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Winter is coming, the weather is getting colder. The north has started to provide heating, but the coin-industry in the cold winter unceasing single replay "cool", foreshadowing the 2018 winter will be particularly cold.

In September 2018, Avalon announced that it was about to release the world's first bitcoin mining heater. The world's first "mining, will make money" heater officially launched on the market.

According to official specifications, the full name of the mining heater is "Cloud Computing heater" (Model A851H), the hash rate at 14.5 TH/s, wall power consumption: 1450W, combined energy consumption ratio of 100 W/T, using 104 pieces 16nm A3210M chips.

I. Unpacking:

Bitcoin mining heater outer packaging packed in cartons plus packaging film.


In addition to the mainframe, there are 2 accessory boxes.


The carton is in the form of upper and lower buckle cover, and the main machine is also covered with a layer of bubble film.



Bitcoin mining heater is simple in appearance, similar to a traditional household heater, with fencing air inlet and outlet on the front.


The back is fixed by galvanized white iron with screws, and the miner and power supply are located at the bottom.


A AUC signal cable is left on the back to connect AUC and raspberry pie.


Each side of the main body has a water injection port and the power supply interface.


Box contains 1 AUC, 1 Raspberry Pi, 1 USB Adapter, 2 USB cables, mining machine connection guide, and user installation manual.


The fitting box contains 1 power cord, 2 mainframe supports, 4 screws of fixed support, 1 water injection container, and 1 seal tape.


The mining machine controller is Avalon's customized raspberry 3 generation, and the 5V, 2A power adapter is used to power the raspberry pie.


II. Installation:

1. Install the bracket with the screw fittings without a screwdriver.


2. Install the water injection port, remove the water plug first, wrap the raw material belt around the screw position of the water injection port, and then screw the water injection port clockwise into the interface.


3. Connect the AUC3 to the AUC signal cable at the back of the host.


4. Connect AUC3 to raspberry pie with a USB cable.


5. Connect the power adapter, connect the USB cable to the power adapter, and raspberry pie.


6. Connect the cable to the raspberry pie.


7. Connect the mainframe power supply. The power cord provided is 16A, 250V. Please alert that the power provided should larger than that of machine consumed (Power=Voltage X Current).


8. Use pure water to fill the main body. When filling the water, turn on the power switch to make the main machine run. The water injected is about 2000ml.


III. Software config:

1. Modification of mining setting.

Avalon raspberry pie default IP is, so you need to change the computer IP to zero segments before you can enter the raspberry pie control page.


Enter in the browser to enter the administration page. By default, leave the password empty allows you to go directly to the control panel.


First, go to the Network/Interfaces/Edit page to change the raspberry pie IP address to an intranet address or change to DHCP mode to automatically retrieve the IP address.


Enter Status/CGMiner Configuration to modify the information of main mining pool, worker name, and reserve mining pool, etc.


On the Status/CGMiner Status page, you can view the various state information that the mining machine is running.


IV. Testing:

The room temperature is about 18 degrees.


Standby power consumption is 32W, a noise level 61 decibels.


After a normal operation of mining machine for 5 minutes, the outlet began to blow hot air, and the measured temperature was about 32 degrees, which was obviously higher than that of 18 degrees at room temperature.


Power consumption remains at 1670-1690W.


The nearest distance of noise level is between 60 and 62 decibels, and the noise level from 1 meter away is between 50 and 52 decibels.


Outlet wind speed 2.3 m/s.


After about 6 hours of the testing, the F2Pool shows that the hash rate of the mining machine is 14.8T in the period.


V. Summary:

The heating effect is obvious. In about 25 square meters of the use of space, room temperature can be a faster speed from 18 degrees to 22 degrees which is faster than the oil tincture type heater.

The water circulation system can be used for heating and humidifying the room at the same time, thus avoiding the winter drying and the comfortable feeling inside the house.

Excellent noise control, 1 meter away 50 decibels of noise cannot affect the indoor staff of normal communication activities.

It is easy to install and can be installed without any tools.

It can be applied to heating of households and enterprises, agriculture, forestry, fishery, flower greenhouses, nursery, hatching, and other heating can also be used.

Due to the use of different environmental values above will change, users in the northern region for reference only.

Avalon Bitcoin Mining Heater is available at


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