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Recently, Binance has been revealed, and Facebook has started to negotiate the “secondary market circulation” related to the Libra cryptocurrency payment plan. When Libra was released, the Binance's founder and CEO Zhao Changpeng Zhao Changpeng slammed Facebook privacy concerns for the first time.

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In an interview with Binance's founder and CEO, Chang Changpeng at, Zhao Changpeng expressed his views on Facebook's Libra.

Zhao Changpeng said,

Here I explain, we generally don't comment on the token or cryptocurrency on the shelf, but Libra is a special case. I can share my opinion about it. From our perspective, the project is good or not. The first one is to see the number of users. No one can match Facebook on this point, no one will say that it is unfair, (Facebook) users must be bigger than the entire (blockchain) industry, this piece I think it is very attractive and good for the industry.

Libra wants to put out which exchanges we don't care about. But for the Binance, the first standard we put on is the user volume, then Facebook is absolutely enough, although generally, we will not guarantee which coin will be on. However, if there is no restriction on Libra, the currency will definitely be on the shelves.

For Facebook's trust in privacy, in service, if you feel that you don't trust, you can choose not to use it, or what kind of message you can choose when you are using it. You have certain select. I think that not everyone now believes in Facebook, but there are enough people who have a lot of voices (protesting Facebook privacy issues), but Facebook still has a lot of users.

I don't think I can say that because of its privacy, I completely ignore the advantages of Facebook. Their advantages are very obvious. Facebook has access to many users that we have never been able to reach, and many of them still don't care about Facebook's privacy issue. Some users complain that it doesn't mean that Facebook is totally bad. In this part, we won't choose the side station. We try not to do this.

Facebook has absolutely doubts about privacy, but we won't take a look at his (user volume) advantage because of this. I think we should try to take advantage of Facebook's Libra to help the industry grow. Not just staring at a problem with Facebook, but completely ignoring other benefits.

The Crypto community will have higher requirements for privacy and transparency. At this time, Facebook's negative sentiment will be stronger, but Facebook will attract a bunch of ordinary users, so we can't ignore its advantages because of his shortcomings. At this time we will lose more.

This must be reversed. Which company is the best to pull users? Facebook, which company is the best to negotiate with the compliance regulator? It’s also Facebook. I don’t always focus on the shortcomings of one person and ignore all the advantages. I still hope to say: It doesn’t matter if you have shortcomings. We are slowly improving and slowly improving, but you can still cooperate with the advantages.

I don't object to being part of Libra's node. Anything that can help the industry grow and pull more people into the industry, I don't object, Libra now wants to find 100 nodes, and they are all real-name systems. Also must be a relatively well-known company. Anyone who can help this network become better, I think our reputation in the industry is still good. I think the currency should be qualified, but we don't have an agreement yet to say that we want to be a Node, but I Not opposing.

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