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Bitmain ANTBOX is the latest self-developed practical mobile mining farm. ANTBOX was released in March this year and can accommodate up to 324 S9 mining machines. It is expected by global miners to meet the needs of mobile low-power mining, improving the convenience of mining and greatly reducing the time and cost for building a mining farm.

I. Basic parameters:

The standard model of the ANTBOX looks like a 20-foot container made of new high-strength steel. The dimensions are 5.85 meters long, 2.3 meters wide, and 3.07 meters high, weighing about three tons.


The exterior is painted with a lacquer-proof process that is moisture-proof and turbid.


The surrounding pillars have mounting holes for easy transportation and installation.


There is a LOGO on the front of the ANTBOX, two doors in the middle and lower, equipped with smart access locks, which can be accessed by key or swipe.



The ANTBOX is designed with floor-standing blinds on both sides. The sheet is made of thick steel and can be adjusted freely by an automatic hydraulic pump.





The shutter is closely attached to the louver. The protective net is mainly composed of a wire mesh, a plastic mesh and a dustproof fiber mesh, which can quickly circulate air and have a dustproof effect.


The air-outlet side of ANTBOX.


Inside the ANTBOX, the left side is the mine rack and the right side has the power control box.




The mining machine racks are fixed three side by side, each 9 layers. Each floor is equipped with a separate air switch for safety protection. Each floor has 12 mining machines and corresponding mine power supply sockets, as well as matching power lines and network cables, network switches, and an ANTBOX can hold a total of 324 mining machines.



The illuminator above the ANTBOX.


The innermost part of ANTBOX.


The insulated floor inside ANTBOX, thickness about 3cm.


The ANTBOX adopts a design scheme that opens the windows on the left and right sides, and is closed up and down, forming an air-cooling duct. The water curtain device is installed on the side to reduce the temperature of the air inlet. Although the structure is compact, it is better than the conventional mine to install the exhaust fan.




In addition, ANTBOX offers flexible assembly solutions and customized solutions to suit different needs of different venues.


This review of the ANTBOX in Shenzhen is open for the public, experiencing wind and rain, and the equipment inside the field is in good condition.

The ANTBOX project has established a professional technical team from the beginning of the project, providing pre-sales consultation and one-year after-sales service.

II. Installation and operation:

ANTBOX needs to meet three aspects before it is placed, which is ground bearing, power, and space on both sides.

1. Take the antminer S9 mining machine as an example. Each mining machine weighs 4.1 kilograms and each power supply weighs 2 kilograms. Totally, 324 miners with power supply have about two tons and the site needs to bear a total weight of about five tons.

2. In terms of power, taking the antminer S9 mining machine as an example, the power of each mining machine is about 1400w, and each ANTBOX is equipped with 324 sets of mining machines of about 500kw (including electrical losses).

3. Reserve space on both sides to allow air circulation, reserve 16 meters on the right side and 10 meters on the left side.

The ANTBOX is very simple to set up the mining machine. First, the mining machine is connected to the power supply.


Then put on the shelf, each shelf has 12 air outlets, corresponding to 12 mining machines, the mining machine is placed on the power supply below, and then plugged in the LAN cable and power cord.




The ANTBOX mining frame is 26.5cm high per layer, which is suitable for most of the current mining machines in Bitland. The three mining machines shown in the following figure are of different specifications and can be easily placed.


ANTBOX provides remote mining cluster management software to facilitate remote monitoring and management of mining machines.


III. Testing:

There are two sets of ANTBOX clusters in the test. Totally, there are six standard ANTBOX in the first two groups, and eight standard ANTBOX in the second group. Totally, there are 14 standard ANTBOX in the whole ground.


Each floor shares a door with a LOGO above the door, a safety sign on the bottom, and a simple staircase to the second floor.



The side of the stairs is the outlet of the mining machine. From the blinds to the inside, you can see the various types of mining machines loaded with the full load. The 14 standard ANTBOX can be equipped with 4536 sets of mining machines.




The 4536 mining machines occupy an area of ​​only about 100 square meters, and the ventilation space reserved before and after is very spacious.


There is a viewing port on the side of the door to view the inside of the door.


On the back of the water curtain equipment, the water in the water tank is pumped through the water pump, and the two sets of ANTBOX use two water curtains to return to the water tank.



The water in the return tank can be recycled, but it needs to be added regularly.


The internal situation, the entry to see the mining machines rack on the left and the power control box on the right.


There are firefighting equipment at the door.


The mining machine in operation.



The internal temperature is approximately 19 degrees Celsius.


The screen above the power control box shows the power supply of the three sets of racks. There are three control switches under the traffic lights, one for standby, and the other two control the opening and closing of the louvers on both sides.


In the middle is the main gate.


The following three switches control the power of the three sets of racks.


Behind the mining machines rack (outside the air-outlet side).


The temperature at the air curtain inlet was measured to be about 15 °C.


The temperature near the inlet of the miner was about 31 °C.


The temperature near the outlet of the mining machine was measured at about 42 °C.

The internal noise is about 82dBa.


The air outlet noise is about 80dBa.


The noise of about 10 meters outside is about 76dBa.


Other details.





IV. Summary:

1. The overall design of the ANTBOX mobile mining farm has a high standard, integrating the various advantages of a long-term mining operation, fully considering the needs of users.

2. The field test at the internal temperature of about 19 °C, through the water curtain cooling, plus the internal short air duct design to make the air flow quickly, the mining machine fan inlet and outlet temperature dropped significantly, improving the stability of the mining machine operation.

3. The noise level is significantly lower than that of the traditional mine. The external area is only 76dBa at about ten meters.

4. The whole production adopts brand new high-quality raw materials, which is firm and beautiful and has strong practicability.

5. The internal structure is regular, insulated floor, professional power control box and air switch for each floor are fully considered for safety.

6. The installation is simple and quick, the user only needs to prepare the site and power supply, the construction period is short and the site can be flexibly changed at any time, saving construction cost and power cost.

7. The mining machine is easy to install and provides powerful management software, which can be remotely monitored and save labor costs.

8. Provide ANTBOX personalized product customization services, one-stop mine construction consulting services and a one-year after-sales warranty.


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