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Cyber Bitcoin
Recently, MicroBT releases a new DCR miner, Whatsminer D1, which is MicroBT's first DCR miner. Whatsminer has been known for its stable operation and low power consumption. The launch of Whatsminer D1 also makes us full of expectations.

DCR basic information:


Coin name: Decred
Symbol: DCR
Total money: 21 million
Block time: 5 minutes, every 6144 yuan (about 21.33 days) according to the 100 / 101 coefficient of output once;
Issue time: February 2016
Mining method: POW+POS
Core algorithm: Blake256 r14
Difficulty adjustment: 144 blocks (approximately 12 hours)
Number of circulation: about 7900000
Last block end time: 2120


Support exchanges: Binance, Huobi, Okex, Gate, ShapeShift, etc.

Whatsminer D1 official parameters

Hash rate: 48TH/s ±5% @ Blake-256 r14
Chip technology: 16nm FinFET Compact
Number of mining board: 3
Wall power: 2200W
Power efficiency: 46W/TH ±10%
Size: 385mm (L): 155mm (W): 239mm (H)
Net weight: 8.55 kg

I. Unpacking:

The outer packing of D1 is encapsulated by industrial cartons.


The miner is inner packed with a plastic bag and styrofoam. The packing effectively provides protection from moisture and shock.


A power cable (3*1.5mm, 10A) attached to the miner.


The appearance of Whatsminer D1. The size and weight are as same as the previously launched M10 miner.


The Whatsminer D1 is designed as an integrated machine, the power supply, the controller and mining boards integrated into one.


The power supply, model: P10, rated power 2250W, DC output: 12.5V*180A+12V*10A, using 2 12V, 6.4A fans to provide air cooling.


The controller provides LAN socket, status LED, reset button, IP found button, TF card slot, inlet air cooling fan interface.


The internal structure shows, which is composed of 3 mining boards, each distributed with heat sinks on both sides and contains 70 chips codenamed as QA5100, and constitutes a DCR miner with a 48T hash rate.





The following shows the disassembly of the Whatsminer D1 (***user self-disassemble will lead to the failure of quality assurance!!!).




The controller of Whatsminer D1.


II. Installation:

The default setting of the miner is the IP automatically assigned by DHCP protocol. There are many ways to find the IP. After the power is turned on and plug in the LAN cable. You can find the currently assigned IP address through the MAC address of the miner from the control panel of the router.


Input the IP address of the miner and go into the control panel. Then, input the username and password. Both are "admin".


The home page shows the mining status information of the current miner under CGMiner.


1. Input the mining pool address and the worker name. Click on the top menu bar "Configuration\ CGMiner Configuration" on the home page to modify "pool 1" (main mining pool address). In the test, we use F2Pool as the mining pool.

2. Modify "pool 1 worker" (worker name): the F2Pool supports DCR anonymous mining, using the address of DCR wallet as the miner's name, no need to register to mine, when there are more than one mining machine, only need to add "1.2.3." after the wallet address to distinguish between multiple workers. The profits will be sent to the wallet the next morning. The DCR wallet address can be downloaded or generated by an exchange.

3. "Pool 1 password" worker password (arbitrary alphanumeric) is no need to modify.

4. The reserve pool "Pool 2" and "Pool 3" can be modified according to the need.


Modify IP address (suitable for mass mining machine management): click on the menu bar "Configuration/Interfaces" to enter the mining software IP address setting interface, click on "Edit" to set the IP address to fixed IP.


Click on the top menu bar "Status/CGMiner Status" to return to the home page after each item has been modified. Click "Restart CGMiner" to restart the CGMiner program and start mining.


III. Testing:

The fan will run at full speed after the miner is turned on. The power consumption of the standby unit (not in mining) will be displayed at about 28W. The room temperature is about 20 degrees and the noise level is about 77 decibels. The noise when the miner not in mining will mainly come from the power supply. When mining, the cooling fan will speed up and the noise becomes higher.


Plug in the LAN cable. After modifying the mining pool address, the worker name, and restart the CGMiner. The mining is started and the noise level is 79-80 decibels and the power consumption of the whole machine is about 2120W after about 10 minutes of operation, the noise level is in the range of 79-80 decibels.


The temperature of the inlet of the power supply is about 20 degrees, and the temperature of the outlet is about 35 degrees.


The temperature values of the miner are as follows: the inlet side 21.4 degrees; the central part of the mine: 40 degrees; the tail 33 degrees; and the outlet temperature 60 degrees.


The wind speed at the outlet of the miner is 7.4 m/s.


The hash rate shown in F2Pool is stable about 48T in 24 hours.


Whatsminer D1 24 hours income is 1.135DCR by using F2Pool (on November 30, 2018, the income will change with the whole network, revenue data for reference only).

The operating status of CGMiner after 24 hours operation of the miner, the chip temperature is maintained at 70 degrees.


IV. Summary:

1. The integrated design of Whatsminer D1 improves the efficiency, and the power consumption is 45W/T which is higher than that of the official parameters published previously.

2. The average hash rate of Whatsminer D1 is 48T and the power consumption is less than 2200W, and the combined hash rate to power consumption ratio is 45W/T, so it is the DCR miner with the largest hast rate and the best power consumption ratio in the market at present.

3. Whatsminer D1 DCR miner maintains the fine tradition of M10, which is “stable”. The mining machine has been running stable for a long time. The hash rate is stable, the power consumed is stable, the temperature is constant, and there are no faults and problems.

MicroBT official has been adhering to the concept of "extremely ingenious, successful and visible". The official said that in order to better maintain the peaceful development of the DCR ecosystem, Whatsminer D1 will be issued in limited quantities to avoid the occurrence of hash rate surge.


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