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Coldlar Wallet Pro 3 is a cold wallet supported by Beijing Coldlar Information Technology Co. Ltd., which supports multi-currencies. The Coldlar Wallet Pro 3 is separated into the hot and cold wallet. The cold wallet is physically isolated and cannot be connected to the network. The Type-C interface can only be charged and does not have data transmission.

Coldlar defines the wallet as "Coldlar Safety Equipment".

The wallet device is a "Computer" rather than a "storage". There are two passwords in the wallet, one is a randomly generated seed password, and the other is a user-designed payment password. The seed password is encrypted and stored on the hardware device. The payment password is entered every time you use it. When you need to enter the payment password, the private key of the corresponding address will be generated. The private key will sign the transaction. After the signature, the private key will be destroyed. "The private key is burned after use," so that the private key is truly secure.

Near Field Transfer Function (NFC).

Compared with the previous generation, the Coldlar Wallet PRO 3 has added NFC near-field transmission function. When transmitting data with the mobile phone, it is not limited by the capacity of the two-dimensional code. It is convenient to complete the data transmission only when it is close to the mobile phone.


Currencies based on UTXO model (BTC, LTC, etc.), the transmission process is somewhat similar to banknotes.

For example, if I want to give someone 100 dollars and I only have banknotes with a face value of 100 dollars, I only need to give him 1 piece of the banknote. If I only have banknotes with a face value of 10 dollars, I need to give him 10 pieces. If I only have a face value of 1 dollar banknotes, I need to give 100 pieces...

The more UTXO addresses (similar to the number of banknotes), the greater the amount of data that needs to be transferred, and the single-page QR code can carry a limited amount of data and can only be transmitted page by page. This is catastrophic for the miners, because the mining pool frequently pays off, and the miners' collection address will accumulate a lot of small UTXO.

We look for a transfer test on the address of the Bitcoin Rich List. The query results are as follows. The address balance is 183,876.65299737 BTC. When no processing is performed, 356 pages of QR code need to be transmitted.

The single-page QR code can carry a limited amount of data and can only be transmitted in separate pages. The NFC near-field transmission function is not limited by the capacity of the two-dimensional code when transmitting data with the mobile phone, and it is convenient to complete the data transmission only by being close to the mobile phone.

The Coldlar Wallet Pro 3 is the company's third-generation wallet product. Compared with the previous 2 generations, the biggest improvement is to support the EOS ecosystem and increase the NFC function, making the wallet more secure, more functional, more convenient, and new improvements.

Coldlar Wallet Pro 3 specifications,

• Product Name: Coldlar Wallet Pro 3
• Screen type: 3.97 inch IPS
• Screen resolution: 640*1136
• Product size: 123.4*62.6*8.6 mm
• RAM Size: 1 GB
• ROM Size: 8 GB
• Charging interface: Type-C
• Camera: 13 million pixels behind
• Fingerprint: Support
• NFC: Support

I. Product appearance.

The wallet is packaged in a simple buckle-style gift box. The top is the photo of the wallet. It is the same size as the real wallet. You can know the size of the wallet through the picture, and the lateral is the logo of the brand.


On the bottom of the package indicates the parameters of the wallet in Chinese and English, and each certification mark.


Open the cover, you can see the wallet main body and the conspicuous "The Guardian of Blockchain Asset" slogan.


The inner package is divided into three layers. The first layer is the wallet, the second layer is the USB Type-C interface charging cable, and the third layer is the certificate, password card, password card holster, main holster, instruction manual, and cleaning cloth.


The instruction manual has a brief description of the use of the wallet in Chinese and English.


The manufacturer also designs a leather case for the wallet and a cleaning cloth attached.


There are 2 password cards in the password card holster, which is convenient for users to back up the seed password. There are also 3 small stickers attached to the bag.


Customized Type-C interface charging cable with logo.


The screen of the Coldlar Pro 3 wallet is 3.97 inch IPS, the resolution is 640*1136. The whole body is made of stainless steel middle frame and glass back cover. The weight of the wallet is 163 g. The sense of grip is smooth, and the body has only 2 physical buttons. The front Home button can be used for fingerprint verification and return operation. The power button is on the side and the audio and USB Type-C charging interface are designed on the bottom.


Rear 13 million cameras, convenient to scan QR code.


Battery capacity is 1400 mAh. The official says the shutdown standby time is 28 days, power on standby time is 15 days.


Main components.


II. Config the wallet.

There is an animation with the sound of coins on the boot so that people have a feeling that the coins are really "falling into bags". Next is the language selection interface. Coldlar Pro 3 supports Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean. After selection, it will display the QR code of the download of the hot wallet App.


Use mobile phone to scan the QR code. download and install the hot wallet App.


Click the next step of wallet, the app prompt to verify the authenticity of the wallet. Open the phone "Coldlar Wallet App" to scan the QR code and complete the verification process.


Create a wallet account.

After the verification is complete, the next step is to create a new wallet account to get the private key and address. Select “Create Wallet Account” (you can choose “Restore Wallet Account” if you have previously backed up the seed password of any version of the Coldlar Wallet), the system will prompt to ensure the seed password randomness.


The system will open the camera to collect the environment information (parameters) and then automatically generate the seed password. The seed password consists of 12 words. You can also choose Chinese or numerical format according to your preference. Of course, you should also make a backup. Then, to ensure that you have backed up the seed password. To perform seed password verification, you only need to input the 12 words (or numbers, Chinese characters) generated in the previous step in order. If you make a mistake, you can re-enter it by clicking on the wrong location, clearing the message. After the verification is passed, it will automatically enter the next step.


Security Settings.

Set the payment password. The system will ask to set a 10-30 digit payment password. The password must contain numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters. The payment password will be used in multiple places such as sending transactions, decrypting wallets, etc. Enter the payment password twice and go to the next step.


Set the account name. After the account is set, it cannot be modified. The account name can be up to 12 characters. The set account name will be displayed on the standby page.


Next, set the gesture password and fingerprint, follow the system prompts to complete.


Time setting.

Since the Coldlar Wallet cannot connect to the network, it can't update the date and time automatically. There will be a deviation in time, so the system time needs to be corrected. The system provides 2 settings, which can be set manually or you can also use the wallet to scan the time QR code provided in the Coldlar wallet App.


Monitor account settings.

In order to facilitate the management of cold wallet assets, Coldlar Wallet Pro 3 can define multiple core management personnel to monitor asset dynamics in real time. Realize multi-party joint management of assets, use Coldlar App to scan three QR codes generated by the wallet or create them through NFC transmission.


After the creation is complete, you can use the wallet.


Coldlar App introduction.

The Coldlar App can view the current asset status, view real-time quotes, view industry information, and modify wallet settings.


You can view all displayable currencies and their balance information. You can set hidden or display currency information to protect your privacy.


III. User Experience.

BCH receiving experience.

Click "BCH" on the home page to enter the information page, you can see the currency information, current use address information, and balance information. On this page, you can select “Update Balance”, “Receive”, “Send” operation, click “Receive”. Button. Enter the "receive" page, you can see the QR address information of the address and address currently being used. If the currency has multiple addresses, you can click the top of my address to switch. You can choose to fill in or not fill in the amount, then generate a QR code requesting payment, and send the QR code to the other party to complete the operation of receiving payment.


Attention! Please do not send other types of virtual currency to this address, otherwise, you may not be able to retrieve it.

BCH update balance.

Update the balance in order to achieve hot and cold end wallet synchronization.


1. Enter the wallet page to select the currency, select “Update Balance”. Then, the wallet will generate the updated balance QR code.

2. Open the Coldlar App to check the balance information by scanning the QR code of the updated balance in the wallet, and the balance information will be presented in QR code.

3. In the wallet, update balance QR code page and select “Scan code update” to open the camera to scan the Coldlar God App end QR code to complete the update.

If the amount of information is large, the QR code will be displayed in multiple pages. If there are too many pages, click “QR code capacity setting” to adjust. At the same time, you can use the functions of filtering small amount and reducing the transmission amount in the "Advanced" setting to streamline the QR code.

If your phone supports NFC, you can also use NFC to update your balance information.

BCH sending experience.

Sending can be divided into two steps, cold wallet create and signature transaction, and the Coldlar App broadcast transaction.

First, update the cold wallet balance to make sure there are enough coins on the address. Then, go to the wallet page and select BCH, select “Send”, set the receiving address (can be scanned or selected from the address book) and send the amount. For Ripple and new Coin, you can fill in the note and click "Send".


Click "Confirm Send" to confirm the target address and amount again. The wallet will automatically calculate the appropriate handling fee according to your commission rate setting, balance details, and other information.


After confirmation, enter the payment password to decrypt the wallet to sign the transaction, click "confirm".


Open the sweep function in the Coldlar App, scan the QR code of the transaction information generated by the cold wallet page by page or use NFC to transfer between the Coldlar wallet and the mobile phone. After confirming the transaction information again, click the “send transaction” button. The transaction is broadcast to the blockchain network (cannot be revoked after sending), and the transaction is considered successful after the network is confirmed.


The cold wallet cannot know whether the Coldlar App broadcasts the transaction and requires the user to confirm it manually. Click OK to scan the Coldlar App to send the result QR code. If the transmission is successful, the cold wallet will deduct the balance and save the transaction record. If the Coldlar App fails to send or cancels the scan code, the cold wallet will cancel the transaction and the wallet balance will remain unchanged.

Other setup experience


On the “Currency Management” page, find the corresponding currency. Click “Activate” to activate some currencies (such as Ripple, NEM, etc.) and enter the correct payment password to activate successfully.

The cold wallet supports all Tokens that comply with the ERC20 standard. Click the “+” icon in the upper right corner of the “Currency Management” page to enter the “Add TOKEN” page, and add the Token according to the page prompts. To delete the Token, on the “Currency” page, click on the menu in the upper right corner and select “Delete”. At the same time, the system will clear all relevant data such as the Token balance and transaction history.

On the “Send Record” page, you can view all transaction records, and the transmission record details the transaction time, destination address, transaction amount, handling fee and other related information. On the "Balance" page, you can also view the current currency's send history by using the upper right button.

If you did not carefully back up the seed password when creating your wallet, or if the previous backup was corrupted, please back up again in time. Click: "Main Menu" -> "Features" -> "Backup Seed Password", you need to enter the payment password to decrypt the wallet to enter the backup page.

***Attention! Never show your seed password to anyone.

Coldlar App provides a “Monitor Account” function to view the address balance and monitor the sending and receiving status in real time. Go to "Main Menu" -> "Monitor Account", select the currency you want to export, click the "Transfer to Coldlar App" button to display the QR code or use NFC transmission, and finally use the Coldlar App scan or NFC to complete the monitoring.

The wallet can be set to modify the fingerprint and gesture password. Go to the “Main Menu” -> “Settings” -> “Security Settings”, you can enable the fingerprint password and gesture password through the switch, or you can enter “Fingerprint Management” to add the modified fingerprint.

The fee options for different currencies will be different. The wallet can set the miner fee. Go to: “Main Menu” -> “Settings” -> “Transaction Miner Fee”, click on the corresponding currency and enter the settings page.

IV. Summary.

As the third generation of Coldlar products, there are two biggest highlights compared to the previous two generations,

Full support for the EOS ecosystem.

Increase the Near Field Communication (NFC) function, making the synchronous transmission of hot and cold ends more convenient.

The Coldlar wallet Pro 3 user interface has been completely redesigned and fully optimized the interactive experience. Adding the wallet scan code anti-counterfeiting verification authenticity, while providing the QR code downloaded by the library god app in the cold wallet, convenient for customers to download the mobile phone app. The first Collecting environment information to generate seed passwords ensures seed password and randomness. The cold wallet account name also supports custom Chinese names. By scanning the time code, the wallet time can be synchronized and the customer experience is enhanced.

Supports up to 20 currencies and ERC20 standard tokens, new support for EOS, ACT, IPC, GOD pass, and full support for EOS ecosystem, excellent scalability and compatibility, allowing users to have a wallet in hand Manage global premium currencies.


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