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Lightning miner is produced by a comprehensive company locate in Shenzhen china which mainly engaged in development and production of Bitcoin Miner, besides ,the company also has project on production of Bitcoin ATM machine and bitcoin hardware wallet, in addition ,it also refer to cloud hashrate item on the basic of its own bitcoin ground.

The prototype of lightning miner we received this time using the newest Bitfury chip(which released in 2016, with production process for 16 nm).


Here comes the latest evaluation from Cybtc:

1. Exposure inside of the box

Lightning miner adopt five-layer carton package, double hard foam board capsulation, and effective protection of transport safety.


Miner chassis is an integrated molding with metal material, so it’s compact and solid. There are double heat elimination fan design on back and front of miner respectively.


In front of the miner has a diameter of 12cm four-wire cooling fan (12V1.6A) 1, where wind go through out, at the top of the fan are network cable interface of controller and status lamps.


There is another cooling fan (12V1.6A) on back of the miner, which wind go through in.


From top aspect we can see 2 hashrate plate,3 pci-e 6 pin power cable interface(12v) of each hashrate plate ,and data cable (data cable connect to hashrate plate and controller, while providing power to controller at the same time).



Data cable interface is a 12-pin groove.


Another half area of top face is controller of the miner, at the tail of controller is MicroSD card (can be assemble/disassemble).


Internal structure as below, you can see the miner chip using a separate heat sink.


The side part of the miner.



Following is the physical parameters of the miner.



For the test this time we used the GRAND power supply with 1000w .


Installation is very simple for Lightning miner, first you need to connect to the power supply, each hashrate plate has three pci-e 6 pin power interface, all inserted



And then connect miner to the Internet.


Below is the complete connection pic of the miner.



Turn on the power, miner will assign ip address automatically, scan the latest ip device to access and go into the background. Indication about settings of net and ip please refer to this post: Http://

Key ip address on browser then you will enter into login interface and please input user ID and password(both: root).


Setting of lightning miner is very simple, after entering into the background (background is English version and here is simple translation), just finish setting of the mine pool, then you can run it.


Miner status page.


Network settings page


Miner advanced configuration page.



I chose an operating environment with 21 degrees room temperature and 39dBa indoor noise.
You just need to set mine pool then you can run the miner ,all other items are adjusted automatically.
The average hashrate is 6.6T-6.7T under long term operation ,and the hashrate curve is stable ,no obvious fluctuation.


When the hashrate is 6.6T-6.7T ,we measured the power is 778W.


Noise level, when the miner has stable operation, we measured the noise is 71dBa spacing20CM from the fan .


For temperature part, the air inlet is 25 degrees.


Air outlet is 30 degrees


5.Simple Summary

1. Lightning miner has a lightweight design, only 2.8kg. Despite this, miner chassis is an integrated molding with metal material, so it’s compact and solid. Light weight design saved logistics and labor costs of deploying miner.

2. Easy to install and use, has a high automation level

3. Hashrate curve is smooth under long time operation.

4. For power consumption, when average hashrate is 6.6-6.7T ,the power consumption is 778w, has a leading performance among industries.

5. With back and front double heat elimination fans ,though noise is 71dBa and is little bit high ,noise performance is more boring, not the kind of harsh sound. If the room temperature is lower the noise is lower while the speed of fan is adjusted by temperature.

6. Back and front double heat elimination design makes the temperature difference slight, and which is conducive to the stability of the miner.

7. There are certain requirements on the power supply, such as the stabilized voltage should be at 12.1-12.2v, then the performance will be better.



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