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Cyber Bitcoin
Litecoin is a well-known decentralized digital currency born at the end of 2011. It has always occupied the top ten position in the digital currency field. The production of Litecoin is obtained through mining POW (work volume certification) mining. The Litecoin mining machine is also known as the Scrypt encryption algorithm. In addition to the Litecoin, any Scrypt algorithm-based cryptocurrency can be mined using the Scrypt mining machine.

In this review, we will bring you a newly released Goldshell X5 Litecoin miner. The ICQ510 chip used in the mining machine is designed for the Litecoin mining algorithm, Scrypt. By further optimizing the algorithm, The chip has high computing power and low power consumption, and the energy consumption ratio reaches 0.84J/MH. The official data of the whole machine parameters are 720M in the standard mode, 990W in power, 850M in overclocking mode, and 1450W in power.


I. Unpacking:

The Goldshell X5 Litecoin Miner is packed in five-layer industrial carton, with logistics and storage graphic designation, and the brand logo is available.



The mining machine is suspended by the styrofoam, which effectively ensures the safety of transportation.



The Goldshell X5 mining machine is designed with a double-cooling fan at the front and back, the fully enclosed air duct. The outer casing of the alloy is compact, sturdy.



At the top of the mining machine, you can see the mining machine consists of four mining plates, each of which has two PCIe 6-pin interfaces and one signal cable connected to the controller.


The controller located at the top of the mining machine, which the power connector is PCIe 6-pin interface and a mine model barcode is attached to the protective cover.


The signal cable adopts a snap design, and the contact is tight, which is beneficial to the stability of data transmission.


The front of the mining machine is the reset button, the LAN socket, the status LED, and the front 12cm diameter fan (air-inlet, 12V, 2.55A).


At the back of the mining machine, you can see the 12cm diameter cooling fan (air-outlet, 12V 2.55A).


The bottom of the mining machine.


The following is the dimensions of the mining machine (net weight 4.5kg, with packing 5.3kg).


II. Installation:

Before installation, carefully check the machine whether the heat sink has fallen off.

The power supply for the review is a dedicated power supply, G1100-1800W.




First, plug the power cable into the mining board. There are two standard PCIe 6-pin ports on the four mining boards of the Goldshell X5 mining machine.



Then plug in the power cable to the controller (also a PCIe 6-pin interface).


Plug in the LAN cable.


This is the complete wiring diagram of the mining machine.


After the power is turned on, the mining machine automatically assigns an IP address. Scans the IP address of the latest access device, and enters the control panel of the machine.

Input the mining machine IP in the browser, unlock the setting by username and password: admin, 123456789.


Enter the "Mining Machine Settings" page to set up the mining machine. There are three modes of mining machine operation. The power mode is the mining chip overclocking mode, the balance mode is the normal frequency, the energy saving mode is the frequency reduction, and the mining machine normally selects the "balance mode" operation.


Then in the Miner Settings page, set up the mining pool.



If the mining pool is set incorrectly, you can delete the mining pool setting.


After the setting is completed, the mining machine starts to run. After a few seconds, you can see the real-time status of the mining machine, as well as the average hash rate and its curve.


The network setting of the mining machine.



The password change setting of the mining machine.


III. Test:

The noise in this test room is about 39dBa, the room temperature is about 30 degrees during the day and about 26 degrees at night.

1. Balance mode:

After a long-time operation, the average hash rate is about 750M, and the curve of hash rate is stable without large fluctuations.



The power consumed is around 987W.


2. Energy saving mode:

After a long-time operation, measured an average hash rate of 610M and power consumed 655W.



3. Power mode (Overclocking):

After a long-time operation, measured a hash rate of 916M, a power consumed of 1426W.



In terms of noise, when the mining machine is in normal operation,  fan speed is around 4100 rpm in the daytime, and the mining machine measures about 82.6 dB at about 20 cm.


In terms of temperature, the temperature chip and mining board is 60 and 40 degrees respectively in the Balance mode.

The air inlet measured 32 degrees.


The air outlet measured 42 degrees.


IV. Summary:

1. Goldshell X5 Litecoin miner is compact and sturdy, hardware and software have been optimized to improve mining efficiency and operational stability. Moreover, it provides a mining management software for a batch of mining machines. Finally, it is applicable to all cryptocurrencies using the Scrypt algorithm.

2. Goldshell X5 Litecoin miner uses "Yotta MC" OS. In the review, the software gives me impressive impression, which is intuitive and simple, supports multiple languages, and responds quickly.

3. The measured power consumed of the mining machine is  987W at hash rate 740M and stably operate for a long time, and the curve of hash rate is stable without large fluctuations. It is one of the mining machines with the highest mining efficiency recently.

4. There is a certain amount of overclocking space.

5. The noise is too large, and it is also a common phenomenon of high hash rate mining machines.


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