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Cyber Bitcoin
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Recently, Bitmain has launched a new mining machine based on SHA256 algorithm, this mining machine has aroused widespread concern once it was launched, this is Antminer S9 Hydro, a real mass production water cooling miner really came! Antminer S9 Hydro can mine BTC, BCH, DGB, and other SHA256 coins, attached ANT APW5 mute power supply, low temperature, low noise, not affected by dust. The design of water-cooling mining machine makes the scale deployment mining have more space to play.

Perhaps future mining can be applied to community heating, hotel hot water supply, bathing center, hot water supply in hot springs, tropical fish farming, greenhouse vegetable, and flower planting, etc., instead of heating the air like traditional mining machines.

Official specifications:

1. Hash rate: 18TH/s ±5%
2. Wall power: 1728W ±10% (APW5 power supply)
3. Power efficiency: 96J/TH ±10% (APW5 power supply)
4. Rated voltage: 11.60-13.00 V
5. Size: 360mm (L) * 125mm (W) * 190mm (H)
6. Weight: 5.15kg

I. Unpacking:

The whole set of S9 Hydro is composed of three independent packing boxes, the cooling water drain, the mining machine, and the miner power supply. The three parts are packed in industrial cartons, and the outer boxes of the main machine are marked with the physical dimensions of the boxes.


After opening the box, it can be seen that the cooling water drain and power supply are wrapped by dustproof and waterproof bag plus styrofoam, and the mining machine packed with anti-static bag and styrofoam.


The position of the mainframe water pipe of the packing medium miner is also added to the styrofoam to prevent the accident of the water pipe during the transportation.


The complete kit after the opening of the three boxes includes 1 cooling water drain, 1 APW5 power supply, 1 S9 Hydro mining machine, 1 menu of the miner and 1 certificate, 4 water drain pipes and 10 water pipe buckles.


The appearance of the water-cooling drain.

The water-cooling drain is composed of a water tank, water pump, water cooling drain, and heat dissipation fan, and the air shield is added to the inlet to ensure the safety of operation.


Water-cooling outlet.


Details of water-cooling drain: the bottom side of the integrated pump is an outlet, the middle is a water tank, the upper side is a return outlet, and the water injection port is also on the upper side.

Water-cooling drain detail 2: water drain belt stainless steel handle easy to move.


Disassembly details of water-cooling and heat dissipation part.

By decomposing, you can see in more detail the parameters of FREEZE MOD water cooling special integrated water pump set


2 390mm*24mm*120mm water-cooling radiator.


6 Cooler Master 12025 1A temperature controlled silent fan.


S9 Hydro Mining Machine's appearance.

The appearance of the miner is similar to the S9 series. Measurement size: 365cm*15cm*185cm, net weight 5.15KG (not filled with water).


As a result of the use of water-cooling plates, the bottom of the mining machine has raised apart, the back is also installed with water pipes, compared with the S9, we can see that the overall size of the water-cooling miner is slightly larger.


The back of the miner is connected to the inner cooling piece by 6 hoses each in and out of the two shunts in a one-in-one-out cycle.


Mining machine details: A Cooler Master 12025 cooling fan is installed on the mining machine to assist the internal ventilation of the machine.


The controller is the same as the S9, and the interface panel is the same.


Antminer S9 Hydro disassembly details.

After the internal decomposition, we can clearly see the internal structure and the principle of water cooling.


The mining machine consists of four mining boards, one more than S9, and the corresponding hash rate is higher than that of S9.

Every 2 mining boards are surrounded by three water-cooled sheets, which are cooled by a one-in-one-out cycle of water.

There are as many as 12 pipes distributed in at the back.


Cover at the cooling fans side.

Mining machine exploded view full picture.


APW5 power supply appearance.

APW5 Power supply is a Special silent Power supply for Antminer S9 Hydro.


Power output 12V, 216A, rated power 2600W, 94% conversion efficiency.


For heat dissipation, a AVC 0.3A cooling fan is used. The fan position is designed at the top, with outstanding effects from the rear side of the wind, and temperature control.


Disassembly details of the APW5 Power supply.


Decomposition diagram of the power supply.


Bitmain officials also designed a special support for the power supply, the support can connect to the mining machine into a body, and with a handle for easy to move.


II. Installation:

Hardware installation is divided into three steps.

Step 1: connect the pipeline.

First of all, determine whether the water-cooled drainage accessories are complete, the accessories contain 4 8*12MM silicone hose of varying lengths, 4 hose clasp 10 (only used 8).


Put the buckle in the hose, insert the hose into the position of the drain nozzle, and then fasten the buckle to the joint. The fastening force is not small. It is recommended to use the tool such as the nip pliers for locking.


Use the shortest hose to connect the top and bottom drains.


Then use a slightly longer hose to connect the upper water to the pump outlet.


Next, connect the hose to the mining machine, first unplug the two soft plugs at the water pipe interface of the mining machine.


Connect the long hose to the hose connector at the outlet of the lower part of the mining machine to the bottom of the drain. Remember to put a buckle before intubation.


Then use another long hose to connect the water pump outlet to the water inlet of the mining machine. Of course, it is not necessary to install it completely in accordance with the above order. As long as all the hoses are connected, the connection of the four hoses will be completed after the completion of the connection. Check the connection after completion. Is it in place? Have you buckled up?


Step 2: Connect the power supply.

There are four places that need to connect power supply: mining boards, controller, water cooling pump, water cooling fan, the connection is not in any order, as long as all the connections can be completed.

The mining machine consists of 4 mining boards, each of which needs to be connected to 3 PCIe 6-pin connectors and 12 PCIe 6-pin connectors. The APW5 power supply provides 14 PCIe 6-pin connectors. The longest and shortest ones need not be used first. The other 12 connections of the same length are used.

The longest PCIe 6-pin connector is used in the mining machine controller, the interface position is under the control board wire, a little covert may not forget, the shortest PCIe 6-pin connector is of no use, can be used in the later DIY modification.


Six 4-pin fan interfaces are designed on the mining machine controller. Because the fan of the mining machine takes up one interface, a split-line interface is installed. The interface is located in the lower part of the wire arrangement. Press the buckle and lift the wire to pull the wire down according to the position shown in the arrowhead of the picture.


Water cooling pump power cord is a separate black plug relatively easy to identify, Plug the black pump power cord first after unplugging the flat cable.


Then the six fans of the water cooling drain are inserted in turn.


After the fan power input is connected, the wire arrangement is completed.


It is important to note that the power input of the pump is connected through the connecting line, the line is slightly longer and the gap between the connections is not small, and attention should be paid to the waterproofing in the next water injection process.


The complete connection of the mining machine, water drain, and power supply.

Step three: water injection.

The pump and water tank of the water-cooled assembly are designed in an integrated manner, which can be removed for easy water injection and can be opened by holding a push button according to the diagram.


Because of the small size of the water injection nozzle, it is necessary to prepare in advance tools to facilitate the injection of water, such as a household small nozzle kettle or a small funnel, and so on.


Water injection methods: first take down the pump body filled with water tank, then the water pump body installed on the backwater drainage support, and then power on the water circulation, the circulation process of water injection.


Before the power is turned on, the mining machine, power supply, and power cord should be isolated from water, so as to prevent the water dripping from leading to the short circuit of the line, and to check whether there is any leakage during the water injection process.


Water injection should not be too much at one time. Pay attention to observing the water level in the water tank, and wait until the air bubbles in the mining machine, the connecting pipeline, and the water drain are completely discharged. The water level in the water tank is in the position of 2/3, and the water level inside the water tank can be covered over the intake pipe of the return water inlet. After water injection is completed, tighten the cap of the water injection nozzle.


Pure water or distilled water should be used as far as possible, the dosage of which is about 1000ml, the water temperature will rise and the water pressure will increase after the normal operation of the mining machine. It is suggested that the water pressure is tightened after the water injection outlet is released.

III. Software Config:

Find the IP address of the mining machine, plug in the power supply, start the operation of the miner, when the green light of the mining machine starts to flicker, you can find the IP address of the mining machine because the mining machine automatically acquires the IP address by default. Find the mining machine IP address to enter the local router, find the IP after the antminer corresponding to the mining machine IP address.


Or use Bitmain official IP search software to find, download address: ... e/


After getting the IP address, open the browser and enter the IP address. The account password "root" login mining machine control panel.


Enter the "Miner Configuration" item to set up the address of the main mining pool, the reserve mining pool, the port, and the workers.


A single mining machine does not need to modify the IP address. if there are many mining machines, it needs to modify the IP address to a fixed IP address, click "network" to go to the page to modify the IP address.


After the mining pool address and IP address are modified, click "System/Reboot" to restart the mine machine controller to complete the installation and setup of the mining machine, and go to the "Miner Status" page to see the current running status of the mining machine.


IV. Testing:

The fan will run at full speed after the miner is power on. The noise level can reach 76.5 decibels, the power consumption is about 279W, and the wind speed is 7.8 meters/s.


After the normal operation of the chip, the fan speed decrease. The nearest distance of noise level was about 64 decibels and the power consumption was about 1800W.


About 2 meters away from the mine, the noise level is 54.7 decibels. The noise level is comparable to the home floor fan, the quiet effect is controlled very well.

The temperature parameters are as follows: the chip temperature is in the range of 58-63 degrees, the temperature of the machine body, water pipe, and the water tank is in the range of 34-42. The temperature of the outlet of water-cooled drainage is in the range of 58-60. Excellent overall temperature performance.


After 24 hours of continuous testing, the average hash rate measured by F2Pool is 18T. The curve of hash rate shown by the mining pool is stable and the fluctuation is not significant.



V. Summary:

1. Individual player DIY.

Although the mining machine water cooling system has been around for a long time, mass production water cooling mining machine is the first time to appear. Generally speaking, this water cooling machine is very playable, very suitable for practical ability, but also like the DIY miner users.

A single mining machine plus water-cooled platoon can be placed at home and in the office. In the summer, the water-cooled platoon can be placed outdoors by modifying the extension hose. The semiconductor cooling fin can be installed to enhance the cooling effect, or use a dedicated coolant, or get a The fish tank raises a tropical fish, or it is placed directly indoors in the winter when the electric heater is heating. The miners are up, the winter is warm, and the electricity bill is subsidized. I hope to see more water-cooled mining machines with better cost performance so that ordinary fans can touch the area again. The real existence of the blockchain.

2. Intensive scale deployment of the miner.

In the mass miner deployment, there is no need to think too much about air duct heat dissipation, no need to consider air inlet and outlet, no need to consider fan size power, no need to consider water curtain arrangement, and so on. In unit building area, we only need to consider the area of inlet and outlet pipes. Can greatly improve the unit building area in the machine space. Of course, there is no need to consider noise disturbance and dust deposition corrosion problem, the mining machine keeps low-temperature clean state operation, the reliability is improved, the operation is more stable, efficiency is naturally not a problem. Of course, the cost of the mining machine and the maintenance difficulty of water-cooling mining machine should be taken into account.

3. Finally, summarize the two words of this mining machine: cool and quiet.

Cool: good temperature control through the water cooling system plays a key role in the smooth operation of the mining machine.

Quiet: water cooling system that fan requirements are not high, although the use of six fans, the noise control is very low.

***Friendly reminder, the disassembles of the machine will make the warranty invalidated:

The following conditions will void the warranty:

1. Run the mining machine directly without connecting the water drain assembly;
2. The mining machine itself is dismantled, and the components are changed and replaced.
3. Lightning strikes, voltage surges, damage caused by poor quality power supplies, etc.;
4. Water, circuit boards and components are damaged by moisture and corrosion;
5. The board has burnt marks or the chip is burnt;
6. Overclocking.
4. Water, circuit board and components are dampened and corroded;
5. The circuit board is burned or the chip is burned;
6. Overrun.


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