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Cyber Bitcoin
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In June 2016, Bitmain released the Bitcoin mining machine Antminer S9, using 189 pieces the latest generation BM1387 bitcoin mining machine chip independently developed by Bitmain at that moment. The hash rate is 11.85 TH/s, the power consumed is 1172W, and the power consumption ratio is 100W/T. The BM1387 chip is the 5th generation bitcoin mining machine chip independently developed by Bitmain. It adopts TSMC's 16nm FinFET process and is designed with full customization. The maximum hash rate of a single chip can reach 74GH/S.

According to the experience of bitcoin mining in the past, the life of a bitcoin mining machine will be phased out with the advancement of technology and the difficulty of mining. The longest life of the mining machine is up to one year, from the first in 2013. The rhythm of the ASIC mining machine has not changed.

Since the birth of the Antminer S9 series in 2016, the first Antminer S9 has started from the hash rate of 11.85T. The different models of S9 have been continuously iterated, and 13T and 13.5T versions have been introduced. In May 2018, Bitmain continued to introduce an upgraded version of S9 with S9i and S9j. The hash rate ranged from 13T to 14.5T, and the power consumption was further reduced. In the winter of 2018, the market was in the cold winter season. The water-cooled S9 Hydro bitcoin mining machine has a power of 18T and power consumption of 1800W.

After three years, the Antminer S9 still dominates the bitcoin mining industry. Today, Bitmain have carried out their latest models of this series, S9K and S9SE.

Machine Introduction:

The Antminer S9K-14T and S9SE-16T mining machines are compared with the first generation S9 in terms of body shape. The new mining machine looks shorter and shorter. The physical dimensions of Antminer S9K-14T and S9SE-16T are 321.3*129.6*200mm and the weight is 4.56 kg.

The first generation of Antminer S9

Antminer S9K-14T (two sets)

Antminer S9SE-16T

The three models of S9 have the same number of power plugs of mining boards. There are three 6pin power plugs on the three mining boards of the mining machine and one the power supply connector of the control board, each mining machine needs 10 6pin power connectors. In the new generation. The power plug replaced with a more high-temperature resistant material.

Antminer first-generation S9 interface

Antminer S9K-14T interface

Antminer S9SE-16T interface

Antminer S9K-14T and S9SE-16T mining machine fans and control panels are the same

Antminer S9K-14T

Antminer S9SE-16T

The Antminer S9k-14T uses the chip codenamed BM 1393B-BGM independently developed by Bitmain. The chip process is 16nm, and the three mining boards carry 180 ASIC chips.

Antminer S9k-14T

Antminer S9k-14T

The Antminer S9SE-16T also has three mining boards, using 180 pieces of TSMC 16nm ASIC chips codenamed BM 1393CE-BGM.

Antminer S9SE-16T

Antminer S9SE-16T

The Antminer S9SE-16T is the latest generation of S9 series of Bitmain. The difference between the previous generations is that the control panel and the power interface are designed with a protective cover. The screws in the middle of the back of the cover can be removed to facilitate the installation of the power cord.

The added cover provides protection for the control board and power interface, and the style of the power supply after installation.

Bitmain Antminer S9K-14T measured the power consumption of 1273W. mining pool showing received 24 hours of steady, average hash rate 14.21T, measured power consumption ratio of 89.58W/T.

Bitmain Antminer S9SE-16T measured power consumption 1378W. mining pool showing received 24 hours of steady, average computing power 16.03T, measured power consumption ratio of 85.96W/T. 4% less than S9K power consumption ratio.

A generation of classic Antminer S9 series continues to occupy a place in the bitcoin mining industry during these three years and still active on the stage of the mining circle. Perhaps the development of the Antminer S9 series will continue to 2020? Time will answer it.

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