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Cyber Bitcoin
October 24, 2014 friedcat announced open sell of bitcoin mining hash


AMHash1 is the first of a series of mining contracts.

In this contract, the hashrate is provided by ASICMiner, the management is provided by
RockMiner, and the platform is provided by HavelockInvestments.

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The purchasing site is

The forum contact ID is amhash. The email contact is


AMHash1 is a mining Fund which has 5 Peta-hash per second or (5,000,000 Giga-hashes per second) in total.
The Fund is divided into 5 million (5,000,000) s each of which represents 1Gigahash per second.
The price of each unit is 1.25 mBTC (0.00125 BTC).
The contract starts at 18:00:00 in November 4, 2014(Beijing Time, GMT+8).
The time is based on forum time.

Duration for the IPO:

IPO Starting Time: 18:00:00, October 24, 2014(Beijing Time, GMT+8)
IPO Closing Time: 18:00:00, November 4, 2014(Beijing Time, GMT+8)


1. Higher ROI; low cost on both initial price and maintenance fee.
2. Flexible trading; the contract is fully tradable at the secondary market through Havelock Investments trading platform allowing you to exit your position at any time.
3. Guaranteed profit; Compared to others, AMHash1 Fund will pay you dividends based on hashrate equivalent calculation protecting your earnings and shielding you from hardware maintenance cost and risk.
4. It simplifies the ROI estimations by eliminating the factors involved in constructing a mining farm, such as infrastructure cost, shipping time, repairing, electricity bill and labor.
5. 100% real hasharate; The live photos of mining farm and hashrate monitor platform will be provided and fully disclosed.

Payout calculation

Payouts are done daily.

The payout rate before fee substraction is 25 / (difficulty * 4.295) BTC per unit per second.

The fee is 1.89*10^(-8) USD per unit per second. It will be substracted from the pre-fee payout rate. The exchange rate is based on bitstamp 24h average.

The total seconds of each payout is:

1. in the first payout, 3,600 * 24.
2. During normal payouts, the number of seconds during the most recent payout to this payout.

If there is a difficulty change between two payouts, the due payout will be calculated based on two different difficulties and their corresponding time intervals.

If the calculated payout after fee substraction is less than or equal to zero, the contract will be suspended. If the number of subsequent days suspended reaches 10, the contract terminates.

Risk control

1. Before IPO closes, ASICMiner has the right to buy back at the price of IPO price * 100.5%.

2. During the first 45 days after IPO closes, ASICMiner has the right to buy back at the price of (IPO price - total payouts) * 120%. The notification period is 3 days.

3. If the delay of payment happens, all unpaid payments will be accounted separately on daily basis and increase by 0.02% per day(flat rate based on the initial unpaid payment amount, no compound rate) after three days.




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