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Recently, major cryptocurrency miner manufacturers have released their latest generation of products. Innosilicon Terminator 3 (T3) - 43T bitcoin mining machine is the bitcoin mining machine with highest hash rate of Innosilicon. The hash rate is 43T and the power consumption is 2100W.


Our team brought you the independent review of Innosilicon Terminator 3.

INNOSILICON T3 - 43T Official parameters

Model: Terminator 3 - 43T
Algorithm: SHA256
Calculation power: 43TH/s (+/- 5%)
Wall power consumption: 2100W (+/- 10%)
Size: 430mm*141mm*220mm
Net weight: 10.02KG

INNOSILICON T3-43T Appearance

Innosilicon T3-43T is packed in industrial carton. The box is marked with the miner model, strip identification code and logistics storage mark. The outer package size is 515*318*227mm, and the whole package weight is 9.89kg, which is smaller than T2T-32T. Moreover, the weight is also lighter.


After unpacking, you need to check whether the warranty sticker of the mining machine is damaged. Pick up the mining machine and shake it slightly. If there is a collision between the metal, contact the after-sales service. The main engine and power supply of the mining machine are integrated into one machine design. The outer casing is die-casted from aluminum material. The size is 430mm*141mm*220mm and the net weight is 8.92kg. Compared with the T2T model, it is smaller in size and lighter in weight. The interior was also changed from the previous stand to the horizontal.





The model side is attached with the model/hash rate, identification code and instructions. The power requirement is 200-240AC, the IP acquisition method is DHCP (automatic acquisition), the login user name and password are both "admin", press and hold the reset button for 5-10 seconds. Can be restored to factory settings↓




The mining machine uses two fans with 12CM 12038 and 12V 2.7A.






The integrated power supply module is not marked with power information. From the official website, we knows that the rated power is 2500W, the power conversion efficiency is ≥93%. It's connecting piece is connected with the mining machine power board. The power supply has a switch to facilitate the use and maintenance of the mining machine. Unfortunately, The power plug and the control panel cable plug are not in one direction, which may have a certain impact on the upper and lower shelves. The official mall prompts the standard without the power cord, and the T3 power module has exceeded 2000W. The official recommendation is to purchase 3 * 2.0mm power cord↓


The mining machine controller has a TF slot that can use the TF card for upgrade, IP setting button, Ethernet interface, miner reset button and status indicator. There are two other power interfaces on the control board. The 4pin interface provides the controller. Power supply, 6pin interface for two cooling fans


The IP Settings button functions as follows:

1. Press the IPset button for 1-4 seconds.
(1) Send the IP of the machine to the "SetIP" tool;
(2) With the "SetIP" tool, set the miner to a static IP within the specified range of the tool.
2. Press and hold the IPset button for 4-15 seconds, the static IP will change to dynamic IP, and the pool settings will be restored to the default settings.
3. Press and hold the IPset button for more than 15 seconds to switch the machine IP to static IP and restore the IP to the default IP192.168.1.254.

Reset key function:

Press the reset button to restart the machine. Press and hold for 5-10 seconds to return to the factory settings.

INNOSILICON T3-43T install configuration:
The factory default is DHCP mode. You can log in to the local router to find the IP address of the miner named “lnnominer” or use the IP scanning tool to find the IP of the machine.


Open the browser and enter the miner IP in the address bar. It will enter the machine control panel. The default username and password are both "admin". After confirming, log in to the control panel home page.


After the login, you need to make two modifications. One is to modify the mining pool settings. Click “Settings/Pools” to enter the mine pool setting page and modify the “Pool 1” main mining pool. The pool address and workrr name, password "1234" or "X", then modify the pool address and worker name of the spare pool "Pool 2" and "Pool 3". After the setting is completed, click "Update Pools" to update the setting. The mining machine will also automatically restart.


Selecting the operating mode of the mining machine, Innosilicon pre-sets four operating modes for the T3-43T, which allows the mining machine to operate in four modes: low energy consumption, balance, factory (default) and high power. It is simple and convenient, and the miners can The mine situation is free to choose. After selecting it, click “Save” to save it.


In the "Settings" setting page, you can modify the user account information in addition to modifying the mining pool. You can also modify the user name and password to prevent others from modifying the mining address and miner name. Go to the "Settings/Network" page and change the IP address to dynamic or static IP as needed. After the modification is completed, click the "Update" button on the lower side to save the currently modified settings.

INNOSILICON T3-43T test data

Test environment temperature about 20 degrees mining machine, city power supply 226V, environmental noise 51 decibels ↓


After power-on, the standby power consumption is about 25W, the starting noise is 69.5dB. When the power switch is turned on, the two fans of the mining machine can work normally. If the fan is damaged or cannot work normally, please contact the after-sales service in time.

There is an status led on each mining board of the mining machine. When the machine starts running, the status led can show the working condition of the mining machine according to the indicator light:

Constantly bright - the power board works normally
Blinking - The power board is over temperature, please check the machine fan operating condition and ambient temperature as well as ventilation.
Extinguished - the power board is not running. Please restart the machine / replace the data cable to try to locate the problem. If you can't solve it, please contact the after-sales service.

The Innosilicon T3-43T has four built-in operating modes. This time, the Factory (factory default) mode is tested. When the mining machine starts running, it will automatically adjust the operating parameters. It will maintain an adjustment time of about 30 minutes, during which the computing power will fluctuate. The following values ​​are the data measured after 30 minutes.


The noise level in the close-range test is 79-88 decibels, 74 decibels measured in two meters, and the noise is better than the T2T-32T control.



The temperature of each part of the mining machine is as follows. When the inlet air temperature is 28 degrees, the temperature of the outlet of the mining machine is 45.6 degrees and the peak value is 48 degrees. The temperature of the power outlet is about 35 degrees, and the temperature of the power supply and the connection plate of the mining machine is about 32 degrees.


Hash Rate and Power Consumption:

In the factory (factory default) mode, the calculated power is 42.98T/s, the power consumption of the whole machine is 2141W, the comprehensive energy consumption ratio is 49.81W/T, the receiving rate of the mining pool is maintained at 99.9%, and the fan rotation number is maintained at 95%-100. %,↓

Mine machine backstage calculation ↓


Pool receiving situation (coin printing pool) ↓


Power consumption



• The measured power of the mining machine reached 42.98T;
• The mining machine adopts innovative dynamic frequency adjustment technology with an integrated power consumption ratio of approximately 49.8W/T;
• The mine machine console presets 4 adjustable mining modes that can be switched freely, which can reduce power consumption or appropriate overclocking properly, but pay attention to the high computing mode to have certain requirements for power supply and wire;
• The volume and weight are smaller and lighter than the T2T-32T, and the noise level is controlled better;
• Both front and rear fans are equipped with a metal shield to ensure safety during mining production;
• After 24 hours testing of the mining machine, the background page curve and the receiving capacity curve of the mining pool are stable;
• The background control page graphically displays the main parameters of the mining machine operation, and the real-time calculation values ​​of the three calculation boards are displayed separately, and the operation status is clear at a glance;
• The mining machine uses an all-in-one design and is easy to use;
• The INNOSILICONT3-43T mining machine takes into account the tampering of the cable, and the control page incorporates night eye protection. These are more intimate designs, but the bottom non-slip mat is not expected to be retained.

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INNOSILICON officially notified false website fraud alerts:

Dear customer,

Please note that all sales inquiries need to be sent directly via or
Don't buy anything from and as well as and, they will cheat your BTC. and are your only official website to trust.
Some customers have recently reported to us that someone uses "live:inno.miner", "live:shuppinnosiliconcomcn", "live:maxigel.3" fake Skype account requires customer payment. That is a scam! Please note that these accounts are not our Skype account and do not request payment to anyone via Skype.

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