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Cyber Bitcoin
103236zrpyjwzpkwgzwuzw.jpg provides a one-stop solution for purchasing, managing and deploying miners.

We purchase the miners from original manufacturers and get the after-sales warranty.

High quality and reliable mining facilities: Not subject to the impact of abundant water and low water, signing a formal contract. professional team operation: five years service miner user experience, five years of credit guarantee.

Purchase address:Cybtc Self-operated Mall

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We just like mining!

We are not guaranteed to make money!

We are not the cheapest!

From serving the miner users since 2013 years, we are a reliable team!

We select the right mining machine, a stable mine, and a team with extensive maintenance experience!

You only need to give a coin-receiving address, we will get the mining machine, deploying it, and the maintenance!

Cohesive small miner users, minimum one to form the group, unity is power!

I hope that the days of the miner users will be better every day!

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***Way of participation:

Please go to Cybtc Self-operated Mall to place an order to complete the group purchase

Hosting Terms:

After the user clicks on the product and complete the purchase, the user has agreed to the following mining group purchase terms, the miner recharges and orders the Cybtc self-operated mall, the fee includes the cost of the mining machine + logistics freight, the mining machine can choose to receive the goods directly. You can also choose to host under Cybtc Team to form a group to mine, recommend models such as MicroBT Whatsminer, Antminer, Avalon and so on.

1, the cost includes a single mining machine + logistics freight

2, pre-paid one month electricity bill: electricity consumption per degree = (mining machine measured power consumption ++5% share power consumption) * 0.38 Chinese yuan. There are no other fees such as shelf fees, and the escrow period is 1 year;

3. Cybtc puts the mining machine on a shelf within 7-10 days and configures the mining machine with the name of the designated mining pool and worker.

4. During the mining machine custody period, Cybtc will ensure the safety of the mining machine. The name of the mining pool and miner designated by the miner will not modify the mining frequency, mining pool, miner configuration without the authorization of the user, and will not modify or upgrade the server firmware.

5. During the custody execution period, the user should prepay the electricity fee on time before the 5th of each month. If the unpaid fee is not paid within the agreed time, Cybtc has the right to stop the mining machine and have the right to use the mining machine until the miner pays off. After the fee is paid, the Cybtc will resume the normal operation of the mining machine within 12 hours. If the user arrears more than 10 days, the miner will have to pay a 1% per day late fee from the 11th. The related expenses incurred by the arrears and the related losses caused by the arrears shall be borne by the user.

6. During the miner hosting period, Cybtc will try the best to ensure the power and network connectivity for each settlement month (but due to third-party reasons, such as power and network failures caused by routine inspection, overhaul, etc. and/or force majeure of the power and communication department).

English Official Web Site:
Chinese Official Web


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Official wechat:caiyun3250
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QQ Group:283569493
Customer service QQ No.:313688150

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