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In order to make things well, you should always need pay off something, more or less, that is tuition. The mining are no exception. The problem is, some fees are too high. To reduce the tuition, the best way is that, maybe you can first buy a cheaper machine to try. This machine may not be cost-effective, maybe not go with its cost back. But even if lost total, the low cost will make you feel fewer distressed. And through the maintenance of it, run it, you will be able to know mining course, its noise, its volume, its software and hardware settings, power consumption, mining pool selection and so so on details. You will have a more profound understanding. It will accumulate valuable experience for you in your future large-scale deployment of mining.

By the last article, we already know these mining trap, such as unreal IPO and fail futures. Although, compared with IPO and futures, if mining machine is in stock, risk will be much smaller. But, this does not mean that there are no risk. The purpose of this section is to summarize the risk and problem of the spot machine. Of course, for deep understanding of the content, for accumulation of mining experience, the best way is to play a live game.

The lacking service after sale

At present, the biggest problem of mining machine is that lacking service after sale . Belongs to the electronic products, mining machine,  have the failure rate. Moreover, it is basically not a new one when it reachs customer, which is the second-hand vehicle, because its maker can not let the machine idle.

Mining machine industry has no standard yet. The customer is often be ask make a full payment before shipment. As the money is paid, after sale service is of course the sellers say. Immoral mining machine maker, who only care about how sell to you, do not care about whether the machine work or not. And more, a machine maker that sold machine, then disappeared. Once disappeared, how talk about after sell service?

Of course, machine maker who want to stay in this profession keep business conscience also . They have after sale service. But most of such a after sale service is obviously disadvantage for buyers. Although the repair or replacement is free of charge, that is to say, if a machine failed you can sent it back, the machine maker will give you free repair, or bad part change. Even so, first of all, time postage. For buyers, this is a trivial matter, feeder fault is not always yet? But it means a greater loss. Secondly, loss compensation, we all know that the machine is a time special   working ability, because the mining is in a race against time, computing difficulty in mining continued growth. The total number of bitcoins that a machine can dig out is limited. At your first 10 work days it should dig out the number of 15% totally coins that it should dig out . That is say, you can not afford to delay in your beginning. However, this time is more often has lost caused by the poor machine performence. Mining maker will not give you compensate. Can you argue with them?  Maybe can not, because you can not afford a delay. A quick solution is to sent the failed machine back to them in a quick way. Third, you are so hurry when you seize every minute and second, but its maker not, they do not urgent. They take  a few days to help you repair. How about you?  Well, still have to endure, you made fully paid.

Inconsistent with the description of products

The second problem for cash machine is that it does not inconsistent with the description. Cheating is often. For example, a certain brand of miner which is being say at 380G, but it can only work at 200G. This is cheating. It will directly lead to its buyer lost since its income can not meet the cost. Second cheating is power exceed the standard. For example, says 900W, but runtime is at 1100W. Problem? by days and months multiplying, electricity cost is also a considerable expenditure. Third cheating is noise. For example, if you are a home miner, too much noise make nobody quiet, due to the noise exceed the standard.

In fact, most miners are nice people, as long as the computing power is full, the other problem is not big one, they can endure and endure. After all, for whom buy a machine, as long as it can dig out as big money as possible, other problems are of secondary importance. Fortunately, at this time, almost all spot miner has not so bad in its computing power.

Space, power, noise and heat dissipation

These problems are extra cost. These costs you maybe not have thought before you buy a machine. But, they are also crucial.

Where are you going to mining?  Home, office, or by a construction mine? If you are going have business in the home or office, so the power and the noise is that you have to consider. Don't find that the power supply is not enough until your machine is at home,  or find that the noise just can't stand when you go to bed.

To construct a mining factory special for miner will increase a lot of extra cost. For example, venue rental, commercial electricity cost which maybe much higher expensive, sound insulation and heat dissipation measures, etc..


Don't underestimate the accessories. Some miner are integration well so that it needs no accessories. Just plug in the power and net cable, it simply start of mining; But many machine requires parts in additional purchases. If you lack any, it may let you losing valuable mining time. In addition, if the accessories failed, it also take you much  much of the time. Some accessories worth nothing, but as long as its failure, you will loss much more since your miner do not work.

Once I have a suggestions that our Cyberbitcoin sell all minerals accessories in our shop mall. This will much convenient for the miners and will earn a little profit. So it seems like a good deal, right?  The results is that such a good proposal was not adopted.  The reason is that Cyberbitcoin cannot afford the accessories fault liability. Once a parts do not work, it couse that miners losses may far more exceed the price of accessories itself.

The time cost of keep mining run machine

This is also one problem that miners need to consider its cost. Mining do operations all 24 hours, and its maintenance is also 24 hours. Some small problem is very simple, for example, vehicle crash, mining pool collapse. You can restart the miner; or change a line or go to another mining pool. But these little problems ask you in duty 24 hours a day.

If you are a home miner or a office miner, the maintenance for a few sets maybe is not a big problem, the cost of time is not big too.  Anyway, if your investment cost is rather large, the failed of several hours will be a big one that you could not afford to. For your investment, you have better to wait for problems in 24 hours, which time cost is too high.

If your work is very busy, if you cannot serve miner machine in 24 hours, it is my honestly recommend that you do not take a large-scale investment in mining.

In short, even buy miner in stock, the risk is still very high. All the hidden costs must go into account. As an experienced miner, of course, for those already familiar with, also know how to reduce the hidden costs. However, for an experienced miners, just read article is of out of sence. Only go to oprate a real miner, try it, maintain it, can accumulate experience, keep experience. However, it is my strongly suggestion that do not recommended to start large-scale investment in one's very begining.

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