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Cyber Bitcoin
This latest batch of S7 (S7-135) bitcoin mining in the original first batch (power 4.86T power 1180w) on
the basis of the re-optimization of hardware and software.This latest batch of S7 (S7-135) machine in the original first batch (power 4.86T power 1180w) on the basis of the re-optimization of hardware and software.

Note: The new version of the S7 chip for the 135 (three arithmetic board each operator board 45 chips per chip), the old version of the S7 chip for the 162 (three arithmetic board each operator board 54 chips)

S7 chips used in BM1385 is free by the mainland developed and released in August the fourth-generation chips, the use of TSMC's 28-nanometer manufacturing process, single-chip computing power of up to 32.5GH / S, 0.66V core voltage in the work Consuming only 0.216W / GH / s


The following clouds to bring you the latest bit of evaluation:

First, out of the box exposure

Ants S7 industrial carton packaging with five layers, logistics, warehousing graphical marking, bar code products, QC (quality), brand logo readily available.


Mineral foam with foam board and foam board packaging, foam board designed to use both suspended materials to save the material and play a better role in the earthquake.


With a box of S7 machine, as well as a mineral English A4 paper size of a manual.


Ant S7 machine, side



Mineral machine at the top, you can see the machine consists of three pieces of arithmetic board, each operator board has three pci-e6pin power jack.



At the top of the controller, you can see the Ant S7 logo, product bar code, six fan power connector, nine data line interface and a controller power connector (pci-e6pin).



Miner in front, you can see the cable interface, status lights, 12cm cooling fan one, from the surface into the wind.


The back of the machine, there is also a cooling fan, this surface out of the wind, you can see the fan using turbine-shaped design, reference to the current high-end fan design, more efficient exhaust.


S7 and S3 ore machine contrast, can be seen in the calculation of force increased by about 10 times the case, the volume but smaller.



Chassis with aluminum alloy, surrounded by one molding, arithmetic board through the slot inside the chassis interspersed.



You can see inside each chip has an independent two-way heat sink, the overall structure is very close.


Put the following physical parameters of the mine.


Second, installation and commissioning

S7 machine in the installation should be carefully checked before the heat sink is off, in the side of the fuselage with a warning label.


S7 machine installation is very simple, plug in the power supply, network cable, and then boot can start running.

The test power supply is the APW3-12-1600-B2 ants power supply (1600w gold conversion rate). For more information on this power supply can refer to our previous evaluation. Http://


First, insert the power cord to the arithmetic board, ant machine three arithmetic board above, respectively, there are three standard pci-E6pin interface, you need to insert at least two, the best three fully inserted. (Wire standard at least 18AWG and above)


And then plug in the controller power supply (S7 controller is pci-E6pin interface), then plug the Internet cable.



This is the final wiring diagram of the mine.


It should be noted that the power, if the use of two power supply, can not cross-wiring. Can refer to the official document, the following figure for the correct connection


The following figure shows the wrong connection.


Connected to the power, the mine automatically assign ip address, scan the latest access device ip address into the background. (Ip address of the mine can refer to this post

First of all, open the browser ip into the browser, and then enter the password into the background of mining machine. The default user name and password are: root


Then set the pond.


After the setting is completed, it will start to run in about half a minute. The background page can see the mine real-time status.


Status lights of the mine during normal operation.


Third,  test

The test environment noise of about 38dBa, the temperature of about 22 degrees

The default frequency of 600, running about 24 hours, the arithmetic power fluctuations in the 3.85-4.15T, with an average of about 4.05T, the arithmetic curve is stable and there is no large fluctuations.


Power measured 1128w.


Overclocking test, the default frequency of 600, on the mention of third gear to 618.75, an hour to run the measured power of about 4.13-4.18T between.




Power measured 1160w.


Noise, the background fan speed between 4080-4200 rpm, miner about 20cm measured at about 84dBa.



Measured about 1dB from the 73dBa.

Temperature, the fan automatically adjust the next (not a percentage), the background chip temperature between 46-50, the chassis measured about 32 degrees.


Fourth, simple summary:

1. Ant S7 thermal design reference to a long time ago S1 miners modified experience of some miners, that is, the chip uses a separate heat sink. Plus the front and rear two violent fan in the course of heat treatment is in place, the fan speed with the chip automatically adjusts the temperature between 4000-4300 rpm, the background temperature of the chip is always detected in 49 degrees.

2. Arithmetic to reach the official data, a long time to run the smooth curve of the operator, the average operator between visual 4.03-4.1T. While having a certain overclocking space.

3. Noise, the operation of the larger sound, the South hot weather, the current average of 23 degrees around the day, automatic adjustment of the fan speed has reached 4000 + turn, measured 73-83dBa noise, the proposed deployment of the choice of relatively remote areas Or an industrial area.

4. Power good performance, with the ants power supply, to 1128w / 4T + arithmetic, performance is excellent.

5. Long-term operation of the proposed fan do not choose fixed (do not tick), let it automatically adjust. S7 run out of the wind very quickly, subordinates should be strengthened rear exhaust heat flow.

Fifth. Appendix

(A) ants mine overclocking run ants S7.
Ant pool ( is bit bit mainland coin pool, up to the current pool of total power 113P, miners 200,000, the world's top three. Ant pool friendly interface and domestic access speed.


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