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Cyber Bitcoin
A treasure hunt for $1 million worth of bitcoin.



In a mysterious message broadcast to the Blockstream satellite receiving station on April 13, 2019, an anonymous challenge to other members of the Bitcoin community to find their so-called "Zhong Bencong's treasure" for a million dollars, the game owner It is claimed that the game will "test the determination, courage, wisdom and understanding of those who want to be hunters." At the current exchange rate, the prize for this competition is approximately 198 bitcoins.

"This message should arrive at your side in the middle of the fourth month of 2019 in your calendar,"

If you are reading this article, something has begun to lead you to find things that can irritate this otherwise predictable world.

There are also Chinese comments at the end of the page:

"Welcome, treasure hunt.

At this time, the Earth is in April 2019. At this moment, you are reading this text, and you will probably choose to embark on a journey that is exciting, unknown and known to be a bitcoin."


According to this information, the anonymous broadcaster of this person plans to provide clues on the website at, and he also pointed out three initial keys for the awards to be announced in the next few days.

"What you are reading is the first clue to a grand hunt." "This is not the first time hunting, of course not the last time, but this prey is mine, so you have to prove yourself."

The news also stipulated the basic rules of treasure hunt in mysterious language, and pointed out that the final prize "is neither gold nor jewelry, nor is it worthless paper that is used as money in this sad age."

The game owner used the "splitting magic of the wizard Shamir." to split the $1 million bitcoin into a thousand. Treasure hunters must find 400 of them and use the “spell of recombination” (Shamir's “reorganization spell”) to obtain these digital gold.

"Once you are right, these treasures will always belong to you."

Although the reference to Shamir may sound like a character from The Gathering or Dungeons & Dragons, it is actually a reference to the Israeli cryptographer Adi Shamir, who invented the secret for segmenting bitcoin storage. Key sharing mechanism. The game owner may use this mechanism to divide the private key into multiple pieces.

On April 16, April 17, and April 18, 2019, the first three key reference information will be displayed at the three geographic coordinates provided at noon in their respective time zones.

Satoshi's treasures have entered a tradition of similar puzzle games, with generous, curious, boring or anonymous lovers of three embedding Bitcoin private keys in art, pictures or other forms of media.

The most recent one occurred in France, when Bitcoin, worth $1,000, was hidden in the replica of the famous Liberty Leading The People. The most famous example of this type of puzzle is Satoshi Nakamoto (Sakamoto Satoshi), which was cracked in early 2018 after three years of hardship to understand the mystery.


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