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As a leading company in the China chip core technology and cryptocurrency mining industry, Ao Gang, co-founder of Innosilicon Technology, proposed that PoW should be energy saving. He also elaborated on the 2019 mining ecology and core movement. Technical details of the upcoming Grin mining machine.

As early as 2006, it started the chip design business in Wuhan, and was one of the earliest companies in China to explore chip-related technology research and development. Since its inception, the company has consistently ranked among the core chip companies in the country and has taken the lead in the design and manufacture of mining chips.

As the "big brother" of the mining machine industry, the company's co-founder, Ao Gang, recently accepted an interview with the Chain News. He said that it should be named for Proof of Work. "We are using electricity, not wasting electricity. At the time, it also has a positive effect on electricity."

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalogue (2019, Draft for Soliciting Opinions)", in which the "backward production process equipment" of the elimination industry includes "cryptocurrency mining activities (the production process of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin) "."

Obviously, Ao Gang has different views. In the interview, Ao Gang said: "In fact, there are many power consumption in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Yunnan-Guichuan. In particular, the power of new energy has not played enough, and the mining industry of cryptocurrency is not. In the case of pollution, these assets can be revitalized." He believes that the use of electricity will gradually promote the development of electricity, such as the emergence of new energy technologies such as controlled nuclear fusion, breaking through the old concept of limited energy, China's sustainable development in Ultra High Voltage transmission and other aspects can also be supplemented by funds from the market, rather than pure country investment. From this perspective, "PoW has a positive contribution."

In addition, Ao Gang believes that the core competitiveness of mining machine manufacturers lies in the improvement of energy efficiency, which promotes the progress of industry and technology. Taking Core Dynamics as an example, he said, “We have been improving the energy consumption of mining machines. From last year, our T1 energy consumption was 90 W/T, T2 was 80 W/T, T2T+ was 60 W/T, T3. The 50 watt/T, T3+ energy consumption is only 42 watts / T, one step at a time, in just one year, the energy efficiency has increased by 2.14 times, which is a huge technological advancement."

In the interview, Ao Gang also shared the performance indicators of the upcoming Grin mining machine with the chain.

The following is an interview record between Chain News and Innosilicon Technology co-founder Ao Gang,

Chain News: You once said that "the bear market is a hotbed of change." What do you think of this round of bear market?

Ao Gang: It is because of the pressure of the bear market that it has accelerated the development of technology. It is precisely because the balance of power is approaching, and everyone is constantly innovating machines. This trend is already very obvious. Although vested interests continue to dump at a price lower than the price of the casing, they strive to maintain the existing market structure and market share, and hinder the emergence of new machines. But technological innovation is unstoppable. The power consumption of the core T3+ is 42W/T, which is 2.4 times better than that of the previous generation of mainstream miners.

Chain News: Facing the competition of mining industry, talk about the advantages and disadvantages of "older"?

Ao Gang: All the principles are the same, like new and old drivers. The new driver only saw the front, could not see the long-term, and constantly adjusted the pace on the road ahead.

The old driver can look at the front and the front, and can look at the long-term. The pattern is clear and has a good pre-judgment for all problems. Driving is stable, and safety and rationality can be better.

The disadvantage is that you can't do anything with your life and gambling. Eat this bowl of rice, lick this pot, this kind of thing can't be done. The moment of the explosion, you can't make the money. Of course, this is not what we should earn.

Chain News: How do you think of "2019 is the first year of cloud computing power"?

Ao Gang: First of all, centralization is a false proposition. From the mining of retail investors, to the emergence of large miners, and now the big miners can not support, need capital to come in, and then become the power to sell, and then become a retail to buy computing power. From the large-scale mining where the mining machines are gathered, it is converted into a process of decentralization. "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" said, "The general trend of the world, the long-term must be combined, the long-term must be divided." This is in line with the normal law of the development of things. Centralization and decentralization are the same as changes in rotation. When the capital comes in, when the power is sold. Everything is transferred to capital, which may be an opportunity.

Innosilicon is usually based on the needs of capital and customers, to take our own path and to maintain our own chip development and manufacturing. Try not to reach out to other families, and the industrial ecology needs a win-win situation.

According to the Poolin data, the core A9++/A9+/A9 Zcash and T3 43T/39T BTC are in the forefront of the mining revenue list.

Chain News: We noticed that the core movement A9++/A9+/A9 in Zcash mining performance, core T3 in bitcoin mining performance, has always been among the best. What is the product planning of the core in 2019?

Ao Gang: We give the company two definitions, one is One Stop and the other is None Stop. One Stop, specifically from the definition, simulation, testing, design of the chip, one-stop completion. None Stop refers to technical advancement and continuous iteration. We will do it better if we have the opportunity. However, we are not in favor of the practice of building a mining machine desperately. We should pay attention to the cultivation of ecology. For example, the A9 Zcash mining machine sells out of stock, not because the production does not come out, but because of the interests of the miners, it is necessary to give them the right Back to the time.

Regarding this year's product planning, the focus is on Bitcoin T3, Grin, Ethereum ETH, which is the combination punch we played. Not only staring at BTC, but also having multi-currency mining machines, all are ASIC mining machines. Not the same as the GPU. There are markets. Moreover, our advice to customers is also that mining is like buying stocks, and there are a variety of investment configurations.

Chain News: What is the original feature of the Grin G32 mining machine that was announced in April?

Ao Gang: The market for Grin is not big. But we have been tracking for nearly a year, and we can say that we have a deep understanding of the algorithm.

First, we appreciate Grin's algorithms, advanced algorithms, and deserve to be invested and supported. So, I decided to do this very early.

Second, like Google has a philosophy, you can't just look at it. As long as it is a popular tool, it may not be earned before, but sooner or later it will grow and earn income.

Third, the Grin community has some controversy about Cuckatoo 29/31/32, constantly changing algorithmic techniques. In fact, a long time ago, the core motion began to track the Cuckatoo algorithm. In November last year, when the algorithm was determined, it was decided to do it. Our proposed solution takes into account several factors to ensure that our customers can use mining for a long time and return it. The compatibility is very difficult, GDDR6 is equivalent to dozens of top GPUs, high bandwidth, high computing power, so that the mining machine can span several technology iterations.

In the process, the core design of the Grin G32 mining machine has been completed and will be streamed immediately. A small-scale investigation has obtained a lot of support voices from the mines that understand how pedestrians can make it. In terms of performance, the Grin G32 mine is divided into 500w and 1000w versions, two models, and is compatible with the Cuckatoo 31/32 algorithm for different user groups. It is expected to be scheduled to end in April and will be delivered in June.

The new Grin G32 mining machine is compatible with the Cuckatoo 31/32 algorithm and is available in 500w and 1000w models.

Chain News: What do you think the new process like 7nm?

Ao Gang: First of all, the core movement is the IP team, IP for advanced technology, and the core movement is entered as the first echelon. This is like writing a library before you can write a program. Expensive craftsmanship is not as good as good design. There are many pits in the new process, and restraint is maintained. The skill of circuit design is the real competition.

IP is Intellectual Property, which refers to reusable and proprietary intellectual property design modules in semiconductor integrated circuit design. With the advancement of chip integration technology and market demand changes, more integrated circuits are designed with semiconductor design IP. Based on the expansion.

For Bitcoin, the Hash algorithm is very simple, but the requirements are low power and high power. Note that there are two features. Different processes, different semiconductor processes, and different characteristics are supported. The process is not as small as possible, nor is it good for all products.

We believe that the 7nm process does not have much advantage in low-power, high-power characteristics, and the capacity and price are not good, so we chose to start from 10nm.


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