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Cyber Bitcoin
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Bixin CEO Wu Gang takeover Whatsminer mining machine business
Mars Finance reported that Whatsminer mining machine employees, customers, investment bankers, and other sources confirmed the following points: 1. After Yang Zuoxing was arrested, Whatsminer shareho ...
This Year Tmall Overseas merchandise using the blockchain "ID card" reported that Jiang Guofei, vice president of Ant Financial Services, announced on the 11th in the Tmall Double Media Center that the blockchain has fully participated in this year's Tma ...
Tencent setup Virtual Bank in Hong Kong and Preparing the blockchain team
Tencent setup Virtual Bank in HK and Preparing the blockchain team reported that The second World Blockchain Conference was held in Wuzhen on last Friday (8th, Nov). Cai Weige, general mana ...
Cybtc Review: INNOSILICON T3+ Bitcoin Mining Machine
INNOSILICON recently released a new generation of SHA256 algorithm bitcoin mining machine: T3+57T BTC Miner T3+ has 4 operating modes that can be adjusted. The official parameters are as follows: e ...
Will the bitcoin collapse or the price double after the reward is halved? reported that Bitcoin is expected to re-hellish the rewards around May 19, 2020, and the price impact on Bitcoin (BTC) after halving the reward will increase the price as much as the pr ...
Former vice-chairman of China SRC said Sichuan's power should strength to mining reported that Chairman of China, Xi Jinping's continued fermentation, this time will point to the mining activities closely related to the development of the blockchain. As China, which ...
Tencent setups China's Official global standard for “blockchain invoices” reported that China is catching up in the field of blockchain technology, not only in technology and commercial applications but also in the regulatory issues that make the blockchain i ...
Mining machine leader Bitmain apply IPO at US reported that bitcoin prices have returned to the market recently, following the world's second-largest mining machine manufacturer, Canaan, to go IPO in the US. The world's largest miner ...
Blockchain - China's national strategy into the hottest topic of investment reported that the blockchain has become the hottest topic in the investment circle just past the weekend. The news of the 18th collective learning of the status quo and trend of blockcha ...
Xi Jinping stresses development, application of blockchain technology
From News.CN, Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China stresses development, application of blockchain technology. Noting that China's blockchain sector has a sound foundation, Xi str ...
Cybtc Review: Fusionsilicon X7 Dash Miner
Shenzhen Fusionsilicon Semiconductor Co. Ltd. has been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of semiconductor products and solutions. The whole team comes from large chip design enterprises. The core ...
Game of Thrones and Hash Power - The Ultimate in Crypto Decentralization
Iron Throne, the throne of the seven kingdoms in the game of rights, symbolizes supremacy. Image from In order to compete for the highest rights in the world, the seven great fa ...
A big computing power Bitcoin mining is coming. Whither the miner?
Since MicroBT released the Whatsminer M20S 68T Bitcoin mining machine in 2019, the bitcoin mining market and miners have not stopped chasing high-performance mining machines. Recently, Avalon and Bitm ...
After the Wet Season, Chinese bitcoin miners begin a Big Migration
The wet season in China is coming to an end in October. Bitcoin miners in China have started the migration of their mining Part of the bitcoin miners in China began to move north to Xinjiang and othe ...
Bitmain released two new Antminers with a highest hash rate 73T/s
On October 9th, at the 2019 Global Digital Mining Summit (2019) hosted by Bitmain and Matrixport, Bitmain co-founder Wu Jihan released two Antminers S17+ and T17+, the new mining machine supports SHA ...
New bitcoin ASIC Avalon Miner A1146 and A1166 up to 70 TH/s
Cryptonomist reported that an important event was held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, in the mining pool Poolin, which is dedicated to mining cryptocurrencies. Different people in the industry p ...
Hong Kong SFC first issued the "Regulations on cryptocurrency funds" reported that in the recent political turmoil in Hong Kong, when the trading volume of Bitcoin in Hong Kong reached an unprecedented level, the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission ( ...
Payment giant PayPal officially quit Facebook's "Libra" project reported that Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal are considering withdrawing from the Libra project. This morning, according to the Wall Street Journal report, the global payment giant PayPal ...
German bank report shows that Bitcoin will see $90,000 in 2020 reported that the seventh largest bank in Germany, which holds a 75% stake in the Bavarian Free State, issued a new report. Incorporate the scarcity of Bitcoin into the calculation of e ...
Blockchain movie nominated Golden Horse Award "Best New Director" reported that yesterday, the founder of SELF TOKEN, Xu Jiakai, was nominated for the best new director of the 56th Golden Horse Award for the film "The Last Thieves". He also immediatel ...
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