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Cyber Bitcoin
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New York Bitcoin Mining Magnate Accused of Stealing Over 5000 Crypto Miners
Source: A New York Bitcoin miner hosting company called Northway Mining stands accused of stealing at least 5100 pieces of mining equipment from two companies. Given the scope of the investig ...
Multi-Algorithm FPGA Wireless Mining Machine SK1 digest
When I mentioned the FPGA mining machine, many old players who paid attention to the currency circle in 2012 have heard the names of FriedCat FPGA and Guilin watermelon FPGA mining machine. Many ash ...
INNOSILICON T2T-30T Bitcoin Miner Now Available digest
In the Nasdaq, the simulation test of Bitcoin has started on April 10, and the price of coins has been rising. The industry is showing signs of warming. This week, the traditional mining machine manuf ...
Bitmain launched Antminer T17, by 2nd Gen 7nm Chip and with Hash Rate 40TH/s digest
Source: Today (28/4), the world's top ten, China's second largest fabless chip design company, the world's largest cryptocurrency mining company Bitmain officially released the new ...
EBang released their latest EBit E12 Bitcoin Miner Video digest
Zhejiang Ebang Technology released a video of their latest EBit Bitcoin Miner E12 on April 24. According to the video display, the EBbit E12 adopts an integrated power supply integrated machine style ...
@INNOSILICON User: Firmware Optimization for Your Miner digest
Dear INNOSILICON users, Hello, after the unremitting efforts of the firmware team, we have once again optimized the firmware of our T1, T2, T2T-24T/25T/32T, this firmware version: 20190311. This opt ...
Innosilicon G32 Grin Miner officially released! digest
Innosilicon, a leader in high-performance computing chip technology, officially released the highly anticipated G32 Grin Miner parameters, leading the performance, optimized in one step, and will beg ...
More Information of Antminer S17 Pro digest
The Antminer S17 Pro equipped with the second-generation 7nm chip BM1397 of Bitmain has officially launched on the official website on April 9, 2019. As the first S-series flagship new product this ...
MicroBT Launch a New Mining Machine Whatsminer M20S digest
Prospect review The "King of Miner", "Whatsminer M10S", 55TH/s & 65W/T, was born on September 18, 2018. The previous generation of the hash rate king "Whatsminer M10S" was released on September 18, ...
Innosilicon Co-founder Ao Gang: PoW is a Chip Technology promoting Energy Saving digest
Photo from interent As a leading company in the China chip core technology and cryptocurrency mining industry, Ao Gang, co-founder of Innosilicon Technology, proposed that PoW should be energy saving. ...
The 2nd batch Antminer S17 will be sold on 10th April digest
On 9th April, the blockchain and artificial intelligence company Bitmain officially released the new mining machine Antminer S17 Pro and S17 yesterday, and officially opened for sale at Beijing Time ...
Shenzhen StrongU releases bitcoin mining machine with efficiency ratio 46W/T digest
Shenzhen StrongU Technology Co. Ltd. is a company founded in early 2018, focusing on high-speed computing chips, integrated circuit industry, Internet, hardware products, artificial intelligence and o ...
China Government Encourage Blockchain and AI, Discourage Cryptocurrency Mining digest
On April 8th, the National Development and Reform Commission of China issued [Announcement on the Public Consultation on the Guidance Catalogue of Industrial Structure Adjustment (2019, Draft for So ...
Bitmain Announces Specs and Release Times for its Antminer 17 Series Miners digest
Today Bitmain has updated the official blog and announced specifications and selling times of the 7nm Antminer 17 series ahead of the upcoming release date. From Bitmain official blog HONG KONG, 0 ...
The Xi'an Police has Cracked a Stealing Electricity for Mining digest
From the Weibo of Sanyuan County Public Security Bureau microblogging, Sanyuan County Public Security Bureau detected a major "bitcoin" mining and stealing electricity case stealing more than 2 millio ...
Canaan founder, Liu Xiangfu's latest project EHash officially released digest
(Source: Poolin) At today's 2019 “Poolin” New Era Mining Summit, former Canaan Development Engineer and CGMiner Open Source Project Contributor Qin Fengling introduced a new 100% open source minin ...
Avalon A10 Series Coming!!! digest
"The power is king". After nearly half a year of painstaking research and development by Avalon team, we are honored to announce that Avalon will present the A10 series products with stunning appearan ...
Haichao Wang has been appointed as new CEO of Bitmain digest
Today Bitmain has updated their blog and announce Haichao Wang has been appointed as new CEO of Bitmain. The original article as follows, 2019’s Focus is on Customers We are proud of how fast our ...
Bitmain announces next generation 7nm ASIC chip for SHA256 mining digest
Bitmain Announcement on 18th Feb 2019 Bitmain announces next generation 7nm ASIC chip for SHA256 mining, delivering breakthrough energy efficiency BM1397 chip combines new chip design methodology ...
Statistics Shows Gold Mining Costs 23 Times more than Bitcoin Mining digest
Original: ... han-bitcoin-mining/ Data posted by a Twitter user simply known as Asimov shows that Gold mining consumes 23 times more energy than Bitcoin mining. Asi ...
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