is no foreign exchange control), it is convenient to buy Libra and then transfer to the exchange, so it will attract many people to invest in Bitcoin.


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