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Cyber Bitcoin
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On May 19th, the MicroBT New Product Launch Conference was held at the first Marriott Hotel in Chengdu. At the launch conference with the theme of “Extreme Win-win, Successful Reproduction”, MicroBT's new bitcoin mining machine “Whatsminer M20S” was unveiled. On-site and on-the-spot real-time data exposure, visual inspection of the number of participants in the conference exceeded 500 people.


The conference main points:

Whatsminer M20 series new mining machine officially released
MicroBT and Samsung reached a strategic cooperation
✦ The new version of the MicroBT Mall sold out M20S mining machine within 34 seconds
✦ MicroBT release a new logo


MicroBT was established in Shenzhen in 2016, adhering to the business philosophy of “excellent, win-win, and integrity”. Up to now, MicroBT has successfully developed and listed a series of cryptocurrency mining machines such as Bitcoin mining machine Whatsminer M1, Whatsminer M3, Whatsminer M10, and DASH mining machine Whatsminer D1, on September 19, 2018. The first Whatsminer M10 conference was held in Shenzhen. The "Whatsminer M20" released this time is the latest generation bitcoin mining machine developed by MicroBT. The "Whatsminer M20" uses Samsung 8nm chip.




MicroBT founder and CEO, Yang Zuoxing made an opening speech.


Dr. Yang first analyzed recent market development and became a professional market analyst. He mentioned that Trump has assisted in the recent rise in the price of the currency. The current mining cost is like a 6 times PE stock. Now, take part in mining is a good time. At the same time, he reviewed the hardships since making the MicroBT mining machine, thanked the partners for their continued support, thanked the customers for their support, and talked about the ecstasy. The audience fully felt the enthusiasm and success of Dr. Yang!

Shenma M20 series bitcoin mining machine five models officially released


Dr. Yang introduced the five new machines one by one. At the same time, the live M20S real machine data was displayed on the spot, so that everyone could see it. The five new machines officially released are as follows:


  • Whatsminer M20: hash rate 45T, power consumption is 48W/T.
  • Whatsminer M21: hash rate 28T, power consumption ratio 60W/T.
  • Whatsminer M21B (repay old customers): Providing mining board as the same format of  M3 and the customer can replace the new board to their M3 machine. And the M3 component assembly is used to continue to use the control board, power supply, and casing of the M3 mining machine to reduce user cost and improve utilization. Hash rate 28T, power consumption than 60W.
  • Whatsminer M21S (economic model): provide standard 56T hash rate, power consumption ratio of 60W/T, low power mode hash rate 30T, power consumption ratio of 50W.
  • Whatsminer M20S (performance model): the highest hash rate, the best power consumption ratio, 68T power, 48W power consumption.

On-site display of a running M20S mining machine


The hash rate is 69.7T, the power consumption is 3361W, and the power consumption ratio is 48.2W/T.


At the meeting, Dr. Yang announced the parameters of the new mining machine, and also analyzed the stability of the Whatsminer mining machine and the development trend of the future mining machine [liquid cooling].



Samsung China Executives, Charles explained the Samsung FOUNDRY business, 3nm, 5nm chip routing, and Samsung's next-generation bitcoin chip technology at the meeting, and said that it will fully support the development of MicroBT.


Sales plan and price announcement

After the roundtable, Mr. Zhang, the director of MicroBT Sales, explained the various sales plans of Whatsminer and announced the price and delivery time of Whatsminer M20 series mining machine. At the same time, he explained the advantages of futures mining machine in depth. The M20 is scheduled to begin volume shipments at the end of August.



After that, Zhang organized a group of people to carry out the spot-new online shopping mall M20S on-site discount purchase activities. The first limited-edition M20S models were sold in 34 seconds, and successfully verified the function and stability of the new online store.
Whatsminer new version of the mining machine mall online, Shenma new version of the logo officially released

After the sale price was announced, Mr. Wang of the MicroBT Marketing Department released a new Whatsminer mining machine online shopping system and reminded customers to pay attention to the difference between fake websites to prevent asset losses.



The new logo of MicroBT, designed by famous Russian designers, was also officially released. After more than 100 iterations, the new logo is more image and more characteristic. At the same time, it represents the spirit of “MicroBT”.


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