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Cyber Bitcoin
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Recently, the CGMiner open source project contributor Qin Fengling introduced a new 100% open source miner and mining solution EHash, the project will be dedicated to promoting digital currency mining equipment cluster With the development of the deployment technology, we hope that the industry will develop together and establish new industry standards.

At the same time, the EHash team released another project, A Block Chainer (ABC). The ABC project provided the blockchain node and related services. We received a mysterious black box from the R&D team: ABC, introduced in the project description. ABC is a blockchain-based hardware with built-in functions such as Bitcoin Full Node, Litecoin Full Node, Lightning Network Node, and BTCPay Server.

Building a server that supports Bitcoin payments is a very tedious task. You need to install a full node, sync block, and some blockchain browsers, web servers, etc., plus various settings for one. For the user or the developer, the use is greatly improved. Now, A Block Chainer provides a one-step solution for these.

A Block Chainer hardware configuration

* CPU: N2830 (Intel Celeron 2.16GHz)
* Memory: 4GB DDR3L 1600
* Display interface: HDMI, VGA
* Storage capacity: 1TB hard drive (Western Digital 5400RPM)
* Network interface: Gigabit
* USB interface: USB3.0×1 + USB2.0×4

A Block Chainer hardware uses an Intel Celeron N2830 industrial control board, with DDR3L 1600 4G memory, Western Digital 5400RPM 2.5 inch ultra-thin 1T hard drive, the whole size 137 × 128 × 40mm, weighs only 0.7 kg, is a small PC .




A 12V 3A DC power supply with three convertible plugs, British Standard, European Standard and National Standard, was included.



A Block Chainer is small and light, and its internal structure is simple. The components have industrial control board, hard disk, memory and 2 hard disk cables. 4 screws can be removed. The bottom of the industrial control board is also equipped with a heat sink connected to the chassis. To provide cooling to the CPU.





A Block Chainer motherboard integrates Intel Celeron N2830 2.16GHz CPU, using DDR3L 1600 4GB memory, with Western Digital 5400RPM 1TB hard drive enough to meet the needs of node construction, 1TB capacity can also install more digital currency complete nodes as needed.





A Block Chainer software configuration

* Ubuntu OS (Ubuntu OS)
* Bitcoin Full Node (bitcoin full node)
* litecoin Full Node (lite coin full node)
* Lightning Network Node
* BTCPay Server (Bitcoin Payment Service)

What is a lightning network node?

In order to ensure the unchangeable modification of the transaction, the bitcoin network transaction needs 5-6 blocks to confirm that the transaction can be confirmed that the transaction has been successful, and the long waiting time leads to a very poor user experience. If Bitcoin is to replace the existing payment system, it needs to be competitive. Compared with the average transaction speed of Visa (24,000 per second) and the peak speed (50,000 per second), it is still far from the difference. The emergence of the Lightning Network solves this problem. The Lightning Network is a Layer 2 protocol that makes multiple payments over a large two-way channel network without having to record every transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain. After the lightning network payment channel is established, only two parties' digital signature transactions need to be collected and received, and the payment channel is used to realize the instant arrival. The lightning network node is this channel.

What is BTCPay Server?

BTCPay Server is an open source payment service system written in C#. BTCPay allows merchants to be banks themselves and can receive Bitcoin (bitcoin), Litecoin (Leitecoin), Doge (dogcoin) without third parties. Payments with other cryptocurrencies. BTCPay allows merchants to run their own nodes (or connect to other people's nodes using the host) to receive payments directly, with no fees, no third-party intervention, and no review, providing good privacy protection for customers' financial and private data. .

* Security: BTCPay Server does not need to know your private key, so your money will not be lost due to BTCPay Server.
* Simple: BTCPay Server provides your customers with a user-friendly bitcoin checkout page.
* Transparent: BTCPay Server is easy to manage and generates reports and retrieves transaction information.

User Experience

A Block Chainer needs to connect to the public network when it is used. It requires a certain network knowledge such as Linux and domain name resolution. A Block Chainer has already synchronized most of the blocks, but still needs to synchronize to the latest block. Currently, the node data of the BTC network is >200GB.


ABC login interface

Account registration

Once the deployment is complete, you can go to the login screen, access your BTCPay server URL, and select "Register" in the menu. Enter your password and email and click the "Register" button. Automatically log in when you are done. The first account created on the newly created BTCPay server automatically becomes the system administrator.


Setup a BTCPay store

Once logged in, go to > Stores in the navigation menu above and create a new store. You can create countless stores on the BTCPay server.


Custom the BTCPay Store

Open Store > Settings to go to the settings page, you can connect your store to your wallet (youtube tutorial), set up the PoS app to collect payments and set up payment buttons.

Mall running on ABC

ABC Payment receive page

A Block Chainer has already started pre-sale, 1,500 Chinese Yuan. Currently provides 10 spot sample machines for players with certain development capabilities, special price 1200 Chinese Yuan. purchase address: ABC black box, welcome to share the demo Experience or suggest product optimization.

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