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Cyber Bitcoin
The Rockminer R-BOX miner is powered by 3rd generation Friedcat chips, the speed for each miner ranges from 30GHash/s - 40GHash/s. As for Rockminer, hardcore fans of Bitcoin may know it very well, for those who are interested, please google it, now let’s get it straight.

The R-BOX package looks similar to Gridseed miner package.


Even the appearance of R-BOX miner looks exactly the same as Gridseed miner, are they made from the same mold?


Components: a R-BOX miner, a USB cable and a 12V 5A power adapter.


Disassemble the fan, apparently it has a multi-layer structure, chips and a PCB are covered by radiators.


A PCB is hiding in radiators.

Let’s begin installation, Rockminer has provided a software package:
this software package consist of cgminer4.3.0 and zadig_xp_2.1.0. I’ve made a test in a Windows XP environment, unfortunately it seems the software package is missing USB driver, you need to download it separately: ... idgeVCPDrivers.aspx

Installation Steps:

1.Power the miner, connect it with PC via USB cable, when the PC indicate to check new hardware, select “Install from a list or specific location [Advanced]”, and complete the installation with the USB driver you downloaded.


2.Check the Device Manager, a new device is working properly.


3.Run zadig, select Options->List All Devices, using the drop-down menu to select “Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge”, replace silabser(v6.6.1.0) with WinUSB(V6.1.7600.16385). Reboot is recommended after you’ve done this step.


4.Edit batch script “cg.cmd” in the software package, add a command line:” cgcgminer.exe -o stratum+tcp:// -u UserName -p YourPassword --icarus-options 115200:1:1 --anu-freq 290”, modifiy it with your mining pool address, user name and password.
PS: parameter “-anu-freq” is for setting the chip frequency, default is 270M, valid range is 270M to 290M.

5.Run cg, if system prompt zlib1.dll not found, copy it from a standard cgminer installation package.(download address: ) if you see the window shows below, your R-BOX is successfully mining.


After a while, the mining pool shows that the R-BOX at maximum frequency pump out about 38 GHash/s.


The power consumption for R-BOX: 55.7 watt. If you want to achieve 1THash/s, you’ll need 26 R-Boxes, and the power consumption could up to 26 * 55.7 = 1448 watt.


More powerful miners are put into use while at the same time the difficulty increase rapidly, the position of mini miners is in a dilemma in miner market. If Rockminer position the R-BOX in a way that encourage newbies to join Bitcoin mining or encourage enthusiasts to buy them as collections, with a reasonable price, there may be a good demand for R-BOX.

By the way, I believe the cgminer4.3.0 in the official software package is customized, because both standard cgminer4.3.0 and cgminer4.3.3 are failed to identify R-BOX, if so, hopefully Rockxie could release software packages for Raspberry Pi as soon as possible, an R-BOX working with Raspberry Pi is definitely more interesting.


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