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Cyber Bitcoin
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Just today, the New Age Mining Summit·2019 Annual Festival, jointly organized by the Poolin Mining Pool, Bixin, MicroBT (Whatsminer), Innosilicon, Canaan and EBang, was held in Chengdu New Hope Gaoxin Crowne Plaza Hotel. The guests attending the conference included Yang Zuoxing, founder of MicroBT, Kong Jianping, the co-chairman of Avalonminer, and Zhu Xi, founder of the Poolin. There will be dozens of big coffee speeches on the spot. Several heavyweight theme roundtable forums. Over 50 industry opinion leaders in the mining and cryptocurrency sector, more than 100 industry company founders and co-founders, more than 100 companies in the mining and cryptocurrency sector and more than 900 participants attended the conference on the theme of "new era, new structure, new opportunities". It is intended to provide a platform for sharing resources and win-win cooperation for all sectors of mining in China and Asia.





Kong Jianping, the co-chairman of Avalonminer
: Everyone's wealth accumulation depends on the big trend


Kong Jianping gave a keynote speech on “Blockchain: Opening a Trusted Silicon-Based Civilization”. He said that the accumulation of wealth for everyone depends on a big trend. After the 1950s, China began to develop its economy. It experienced the information age from the industrial age to the present, and now it has entered a new era. Every change in the old and new order will bring huge opportunities. The biggest opportunity now is the digital currency in the digital age.

Zhu Xi, co-founder of the Poolin: The new era has formed a new pattern


Zhu Xi gave a keynote speech on “New Era,  New Poolin”. Zhu Xi said that the new era has formed a new pattern. The first is to monopolize, and the ecological environment around the mining industry will rise. In the new era of mining pools, we must first and foremost, technology and products must be closer to Baidu, Ali, Tencent products, followed by operational services and practitioners need to be more professional.

Wang Shenglin, Sales director of Innosilicon: The demand for halving the production of at least 1.5 million mining machines


Wang Shenglin gave a keynote speech on “Taking the advantage of the spot to seize the opportunity to coin reducing”. Wang Shenglin said that the halving of the production of at least 1.5 million mining machines. According to the data shipped and the data on mine operations, there are currently about 4.3 million mining machines in operation. The essence of mining is to take discount coins, and the value of mining with high-performance, high-reliability mining machines as early as possible is not the same.

Pan Zhiwei, co-founder of Poolin
: New agreement BUMP, concise, stateless, decentralized


Pan Zhiyi issued a new protocol BUMP. The principles include simplicity, statelessness, and decentralization. BUMP has five characteristics. First, the transport layer is “decoupled”, including data that does not depend on a specific link, data is not connected, links can be reused; second, efficient message encoding and decoding; third is anti-malware block reorganization; It is to support miners soft fork voting; the fifth is to support custom blocks.

Yang Zuxing, founder of MicroBT: This year's bitcoin computing power is expected to reach around 120E


Yang Zuxing said that the bitcoin computing power is expected to reach 120E this year, and the mining machine service time is expected to reach 4.5 years. Mining electrical fee income accounted for 20-30%. Water-cooled, liquid-cooled mining machines will become mainstream in about 5 years, which will probably account for 80%.

Deng Keai, the market brand director of the Bixin: halving production will not have a positive impact on Bitcoin’s price


Deng Keai said that halving production will not have a positive impact on the price of Bitcoin. When the output is halved next year, the market demand for bitcoin will not be halved in an instant. When the relationship between supply and demand is unbalanced, the market will use price adjustments, and prices will rise only when demand exceeds supply.

Daisy Zhang, co-founder of hashrate 360: The poor fluidity of the mining machine is the most profound industry problem in the mining area.


Daisy Zhang expressed her views on the mining pain points that are coming and exposed during the dry season. 1. Mining heavy assets, it is difficult for retail investors to enter the market. 2. The demand for mining machines is in short supply, and the market demand is still 1.5 million units unsatisfied; 3. The problem of skyrocketing power before the halving and soaring of electricity during the dry season, the mining profit space is increasingly squeezed; 4. The mining machine has poor liquidity. Opportunities are always in the hands of only a few people. She believes that the last point of the information is opaque, which is the most influential in the underlying logic of the entire industry. In order to allow more people to obtain BTC through ultra-low-cost mining, she believed that the hashrate 360 is the world's first trading platform for the physical delivery of mining machines, with natural advantages to achieve efficient mining, no Management fees, shelf fees, only charge 0.2-0.4 yuan / kWh electricity. One-click trading, one-click viewing of earnings, mining white can also be easily mastered; at the same time, by transferring the mining machine calculation contract, earning the mining machine added value premium, allowing users to truly achieve "mining + trading" double income.

New Age Mining Annual Awards Ceremony





At the final awards ceremony of the 2019 Annual Ceremony of the New Era Mining Summit held in Chengdu, Avalon won the “Extreme Craftsman Award” for its continuous exploration on the 16nm mining machine mechanism. MicroBT is able to provide continuous production capacity and excellence and won the "Time Pioneer Award". Innosilicon won the "Multiple Leadership Award" with a diversified mining machine route. Yang Zuoxing, the founder of MircoBT, won the "Person of the Year Award" for the pursuit of the ultimate design method. Canaan won the "Enterprise of the Year Award". Whatsminer (MicroBT) won the "Annual Hardware Award". Poolin App won the "Software of the Year".

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