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Zhejiang Ebang Communication Co. Ltd., a national key hi-tech company, its industry park covers an area of 110,00 sqm. The company mainly engages in R&D, manufacture, and sales of fiber optical telecommunication products.


Ebang also produces crypto miner. This time we received the latest version of the Ebit E9.2 12T bitcoin miner, the whole machine can reach 12TH/S, and the energy consumption ratio is 140W/T.

I. Unpacking:

Ebit E9.2 12T mining machine is packed in five-layer industrial carton with brand logo.


The mining machine is wrapped in a plastic bag to play a certain moisture-proof effect, and the styrofoam is suspended and packaged, which effectively ensures the transportation safety.


The mining machine adopts the front and rear dual cooling fan design, and the alloy casing is compact and sturdy.




At the top of the mining machine, you can see the mining machine consists of three mining boards, each of which has three PCI-E6pin interfaces and data cables connected.


At the top of the machine, the controller covered with a shelter. The power input of the controller is PCIe 6-pin.


The data cable interface adopts a snap design, and the contact tightness is favorable for the stability of data transmission.


On the lateral of the mining machine, a label with network parameter is attached.



In front of the mining machine, there are the LAN socket, the status LED, and the front 12cm diameter fan (12V, 2.7A, air-inlet).


At the back of the machine, you can see the 12cm diameter cooling fan (12V, 2.7A, air-outlet).


There are the dimensions of the mining machine.


II. Installation:

In the test, we use a 1800W power supply which dedicated for a mining machine.


First, plug in the power cable into the mining boards. There are three standard PCIe 6-pin on the three mining boards.



Then plug in the power to the controller (also a PCIe 6-pin).


Plug in the LAN cable.


This is the complete wiring diagram of the mining machine.


Turn on the power. The default IP address of the mining machine is You can connect it to your PC and change the PC's IP with the same network, such as Then input the miner's IP to the browser to configure the miner.

First, change the miner's IP to the one your network used to. (You can also use the software provided by the manufacturer for changing IP)



Then, you can reconnect the miner to your network. Please also change your PC's IP to the original one.

Now, input the miner's IP to the browser. Enter the username and password and default they are both "admin".


Then set up the mining pool.



After the setup is completed, the mining machine starts running after several ten seconds. The panel shows the real-time status of the mining machine.


Status LED is bright when the mining machine is in normal operation.


III. Testing:

The noise in this testing room is about 39dBa, the room temperature is about 32 degrees during the day and about 30 degrees at night.

When the mine is just running, the default frequency is 835. The hash rate is about 12.04T.


When the hash rate is about 12.04T, the power consumed is 1515W.


After the mining machine runs for a period of time, it will automatically change the frequency to between 850 and 860, according to the ambient temperature and operating state. The average hash rate of the long-term operation is about 12.58T, and the curve of hash rate is stable without large fluctuations.


The power was measured at 1566W.


In terms of noise, when the mining machine is in normal operation, the fan speed is about 5900 rpm. The noise of the mining machine is measured about 83dBa at about 20cm.


In terms of temperature, the mining board is 60-75 degrees under a normal and stable operation of the mining machine.

The intake air inlet measured 34 degrees.


The air outlet measured 43 degrees of hot air.


IV. Summary:

1. Ebit E9.2 12T is stable for a long time, the measured average hash rate is about 12.58T, and the power consumed is about 1566W.

2. Easy to operate, providing cross-network management software and cluster operation software.

3. The mining machine has a certain degree for overclocking.

4. The heat dissipation is good, and the cooling fan with large air volume is used.

5. The noise is too large, and it is also a common phenomenon of large-scale mining machines.

6. Compact and sturdy design, easy to operate, stable and safe, and convenient for large-scale deployment of mines.

V. Disassembly Pictures:






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