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This article is pure nonsense, you lose if taken seriously.

On January 30, 2019, I received news of the blockchain training classmate Wang cutting kidney and overdraft to die.

When he died, his identity was the architect of a blockchain institution in China, and the imtoken wallet showed a total of 2222.22 yuan. But in his hand, he holds a few hundred yuan counterfeit apple notebook.

When he died, he was still 28 years and 2 months old.

From receiving his death to deciding to write this article, and then today you saw this article, I spent a full half day before and after.

I opened the editing software once and closed the software once. I really don't know how to write it.

Finally, I chose to write.

To say that we are very cruel, we have never contacted in this life, but for the effect of the story, we always want to insult the friendship.

So because of his departure, I spent countless brain cells and I was in a state of extreme excitement.

I wrote everything about him today, It is purely a resentment and dislike of something I am as a writer.

The death of a coin-circle number one scholar



On the day of the death of Wang, I was chatting with a coin boss in the Japanese restaurant in Lujiazui, Shanghai.


Talk about the future development trend of the coin circle, talk to the centralized exchange, talk about the stable currency and STO, talk about how to quickly harvest cash, and talk about which silk is relying on the freedom of a certain project in Stud. I have been in the currency circle for more than two years. Now I am working on a blockchain project. I need to know the coin environment next year, and what projects are the easiest to get financing. This is my normal life in the currency circle for two years. The commercial performances are held, and the teachers even dazzle each other and out each other.


I sat across the coin circle, sorry to pick up the phone, open WeChat, and suddenly popped up hundreds of messages. What's even more amazing is that almost all of this news comes from the blockchain training alumni group that I forgot to block because I didn't speak for half a year.

I filtered out the unimportant information as quickly as possible, and in 10 seconds I got a core conclusion: the classmates of our training class die.

In all fairness, in fact, there are not many things that I can recall about him. Although sorry, this is the truth.

I can still remember clearly, but also some vague shadows, his tall and thin, about 180, wearing thick glasses, year-round messy hair, and T-shirt jeans that have never changed.


But very smart, very, very, very smart. When I first entered the blockchain training class, the remedial class came to the sub-coin test. The class teacher took the set of papers and said to the podium: "I heard that our class has the best students in the country. You are still a sickle class. Let me see your strength."

After two hours, the exam ended. The class teacher finished the paper and said, "This is actually the source code of Bitcoin."

For a moment, the whole class was amazed.

"What the hell, just entering the school directly on the source code of Bitcoin?"


It turns out that most people are loading. In the second day of the test paper, the highest score in the class was 123. This achievement was not tested by many students in their careers. This also means that even if he withdraws from school now, he can also directly publish a blockchain project.

At that time, Wang sat in the middle of a roadway, watching his own papers in a daze. I glanced at his 40-score paper and instantly felt that my 90 scores were not bad, at least I passed.

He found that I was watching his papers. He was not ashamed or annoyed. He just smiled silly and asked me, why do you know the bitcoin source code?

I said that we studied Script a few years ago.

He nodded and said, my god, you are so good, you know Bitcoin.

Bitcoin code

That was the first time I talked to him. My feeling at the time was that this person was really stupid.

After a month, I never dared to describe him with a stupid.

Our blockchain began to special study, study step by step, the previous day is still studying the bitcoin code, today replaced by the Ethereum Solidity language, tomorrow also EOS C++, making everyone miserable.

It was under such high-intensity training that every test after Wang was firmly locked in the first position of the class, and it was not down at the end.

Later we gradually became familiar with each other.

I also probably heard some of his things from someone else. He is not a local, living in a far away and unknown mountain village in the west. He took all the top students in the national key training courses during the exam, and rushed out from a village training class, and squeezed into our world-renowned blockchain training class with the first result of the province.

He is really smart, and the family is really poor.

He only uses 222 yuan a month, including all meals and expenses. He has a younger sister at home, younger than him 12 years. She is also studying, and she is very smart. The cost of his training here was raised in the village where the leeks in the village were sold.

Come back after the first winter vacation of the training class. Everyone was freshly gathered and chatting. Everyone changed a new laptop, someone changed their haircut, and someone went to join a blockchain activity. Wang came in with a new silver-gray notebook that day. As soon as he entered the classroom, the logo on his laptop was particularly conspicuous.

Someone tweeted: "Wang, your brand is very tidal, you bought a Mac and then changed it yourself." The people sitting next to each other tried hard to laugh, but still, some people did not hold back, smiled come out, the whole classroom became a sea of ​​joy.

I didn't talk, pretending to be careful in the knocking code.

When everyone went far, he secretly handed me a note to me: "What happened to my notebook?"

I hesitated and decided to tell the truth: "Although there is an Apple logo, your logo is not bitten by the gap."

I thought he would never use this notebook again. The next day, Wang still used this notebook to knock code.

Only this time, he took the notebook in turn. A few letters on the keyboard hang on the keyboard, which is even more funny. But I guess for him, the logo without gaps should be more dazzling than the gap.

He saw that my words get in the way, and whispered: "I only have this notebook, this one, by the leeks in all the places in our house."

Looking at the humble of him, I suddenly felt a little shame.

***to be continued.


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