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Cyber Bitcoin
Bit continent Ant Litcoin miner began in September 2014 for L1 miner project, which was once shelved for some reason. In 2016 the company restarted the litcoin miner project and released the L3 Type in December, L3 Litcoin miner using BM1485 chip which researched and developed by Bit continent independently, hashrate: 250MH / S, wall Power consumption: 400W.

Litcoin miner is also known as Scrypt algorithm miner, any cryptocurrency based on Scrypt algorithm can be mined by Scrypt miner in beside Litcoin.


Ants L3 plus Litcoin we received this time is upgraded version of L3 miner, official parameters: 504MH / S hashrate, 800W wall power consumption.Following comes the newest evaluation from Cybtc .

1. Exposure inside of the box

  Ants L3 plus miner adopting five layers of industrial carton package and has completed logistics warehousing graphics logo, bar code products and brand logo. Miner designed with pearl cotton floating which guaranteed transport safety effectively, enclosed with a miner indication manual.


L3 plus miner adopt front/back double cooling fan design, alloy shell, which makes it compact ,solid and good-looking.



There is a warning label on the side.


At the top of the miner, you can see that the miner consists of four hashrate plates, each one has two PCI-E 6 pin interfaces and four data wires connected from the controller.


Data wires interfaces adopt buckle design and solid contact is conducive to the stability of data transmission.


In front of Miner are ip key, cable jack, reset button and status lamps (still with miner logo and qc tags), also has a front fan with diameter of 12cm, where wind goes through in.


On the back of Miner, you can see the tail of the cooling fan (air outlet).


Model of fan is four-wire and diameter 12CM (12v0.9a).


Chassis is same as s9, adopt aluminum alloy material and surrounded by one molding, the hashrate plate is fixed by interlude through internal groove of the chassis, you can see each chip has an independent heat sink inside and the overall structure is very close.


Here provide the physical parameters of the miner.


2. Assemble

Before assembling L3 plus miner we should check carefully that whether the heat sink plate drop off or not.

Test power supply this time is ants APW5-12-2600-A2(with 2600w gold conversion rate). For further introduction of this power supply can be found in the appendix following this article.


First, plug power cord to hashrate plate, ants L3 plus miner has four hashrate plate and above which is two standard pci-E6 pin interfaces.



And then contact the controller to the power supply (the controller also has pci-E 6 pin interface).


Then plug network wire.


This is the final wiring diagram of the miner.


Turn on the power, miner will assign ip address automatically, scan the latest access device ip address and go into the background. (information about miner ip address can refer to this post
First browser will open miner ip to get in, and then enter the password get into miner’s backstage. Both acquiescent user name and password are: root.


Then set up the miner pool, this operation is under litcoin pool of Bit continent (ants mine pool to Litcoin currency pool).


When the setup is complete, system will run for about a few tens of seconds. You can see the miner real-time status on background page.


The state lamp of the normal operation of the miner.



Noise of test room is about 38dBa, indoor temperature is about 20 degrees on daylight, about 16 degrees at night.
The acquiescent frequency is 384, the average hashrate is 508M during long time running, hashrate curve is stable and no large fluctuations.


Measured power is 802W


Acquiescent frequency is 384 on over frequency test, arise eight grades to 406, the average hashrate is about 530 which measured during long time running.




Measured power is 840W(as pic showed below).


Operation on over frequency miner: giving that features on different miners are slightly different, you need upgrade two to three grades each time to adjust until getting stable operation.
For noise part , when the speed of miner background fan is about 3000 shift at daylight under normal operation, noise is about 70dBa with spacing 20cm from miner.


Acquiescent speed of miner is adjusted automatically according to environment temperature, the speed of miner fan dropped to 2600 shift at night under normal operation , noise is about 66dBa with spacing 20cm from miner.


Noise is about 60dBa with spacing 1m from miner


When miner has just started or change settings on background, the fan has two to three seconds full speed running, at that time the measured noise parameter is about 79dBa.


For temperature, the temperature of miner background chip is 51-58 degrees under normal operation


Temperature of air inlet is 20 degrees.


Temperature of air outlet is 30 degrees.



1. Ant L3 plus Litcoin miner has so far the world's highest hashrate and the strongest performance.

2. Ant L3 plus miner has compact design, with measured 508M hashrate and 802W power, also has long-term stable operation.

3. There is a certain overfrequency space, measured stable overfrequency is over 4% (which depending on the features of each miner).

4. This miner is applicable to all kinds of encryptcurrency using Scrypt algorithm.

5. As a miner with high hashrate, ant L3 is a type with a better noise performance among all , noise isn’t obvious with spacing more than 1 meter.

6. With double fan cooling, L3 has a good heat dissipation, the temperature of chip is about 50 degrees under running and it is conducive to long-term stable operation.

7. I hope that manufacturers can design a type of miner with low hashrate which can let more green hand to experience mining.

5. Appendix

(A) First experience on Ants APW5-12-2600-A2 power.

Ants APW5-12-2600-A2 power is a professional power which is new released by bit continent for 2600W miner, the power conversion rate of it up to ATX gold power level, besides, the biggest advantage is mute.

The power supply adopt cooling fan design, the fan’s diameter is 12cm, up to 14 pieces pci-e 6 pin interfaces with 12V power contact, in which 12 short 2 long.


Front power outlet afford all computer ATX power cord, the only shortage is that no button on it.


Profile interface is one side higher than another, and there are parameter labels



The rear part of the power supply


Physical parameters of power.


Noise caused by power supply is only about 53dBa under normal operation.


Contrast of power between the first ant power APW3-12-1600-B2(for more information on this power, please enter this post and A2 under running ants L3 plus (with same frequency )as below, we can see that A2 has a better performance.


(B) Ants mine pool ( to Litcoin pool

  Ant is bitcoin pool launched by bit continent in November 12, 2014 the bit currency pool, in addition to Bitcoin, they also have launched the Litcoin pool, Ethereum pool and zcash pool , detail information about ant pool can refer to our previous post:
For now, most using is ant pool-also Litcoin pool is easy to operate , just switch after landing the web.




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