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Cyber Bitcoin
If you have a billion currency, do you have troubles?

How to save so many assets? With a cold wallet? With a hot wallet? Desktop wallet? Mobile Wallet? Paper wallet? Brain wallet? Offline wallet?

Which is the best for so many wallets?

The F2Pool founder, "God Colorful Angelfish" once faced the problem of how to protect this 100 million digital asset. He said, "I suddenly lost my mind". After experiencing various wallets in the market, "God Colorful Angelfish" determined to make a better hardware wallet.

After 8 months of crouching, "Cobo Vault" came out! Cybtc will bring you the "out of the world's first digital currency hardware cold wallet to achieve military-grade protection standards" review.

I. Product description:

"Cobo Vault" is a combination of soft and hard, including software wallet + hardware wallet. Cobo wallet is a mobile phone app, which provides access and transaction functions, and is also supplemented by various "value-added services" such as currency exchange. Digital currency management, various Dapps, etc., and "Cobo Vault" is a physical device that exists for one purpose: to allow users to safely keep their private keys, that is, digital assets.

In addition to the software protection mechanism, Cobo Vault also supports IP68 waterproof, IK10 earthquake resistance, and has reached the US military standard three-proof standard (MIL-STD-810G), and is designed with a detachable battery to prevent abnormal battery damage during long-term storage.

II. Technical specifications:

Product Name: Cobo Vault
Operating system: Android 8.1
Model: CV001
Size: 111.8*64*14.6mm
Display: 4 inch LCD
Resolution: 640*1136
Colour: Black
Camera: 8 million pixels, autofocus
Product Certification: CCC, FCC, IC, CE, RoHS, REACH, IP68, IK10, MIL-STD-810G
Battery capacity: 1540mAh
Standby time 300 Hours
Supported currencies: BTC and ETH, the models officially released support BTC, ETH, BCH, DASH, LTC, ETC, TRON, EOS, and ETH, TRON, EOS Token.

III. Appearance:

When I received the courier, it was heavy in my hand. Is it really doubtful that this is a "digital currency wallet"? The weight is close to 2 kg.


Unpacking the outer packaging, which has a layer of bubble film wrapped in the suburbs to prevent the wallet from being damaged during transportation.


Unpack the bubble film, the heat shrinkable film encloses the outer box, the product package is designed as a gift box, weighs 1.5 kilograms, and only the Cobo Vault logo is printed on the front side.


The back has the logo, the parameters, and certification mark of the Cobo Vault. Here you need to pay attention to the last line of text "please visit official website to verify authenticity" (please visit the official website to verify the authenticity).


The inside of the box consists of three layers. The first layer is the hardware cold wallet body of the Cobo Vault and the magnetic detachable battery.


The second layer is a metal protective case, a metal mnemonic board, a type-c interface charger, a type-c interface USB cable, a small Phillips screwdriver, and a small hex wrench.


The third layer is a mnemonic character, which contains 282 blocks of English characters from A-Z.


The front of the Cobo Vault hardware cold wallet is quite simple, with only one physical power button on the side and a 4-inch LCD display on the front.



The Cobo Vault hardware cold wallet body and battery are magnetically detachable. In the storage state, the battery can be removed from the main body, thus ensuring that the Cobo Vault main body will not be damaged due to battery leakage. From the back of the main unit, you can see the 8-megapixel autofocus camera and the TF card slot used to upgrade the firmware.



The charger using the popular type-c interface. The base is made of zinc alloy die-casting process. It is very stable. The bottom is designed with anti-slip mat and charging indicator to indicate the charging status.


The hardware cold wallet battery of Cobo Vault uses aerospace aluminum die-casting, waterproof and sealed. The battery core is made of soft-packed lithium battery with a capacity of 1540mAh. The battery itself has reached the IP68 waterproof standard.


The metal mnemonic board, with metal character blocks, can save the mnemonic for a long time, without worrying about the loss of mnemonics in extreme environments.


Users can choose to save 12, 18 or 24 mnemonic words to the metal mnemonic board.


The Cobo Vault hardware cold wallet body and battery have reached IP68 waterproof and IK10 anti-drop military standard protection, but the manufacturer also designed a metal protective cover specifically for protecting the main body and battery.


The metal case further enhances the level of water and drop resistance, and also increases the high temperature, low temperature, salt, alkali, vibration and drop protection.


The metal protective case is specially designed for the wallet body and battery. The main body and the battery are placed in separate positions to ensure the safety of long-term storage.


The small accessories include a small Phillips screwdriver and a small hex wrench. The screwdriver is used for the disassembly of the metal mnemonic board. The hex socket is used to remove the TF slot when upgrading the firmware.


All parts with the package.


The main parts.



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