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Blockin, Blxin, Cobo Wallet, etc. Beijing bitcoin 99 people gathering.

☰☲☱ Prologue ☰☲☱

On January 3, 2009, the Bitcoin genesis block was created, with block number "0" and a single block rewarding 50 BTC. Bitcoin was born! By today's January 3, 2019, 10 years have passed, and 10 years have been a breeze. The days with Bitcoin have always been so exciting, especially with such a group of people, there is a currency circle, from then on. The circle has the stories and legends of the rivers and lakes.

Today, I used my own solid lens to record the persistence, enthusiasm, and expectation of a group of coins in Beijing. This is the forerunner of a group of Chinese blockchain industry. This is a group of persistent people who have been misunderstood. They have been hailed as "big brothers" in the circle.

Thanks for the Blockin, Blxin, and Cobo Wallet to provide us with such a gathering opportunity. Thanks to every friend present, many photos in the text came from the guests of the scene. I have not been able to introduce each guest one by one.

☰☲☱ Bitcoin's 10th birthday ☰☲☱

On January 3, 2019, the 10th anniversary of the Bitcoin genesis block was created.

Beijing in winter, some cold, minus 2 degrees, the sky is still gray. However, the enthusiasm of the "old leeks" in the currency circle was fiery, and the venue was warm. In the call of the Blockin - Zhu Xi, Blxin - Wu Gang, and Cobo Wallet - God Fish, many people came here soon. The scale of the meeting was strictly controlled. In Zhu Xi's words, the participants were strictly screened. The standard for the guests to be invited was his own "lower limit" standard.

The party was held at 4:00 pm in the CUP ONE cafe near Soho, Wangjing.


At the check-in desk, there is a commemorative T-shirt signature, collecting logo stickers and small gifts.


The semi-circular venue is just right for such a relatively small, small gathering.


☰☲☱ Beijing Bitcoin 99 people gathering ☰☲☱

The opening ceremony was hosted by Zhu Xi, the coin-circle of the "Tony Leung", and introduced the participants and the process of the meeting.


Next is the Bixin president, Wu Gang made a keynote speech. Wu president is very serious, very professional preparation of the speech, reviewing the history of Bitcoin and looking into the future!


☰☲☱ The first round of the round table: “How the currency circle enterprises cross the bulls and bears” ☰☲☱

The coin circle "Uncle Dong" was invited to the stage to be a round table guest. The topic of discussion was "How can the currency circle enterprises cross the bulls and bears"? From the right to the left, the guests are the Bitmain Li Yingfei, the Poolin Pan Zhizhen, Uncle Dong, F2Pool "God Fish", Bitpie Wenhao, Bixin Wu Gang.


The enterprises represented by the distinguished guests can be said to be the leaders of the domestic blockchain industry. They are basically founded in 2013. They have successfully passed the 14-year bullish cycle and gradually developed and expanded. After experiencing the bull market in 2018. After that, everyone expressed their views on the future:

First of all, everyone agreed that the days in the bear market are really bad.

However, as a company that has experienced the bulls and bears, everyone is fully prepared for the bear market, focusing on the profit model, and controlling costs is the key.

Everyone in this industry must have financial thinking, clearly understand and accept the cyclicality of this industry, and at the same time, in the bear market, they need to do the products they just need, and do not do some business in the bull market to make money, as long as they can really solve The products demanded by users will usher in a certain explosive point in the industry to promote their own rapid development. Finally, the guests predicted that they may usher in a recovery of the price after the Spring Festival.

☰☲☱ The second round of the round table: “Discussion of business development of the exchange” ☰☲☱

The topic of the second round table is “Exchange Development Business Discussion”. The guests from left to left are Liu Fei, Xiong Lijian, Lin Jiapeng, and Zhao Dong.


First of all, Xiong Lijian of LoMoStar shared the journey of starting the exchange. He mentioned that it is not easy to do the exchange, but after the team has completed the complete technical accumulation. It now provides technical support services for some exchanges. Other guests are on the sidelines. The transaction and the full-currency hedging business were introduced. Among them, Liu analyzed the market environment of Japan, South Korea, the United States, and other open exchanges. He mentioned the local laws and regulations faced by Chinese companies when they opened exchanges in these countries. The difficulty brought about by the difference between humanities and humanities is enormous. He mentioned that the currency trading mode of trading does not involve the legal currency landing policy is a good model for existing Chinese enterprises to go overseas.

☰☲☱ Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin ☰☲☱

After the roundtable meeting, everyone had a relaxed and pleasant communication. Finally, the host coin, Pan Zhiyi, F2Pool "God Fish", and Bixin Wu Gang cut the cake for everyone to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the birth of Bitcoin!




☰☲☱ Concluding remarks ☰☲☱

After the content of the conference, I will share a photo of two coin-circles. This group of Chinese blockchains has their ideas and responsibilities. They are writing their own entrepreneurial stories and writing the legend of China's future blockchain.


(September 2018 Shenzhen Coin Mine Friends Happy Lobster Club)


(Shenzhen Mining Close Conference held by Bao Erye in May 2014)

The first block of bitcoin was born in 2009, which created the world's first decentralized peer-to-peer network. Creating a point-to-point digital cash global integrated ledger with blockchain records, using workload proofing algorithms Unmasked people have reached a consensus around the world. Perhaps over time, Bitcoin will give us more inspiration than it seems, and it has created a whole new field.

When Bitcoin was born 10 years ago, please allow me to say "thank you". Thank you, Bitcoin has brought me a completely different life. Thank you, Nakamoto Satoshi, thank you for this group of people who have been struggling for the cause of blockchain. The cutest person!

Let's see you next Bitcoin for 10 years!


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