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Cyber Bitcoin
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The First Blockchain Mining Game - BD Mining digest
BD Mining (BDM) is the first strategic competitive game to simulate real crypto mining. It is also the first blockchain game community to foster portal users. The original intention of the crypto in ...
(2014-9-10) Check Out on Zeus Thunder X3 Scrypt Miner by Cybtc digest
Zeus was established earlier this year. For different customer groups, they develope a variety of specifications of the mining machine. The first batch of Scrypt ASIC mining machine has shipped in m ...
(2014-9-11) Evaluation of Rock Bitcoin Miner by Cybtc digest
The second type of Rock Miner called RK-BOX uses the newest third generation chip of firedcat。RK-BOX has four blades each with 12chips, a single miner is 480-500G, the power is about 500W.This miner ...
(2014-9-12) Avalon3 (2nd Gen ADP single module)Bitcoin Miner Evaluation b... digest
Avalon3 (2nd Gen ADP single module)Bitcoin Miner Evaluation by Cybtc Before I do the evaluation, I want to quote the Avalon's explanation about why they havedeveloped a brand new ADP board : Since ...
(2014-9-14) CoinTerra 2T Bitcoin Miner Evaluation by Cybtc digest
Hello everyone, this is AL.F, it’s been a long time since I released the Butterfly 500G mini rig evaluation, this time I’m going to test CoinTerraTerraMiner™ IV. I ordered it in October last year, ...
(2014-9-15) Zeus Litecoin Miner Blizzard Evaluation by Cybtc digest
Zeus has developed a variety of specifications of the asic miner, for the different needs of users.This time we received a usb Asic miner code named Blizzard (Bao Xue).Which using 6 chip, output 1.3M+ ...
(2014-9-17) Silverfish Box 28M litecoin miner Evaluation by Cybtc digest
Silverfish box 28M litecoin miner is developed by the f2pool team. Mao Shihang(24 age) is the team's founder who bulid one of the world's largest BTC miningpool and twoLTC miningpool 'F2POOL'. The di ...
(2014-9-17) Litecoin Scrypt USB Miner Evaluation by Cybtc digest
Finally,after long expectation,we receive a scrypt usb miner which produce by LK with 8Gb capacity. The dimension of this usb miner: Storage space:8Gb Frequency: low frequency:144K.high frequency:220 ...
(2014-9-18) Bitcoin Miner Rockminer R3 Evaluation by Cybtc digest
Via last month X type RK-BOX,Xiao Qiang has newest type X3 miner here. The same Frycat's third generation chips, integration of the four boards,each has 12 chips,450g-480GH,Power 500W. What are th ...
(2014-9-19) LK Btc Miner 1T Generation 1 Evaluation by Cybtc digest
I received a phone from SF, 395¥to pay for items, mining machine arrived! 1. Installation: After open the package, there is a instructions, a power cord, a network cable in the box.In my opinion, ...
(2014-9-19) Zeus Thunder 20M X6 Litecoin Scrypt Asic Miner Evaluation by Cybtc digest
Thunder X6 is one of the low power versions scrypt asic miner made by zeus. The dimension of this miner: Name: Thunder X6 Hashrate:20Mh/s Power Consumption:450W 128 ZEUS CHIPS 6/8 pin PCI-E 12V inp ...
(2014-9-19) The KNC Neptune 20nm Bitcoin Miner Evaluation by Cybtc digest
Hello everyone, I’m AL.F, This time I wanna show you the KNCminer Neptune 20nm bitcoin miner, also known as the first 20nm bitcoin miner in the whole world. It cost me 10,000 dollars, though the has ...
(2014-9-19) BTC Garden AM-V1 Bitcoin Miner Evaluation by Cybtc digest
After a 40G bitcoin miner issued last year, BTC Gardens introduce his latest bitcoin miner, AM-V1, based on newly developed firedcat 40nm chips with about output 310GHs and power consumption 324W. The ...
(2014-9-19) The Rockminer R-BOX Bitcoin Miner Evaluation by Cybtc
The Rockminer R-BOX miner is powered by 3rd generation Friedcat chips, the speed for each miner ranges from 30GHash/s - 40GHash/s. As for Rockminer, hardcore fans of Bitcoin may know it very well, for ...
(2014-9-19) LK Btc Miner 1T Generation 3 Evaluation by Cybtc digest
LK 1TH/S Bitcoin mining machine Published dates back to February of this year, it is one of the early adopters of A1 chip Bitcoin mining machine. Today we give you details about LK IT miner’s Generat ...
(2014-9-19) Zeus Lightning 40M X6 Litecoin scrypt asic miner Evaluation by Cybtc digest
This time we receive another product of Zeus which called 'Lightning X6'. The dimension of this miner: Nameightning X6 Hashrate:42-44Mh/s Power Consumption:980W 256 ZEUS CHIPS 6/8 pin ...
(2014-9-19) Bitmain ANTMINER S3 Bitcoin Miner Evaluation by Cybtc digest
AntMiner S3 is the third generation Bitcoin mining rig made by Bitmain. It uses the state of the art BM1382 chip powered by the 28nm tech process with low power consumption,targeting the best combinat ...
(2014-9-19) HashRatio 768G Bitcoin Asic miner Evaluation by cybtc digest
Zhao Dong is a famous person between bitcoin players.Here is Zhao Dong's HashRatio 768G Asic miner with friedcat third generation chip. 1. Package: Asic miner with plastic film Power:Using the DE ...
(2014-9-19) Rock Miner RK-BOX Bitcoin Miner Evaluation by Cybtc digest
Integration of the four boards ,each has 12 chips,450g-480GH,Power 500W。What is the differents in the Miner X3? We make this evaluation for you... Xiao Qiang has first new type miner base on Fry ...
(2014-9-23) LKETC 1.5T 1000W Bitcoin miner Evaluation by Cybtc digest
With the hashate increased,LKETC developed 1.5T Bitcoin miner which based on A1 chip and sold at the end of August.This time,we recieve a Tang-class Bitcoin miner for the test(1500G&1060w on wall). ...
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