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Innosilicon, a leader in high-performance computing chip technology, officially released the highly anticipated G32 Grin Miner parameters, leading the performance, optimized in one step, and will begin shipping to customers in August. Innosilicon's multinational R&D team has overcome world-class design challenges, ensuring that the G32 mining machine is not only the best-performing Grin mining machine, but also the only Grin mining machine in the industry that is fully compatible with the Cuckatoo 31 and 32 algorithms. Grin's scheduled algorithm evolution plan roadmap. Popular science, GRIN Cuckatoo 31+ algorithm will be obsolete in April 2020 and use 32+ algorithm, and the core chip is the only high-tech innovative chip in the industry that can switch to Cuckatoo 32+ algorithm at any time without competitors that way you need to eliminate the equipment.

This reliable and fully compatible CC29/30/31/32 design is world-class, but because Innosilicon has more than a decade of deep high-end memory and other chip innovations, especially as the world's only and NVIDIA go hand in hand. GDDR6 high-speed AI high-speed chip technology, and also has a record of successfully launching a full range of eight industry-leading cryptographic computing chips in the past year. Our multinational team has made this reliable high-gate full-featured design possible! In addition, in order to prevent specs plagiarism (unfortunately, there are often anonymous companies that have no mass production delivery records copying our specifications), we also give pre-sale customers a performance surprise, which can help you increase your return on investment. Please look forward to! The Grin community will eventually have a high-quality, low-cost and reliable mining machine that will not have rapid iterations, an unmatched service life and a strong return on investment.

Taking April 17 coin price, the single-day pre-returns of the G32-Mini, G32-500, and G32-1800 are 16.85USD, 78.53USD, and 257.46USD, respectively.

The Innosilicon G32 Grin Miner has low noise and can be used at home, with a machine performance and energy efficiency of dozens of high-end graphics cards. For miner customers with high power density requirements, we have also prepared the corresponding models. The first batch of Grin mining machines is available for sale in limited quantities and is only accepted for booking and delivery in Hong Kong. The following are preliminary parameters of the product with a margin.


***Note: The above income is the theoretical net income of the G32 mining machine in the case of electricity costs of 0.0523USD / kWh. According to the algorithm, the monthly ASIC revenue ratio will continue to increase, and the proportion of ASIC algorithm revenue will increase significantly every month when G32 is shipped.

According to the current market heat and supply, Innosilicon can't guarantee that the price will not be adjusted after 3 days. Please pre-order as soon as possible.

Delivery time: We will ship the goods in the order of payment, and now order, it is expected to start shipping in August 2019.

According to the current market heat and supply, Innosilicon can't guarantee that the price will not be adjusted after 3 days. Please pre-order as soon as possible.

Innosilicon will provide the following worry-free benefits for booking customers (only within 4 months):

1. As of September 30 this year, the G32 standard factory specifications released by the actual test did not meet the target performance specifications at the time of your reservation. You can request cancellation and a full refund.

2. The warranty service for your scheduled mining machine will be extended from 6 months to 9 months;

3. We will announce a temporary confidential performance surprise before shipment to improve your return on investment.

Special benefits for booking customers only within 4 months:

1, special price concessions, prices increase at any time

2, the first batch of products is limited, only for booking customers within 4 months

3, G32-500 and 1800 get free power

4. Warranty service is extended from 6 months to 9 months

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