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Avalon3 (2nd Gen ADP single module)Bitcoin Miner Evaluation by Cybtc

Before I do the evaluation, I want to quote the Avalon's explanation about why they havedeveloped a brand new ADP board : Since the design of one USB port for one module increase the cost, how about sharing one USB port with modules?

Cascading USB devices makes it possible to massively deploy miners, mining bitcoin with USBHUB and many USBcables are now history. In order to better experience the power fromAvalon hyper array scalable hashing system, Avalon has sent us 8 modules for evaluation.


Those are power supply units with the modules.


I guess those power supply units are custom-made from DELTA Electronics,Inc. I’m wondering to know if Avalon will makethem as miner accessories.


Avalon’s product is always designed to be compliant with industry standards, a product label is attached to the package.


Inside the package there are 3 things: a miner, an ADP PCB board and a switch board for power supply unit, with the PSU switch board you can easily connect the miner and power supply unit, and power on the power supply unit without inconvenient modification. (Short circuit green cable and black cable of the Power supply unit)


Unseal the package, the left one in the picture is PSU switch board,if you want to power on a power supply unit, just plug in the 24-pin connector and slightly hit the switch, does it look more fashionable than using a paper clip to power on a power supply unit? The right one in the picture is ADP board. The new ADP board has 4 8-pin power supply sockets. (2 for PCIE 8-pin and 2 for CPU 8-pin) No need to plug in all of the sockets, plugging in one PCIE socket and one CPU socket or plug in 2 PCIE sockets is OK. PCIE sockets also accept 6-pin connectors. Apart from power supply sockets, there are 2 4-pin sockets for cascading USB devices and an ID jumper foridentifying module when cascading 4 modules.


Here are some pictures from official website, ADP board.


Cable for cascading ADP boards.


USB interface for connecting 703n and ADP board.


End users get all above components in this way: The cable has connected 703n USB interface and ADP boards.


ADP board diagram.


Because the condition to cascade 8 modules does not exist in our lab, I just cascade 2 modules for evaluation.


Like the other Avalon miners, theconfiguration webpage address is

Firstly finish the network configuration,


Then enter pool address and worker information. Chip frequency and chip voltage are also critical, 500 for chip frequency and 7250 for chip voltage are overclock parameters provided by Avalon.


The miner is working, stable hash rate for 2 modules is 580 GHash/s, which is consistent with 290 GHash/s provided by Avalon.


The pool shows its hash rate is 564 GHash/s, the real hash rate agrees well with official data within acceptable error.


Power consumption for 2 modules is 704 watt, which is consistent with 342 watt provided by Avalon, the real power consumption agrees well with official data within acceptable error.


Noise test, the noise that 2 working modules produce can reach to 92.07dB, according to the instruction, I’m suffering loss of hearing. Can someone give me some bitcoins to support my evaluation? T^T


Next time I will test the power of Avalon scalable hashing system with 8 single modules. Notice that in this case, 4 single modules are linked together to form an array, module #1 connect to a USB hub, the remain 3 modules are cascaded. Jumpers of all modules are need to be set before powering up the system.


4 status of jumpers.


Power up, unfortunately when I powered up the fifth or sixth module, the overload protection of my power strip started warning. Both the temperature of the cable and the noise were rising, so I decided to test one array instead. The hash rate of one array reached to 1.2 THash/s, the speed agrees well with official data.


In a word, as a founder of bitcoin miner, Avalon certainly do a great job in increasing the stability of product, but Avalon miners, especially the array system, produce too much noise, making the miners impossible to work at home or in the office. I finally finish the evaluation with the loud noise, and I’m not sure if I’m suffering loss of hearing, since I still hear repeated buzzing noises in my ears after the evaluation.

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