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Baikal Giant-A900 is a type of mining machine which support multiple algo, X11,X13,X14,X15,Quark、Qubit total 6 at present ,the typical feature is that it has high hashrate and low power consumption

Official parameter about Baikal Giant-A900 mining machine(below just call A900):


From the data we can tell that the proportion between power consumption and hashrate improved more than several decuple of professional mining machine comparing to Graphics mining machine.( The following figure is a number of known data comparison table, we can see graphics data are slightly different between brands)


Here comes newest evaluation from Cybtc:

1. Exposure inside of the box

A900 mining machine wrapped with 5 layers of cardboard boxes and double hard foam board package.



There is one mining machine and one self-contained control device inside the box , with manufacturers blue logo locate at the side of the lower left area of machine.


Control device locate on the top of the machine and power of controller is supported by hashrate load board.


Two hashrate load board connected through the cascade line than transfer to the USB line finally get access to controller.



It’s easy to assemble control device ,as below is official and specific indication of the data connection to controller.


The side face of mining machine.


In front of the Miner, we can see the network cable interface of controller and a cooling fan with diameter of 12cm, mining machine has a single fan cooling design, where wind go into through this side.


The back of the miner, you can see the mining machine is made up with two hashrate boards (each hashrate board has 12 chips),with a Pci-E-8pin power interface and a fence up and down on each hashrate board.


It is worth noting that the using of wave pattern of alloy heat sink, making cooling effect better under the same unit area.


Here shows the physical parameters of the mining machine



The test power is supplied by Zhenhua iceberg silver plate 500w power, the conversion rate close to the gold power level.


It’s very easy to assemble A900.(first connect the power, each power board has two Pci-E-8pin power interface, plug anyone is ok.)


If the powe plug only 6pin, you can insert this 6 hole, as shown below.


Than plug net cable to control device.


Here is the finished assembling pic of mining machine.



Turn on the power, mining machine will assign ip address automatically, scan the latest access device ip address and go into the background. (information about mining machine ip address can refer to this post
First browser will open mining machine ip to get in, and then enter the password get into machine’s backstage. Password is: baikal (lower case)


The current background interface is the English version, following are some translations about background and the operation of the background.

The acquiescent home page of background is the miner status page, you can intuitively understand the real-time status of mining machine and the state of mine pool.


And then enter into pool settings page, setting is very simple, fill in mine pool URL and user’s name and password, click Save pools to start working.


State lamp of miner when work normally


BKLU’s state lamp is purple and the color is so scientific.


After a long period of operation, use x11 algorithm mining, the average hashrate is about 910M and was stable, no significant fluctuations




The noise of test room is about 39dBa, indoor temperature is about 25 degrees.
The average hashrate is about 910M, the measured power is 215w.


Measured noise is about 65dBa with spacing 20cm from miner.


58.6dBa with spacing 1 meter from miner


Measured temperature of background chip is 33 degrees, and air inlet is 25.3 degrees.


Temperature of air outlet is 28.6 degrees.


Temperature of heat sink plate is 28.8 degrees.


5.Simple summary

1) Baikal Giant-A900 has a great advantage in performance and supports up to six algorithms ,it’s a big hashrate miner which has the largest number of algorithms so far. Also it has a high proportion between hashrate and power consumption which improved more than several decuple comparing with Graphics mining machine, reduced the cost of mining greatly.

2) After a long running, both hashrate curve and overall performance are stable , the average hashrate is about 910 to 930M under stable mine pool and network.

3) Heat dissipation is good, the temperature difference between air inlet and air outside is very small, the heat sink plate with ripple making unit heat dissipation area increased

4) Noise is a little bit large, but the noise appears dull type (non-screaming type), miners with high hands-on ability can consider to get a low noise and big air volume fan, personally, no big effect on performance .

5) Background interface of operating is intuitive and convenient, with many functions, only lacking is no Chinese interface.

6) Gun pool has multi-algorithm and can switch function automatically which achieve maximized benefits of customers in it, no longer tangled and bothered to choose whichever algorithm is.


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