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Vice-Chairman of the US FSC: Bitcoin "Can't be killed" reported that Patrick McHenry, vice-chairman of the US House of Representatives Financial Services Committee (FSC) and a senior Republican (GOP) member, was asked in an interview on Jul ...
Avalon A9 Series Official Firmware Upgrade Notice
From the source of the Marketing Department Avalon "AvalonMINER". On July 18, 2019, the latest official firmware updates for Avalon's A910 and A911 are as follows. This firmware upgrade mainly solves ...
US Congress plans to launch a bill to ban Facebook's Libra reported that The Block published a draft bill on July 13th entitled "Keep Big Tech out of Finance Act." However, the media did not confirm the source of the draft, but its source poi ...
Korean Regulator Warns: If People put 10% money to Libra reported that the South Korean financial regulator, the Financial Council of the Republic of Korea (FSC), claimed that Facebook's Libra, which is expected to be launched in 2020, would ...
The Reasons for this round of Bitcoin Price Rise
I have rarely shared personal opinions recently. And many of my articles are about Facebook's Libra report this moment. In fact, this is an important factor in the recent push-up of Bitcoin. Image fr ...
Facebook blockchain's head responded the request of suspending dev. of Libra reported that David Marcus, head of Facebook's subsidiary Calibra, has published an article in response to current questions about Libra. Image from Yahoo Finance Facebook published th ...
How does the China Offical Media look at Facebook's Libra?
On June 29, China People's Daily published an article about Facebook's Libra. Let's see how the official Chinese media look at this "Global Coin". Image courtesy of First, the article poi ...
Swiss National Bank member: I am very relaxed about the dev. of Facebook's Libra reported. The response of national financial regulators and fiscal authorities to the Libra project will have a crucial impact on the future of the entire cryptocurrency industry. Despi ...
Cybtc Review: MicroBT Whatsminer M20S-68T Bitcoin Mining Machine
On May 19th, 2019, the theme of "The ultimate win-win, successful reproduction" MicroBT new product launch was held in Chengdu. MicroBT officially released the latest generation of Whatsminer M20 seri ...
LINE's cryptocurrency exchange is about to be approved for opening in Japan reported that Japan's most popular communications software LINE is applying to the country to launch its crypto exchange in the country. According to Bloomberg News reported on June 20 ...
Bank of England's Head: Facebook's Libra may face highest regulatory standard
On June 18th, Facebook unveiled the "Project Libra" white paper for the first time. US Democratic Congressman Maxine Waters immediately called on Facebook to stop the development of the Libra project ...
Facebook cryptocurrency project Libra officially releases white paper reported. Facebook cryptocurrency project Libra officially released the white paper and its official website on June 18. At the same time, Facebook also opened up the source cod ...
Cybtc Review: Bitmain Antminer S17-56T Bitcoin Mining Machine
On April 7, 2019, the Bitlmain Antminer S17 Series bitcoin mining machine was launched for sale. The Antminer S17 series was equipped with the second generation 7nm BM1397 chip of Bitlmain. The Antmin ...
Indian Government funded Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Course
According to, a plan initiated by the Indian government provides undergraduate students with a course on cryptocurrencies, blockchains and their use cases. This 12-week interactive co ...
Communication software Telegram's Gram token will be open to the Liquid Exchange reported, the blockchain project of the communication software Telegram, Telegram Open Network (TON) issued the token Gram will be publicly sold on the Liquid Exchange on July 10. Acc ...
Former Bitmain CEO Wu Jihan will launch the cryptocurrency exchange in July
According to, Wu Jihan, former CEO of China's mining giant Bitmain, will launch a new startup, Matrix, by the end of July. Matrix, a hosting and trading company, is said to have ini ...
G20 requires global regulators to consider corresponding cryptographic assets reported that at the G20 meeting in Fukuoka, Japan, the finance director and his central bank counterparts have submitted a joint request to the Financial Stability Board (FSB) and the ...
India Proposed Law: 10 years in Prison for Buying or Selling Cryptocurrency reported that a proposal in India's 2019 draft "Prohibition of cryptocurrency bans and regulation of official digital currency bills" stated that anyone who handles cryptocurrencies w ...
Cybtc Review: APGF Wireless FPGA Miner SK1
Blessed are the miners who have been paying attention to FPGA programmable mining and demand for silent and portable. Today we received a new model of FPGA programmable mining machine, code SK1. Let's ...
Apple launches cryptocurrant developer tool: Massive use is approaching? reported that Cupertino-based technology giant Apple hosted the annual Global Developers Conference (WWDC), which updated its product lineup, although new products were first shown to the ...
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