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Cyber Bitcoin
Shenzhen MicroBT Ltd. is a company that produces mining machines. The company was established in July 2016. Its main business is the development, production, and sales of ASIC chips and products/solutions in the areas of blockchain and artificial intelligence providing corresponding system solutions and technical services. At this stage, the main products are blockchain servers and their application-specific integrated circuit chips. Their self-developed chip products have significantly improved computing performance and reduced system cost compared to the GPU solutions and FPGA solutions previously used in the industry. There is a clear competitive advantage in the field of blockchain computing.

Whatsminer M10 official specifications:

Hash rate: 30.0 - 33.5 TH/s @SHA256
Power consumption: 2000W – 2300W
Dimensions: 390mm (L): 130mm (W): 220mm (H)
No. of Chips: 315 pieces
Temperature control: fan *2
Operating temperature: -5°C – 40°C
Power supply device: 3200W (220V)
Warranty period: 180 days
Net weight: 8.55 kg

I. Unpacking:

The outer packaging is similar and the testing machine is an engineering prototype. The machine received is packed in industrial cartons, with a gross weight of about 9.6KG.


The protective layer inside the box is wrapped with a dustproof and waterproof bag and the styrofoam is used to enhance the shock absorption effect. The styrofoam is fitted with the main body and attached with a power cord.


The power cord is a standard 300/500V 3-core*1.5mm wire cable, which is obviously thicker than the common 3*0.75mm  standard cable in the market.


Whatsminer M10 fuselage shell is made of aluminum alloy precision die-casting design, which can provide strong protection for the mining boards, and can also use the overall heat dissipation of the mining machine shell to improve heat dissipation. Mining machine dimensions: length 385mm * width 130mm * height 210mm (manual measurement), net weight 8.55KG.


Lateral view, the mining machine attached a power supply, the whole machine is very simple, only two fan power cables are exposed.


Front side, you can see the cooling fan (intake air).


Another lateral view.


Back view, there is another cooling fan (air-outlet).


Power supply model is WhatsPower P10, rated power 2250W, 12.5V*180A DC output, providing 12V DC output, using a 6.4A*2 dual cooling fan.


The controller is at the top front side of the machine. At the front of the controller, there is power input, LAN plug, status LED, reset button, IP Found button, TF card slot and network card MAC address.


The power connection between the power supply and the mining boards no longer use the traditional PCIe 6-pin interface, but the copper terminal connection is used. The advantage is that the contact area is increased, the connection is tighter, can withstand higher currents, the resistance is small, and the power loss is also reduced accordingly.


The control board uses an embedded system, the mining software is CGMiner, and most users should be familiar with CGMiner.


Through disassembly, you can see the details of the aluminum alloy heatsink used by the mining boards. Each mining board is distributed with heat sinks on both sides. The front side is made of 3M thermal grease, and the back is made of silicone grease and fixed with spring screws.


The mining board uses a series power supply design. Each mining machine has three mining boards built in. Each mining board has 105 chips, which consists of 3*105, and totally 315 chips to provide 34TH/s @SHA256 hash rate.



The whole machine is disassembled (***it is not recommended that the user dismantle the mining machine and the dismantled mining machine will break the warranty).


II. Installation and config:

The hardware installation of the mining machine is very simple. Just plug in the power cable and the LAN cable to start the bitcoin mining.

Config Step 1: Find the mining machine IP address.


The default setting of the mining machine is DHCP, which automatically assigns an IP address. After the mining machine is powered on, plug in the LAN cable. You can check the IP of the mining machine in the control panel of the router by the mining machine MAC address.

Config step 2: Enter the mining machine control panel.


Open the browser, enter the mining machine IP address in the address bar. Then login with username: "root" and password: "root".

Config step 3: Modify the mining pool address and worker name.


Click on the upper menu bar "Configuration/CGMiner Configuration" to modify the following items:

1. Modify the "Pool 1" main mining pool address.
2, modify the "Pool 1 worker" worker name (see the mining pool help).
3. Modify the "Pool 1 password" miner password (any alphanumeric).

The spare pools "Pool 2" and "Pool 3" can be left unchanged.

Config step 4: Modify the IP address (applicable to a large-scale mining machine deployment).


Click on the upper menu bar "Configuration/Interfaces" to enter the mining software IP address setting interface, click "Edit" to set the IP address to a fixed IP.

After the modification of each item is completed, click the "Status/CGMiner Status" menu bar on the upper menu to return to the home page.

III. Testing:

The test is done in a room temperature of about 25 degrees and a noise level of about 45 decibels. The fan will run at full speed after the power is turned on. Without mining, the noise level is about 92 decibels and the standby power is 17W.


Plug in the LAN cable and the mining machine starts to work. The indicators such as the hash rate, temperature, fan speed, and noise of the mining machine will rise. After about ten minutes, the parameters will reach a constant value.


The overall power consumption of the mining machine is between 2200-2205W, with a little fluctuation.

The noise level fluctuated slightly between 90 and 94 decibels, with the air-outlet position gets the highest outlet 94 decibels.

The average temperature of the air inlet is 26 degrees, the average temperature in the middle of the mining machine shell is 48 degrees, and the average temperature of the air outlet is 58 degrees. The heat dissipation performance is still outstanding.

The wind speed at the outlet is 17.3 m/s.

After 24 hours of mining on F2Pool, the curve of hash rate is stable, and the fluctuation range is very small. The average 24-hour power is 34.2T.



Mining machine control panel shows that the parameters are also very stable.


IV. Summary:

1. Power supply and mining boards using an integrated connection, which reduces the cable's failure and can withstand higher power loads and increase the machine efficiency.

2. The overall hash rate is 34T, the power consumption is 2200W, and the integrated unit power consumption ratio is 65W/T. It is the best one in the market.

3. The 180 days after-sale services provided by the whole machine is guaranteed.

4. The mining machine is running stable during the test, and there are no faults and problems. The hash rate is stable, the power consumed is stable, and the temperature is constant.


1, Because the power consumed of the whole machine has exceeded 2200W, the socket is not recommended to use the ordinary socket of 10A, try to use the 16A socket.

2. When the power is turned off, the fans will be turned off together and cannot dissipate heat. The temperature inside the machine is still high. It is recommended to unplug the network cable before shutting down, let the chip stop running, wait for the fan to continue running for about 2 minutes. After, and the air outlet temperature near room temperature, unplug the power cord.


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