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Cyber Bitcoin
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Will the bitcoin collapse or the price double after the reward is halved? digest reported that Bitcoin is expected to re-hellish the rewards around May 19, 2020, and the price impact on Bitcoin (BTC) after halving the reward will increase the price as much as the pr ...
Game of Thrones and Hash Power - The Ultimate in Crypto Decentralization digest
Iron Throne, the throne of the seven kingdoms in the game of rights, symbolizes supremacy. Image from In order to compete for the highest rights in the world, the seven great fa ...
Hong Kong SFC first issued the "Regulations on cryptocurrency funds" digest reported that in the recent political turmoil in Hong Kong, when the trading volume of Bitcoin in Hong Kong reached an unprecedented level, the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission ( ...
Payment giant PayPal officially quit Facebook's "Libra" project digest reported that Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal are considering withdrawing from the Libra project. This morning, according to the Wall Street Journal report, the global payment giant PayPal ...
German bank report shows that Bitcoin will see $90,000 in 2020 digest reported that the seventh largest bank in Germany, which holds a 75% stake in the Bavarian Free State, issued a new report. Incorporate the scarcity of Bitcoin into the calculation of e ...
Ukraine plans to legalize crypto and start taxing digest
Independent media "LigaMedia" reported that Alexander Bornyakov, the incoming deputy director of digital transformation in Ukraine, said recently that the government is planning to legalize cryptocurr ...
Venezuelan central bank saves bitcoin as foreign exchange reserves? digest reported that Venezuela was seriously out of touch with the financial system due to economic sanctions imposed by the United States. According to Bloomberg News, the Venezuelan state-ow ...
China Official Cryptocurrency is Coming Out digest
Hong Kong e-zone reported that the application of virtual/cryptocurrency has attracted the attention of all countries. Mu Changchun, deputy director of the People's Bank of China's payment and settlem ...
Binance's founder and CEO Zhao Changpeng views on Facebook's Libra digest
Recently, Binance has been revealed, and Facebook has started to negotiate the “secondary market circulation” related to the Libra cryptocurrency payment plan. When Libra was released, the Binance's ...
Still making an Altcoin Dream? Let's hear the Altcoin founder say digest reported that market makers who specialize in helping the project to falsify trading volume accept foreign media interviews, indicating that most of the ICO projects rely on trading vol ...
Bitwise: Libra has accelerated the development of crypto for 3 years digest reported that Bitwise, a US-based asset management company, believes that Facebook's Libra blockchain payment program has accelerated the development of the cryptocurrency industry “be ...
E-Commerce accept Bitcoin Payments in 73 Countries digest reported that cross-border e-commerce giant Newegg has extended the bitcoin payment option to 73 countries worldwide, reaching 90% of all countries in the world. A press release issue ...
The State Council of China approved the R&D of the Central Bank's Crypto digest
In 2014, under the advocacy of Zhou Xiaochuan, the then central bank governor, the central bank began research and development on crypto and central bank digital currency. Facebook Libra and other cr ...
Vice-Chairman of the US FSC: Bitcoin "Can't be killed" digest reported that Patrick McHenry, vice-chairman of the US House of Representatives Financial Services Committee (FSC) and a senior Republican (GOP) member, was asked in an interview on Jul ...
US Congress plans to launch a bill to ban Facebook's Libra digest reported that The Block published a draft bill on July 13th entitled "Keep Big Tech out of Finance Act." However, the media did not confirm the source of the draft, but its source poi ...
Korean Regulator Warns: If People put 10% money to Libra digest reported that the South Korean financial regulator, the Financial Council of the Republic of Korea (FSC), claimed that Facebook's Libra, which is expected to be launched in 2020, would ...
The Reasons for this round of Bitcoin Price Rise digest
I have rarely shared personal opinions recently. And many of my articles are about Facebook's Libra report this moment. In fact, this is an important factor in the recent push-up of Bitcoin. Image fr ...
Facebook blockchain's head responded the request of suspending dev. of Libra digest reported that David Marcus, head of Facebook's subsidiary Calibra, has published an article in response to current questions about Libra. Image from Yahoo Finance Facebook published th ...
How does the China Offical Media look at Facebook's Libra? digest
On June 29, China People's Daily published an article about Facebook's Libra. Let's see how the official Chinese media look at this "Global Coin". Image courtesy of First, the article poi ...
Swiss National Bank member: I am very relaxed about the dev. of Facebook's Libra digest reported. The response of national financial regulators and fiscal authorities to the Libra project will have a crucial impact on the future of the entire cryptocurrency industry. Despi ...
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