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KeepKey is a hardware cold wallet used to encrypt digital currency storage, providing a secure, simple and reliable hardware wallet solution. All users of KeepKey, from novice to expert, can easily send, receive and exchange through KeepKey. KEEPKEY, founded in 2014 in Seattle, Washington. The cold wallet was launched in September 2015, and KeepKey was acquired by the exchange Shapeshift in August 2017. After the acquisition, the KEEPKEY hardware cold wallet is integrated with Shapeshift, which enables seamless exchange without exchange market between more than 50 digital asset trading pairs.

I. Specification:

Shell: anodic alumina shell, polycarbonate front cover
Protocol: USB HID
Interface: Micro-USB
Processor: ARM Cortex-M3
Hardware-based random number generator for chip: TRNG (Hardware-based random number generator)
Display: 3.12-inch OLED (256x 64)
Size: 38mm*93.5mm*12.2mmWeight: 25g

II. Unpacking:

Wallet outer package is heat shrink film sealed and affixed with wallet model and barcode.


The packing box adopts the magnetic suction cover type carton package, the whole is black material, the sealing place has the one-time anti-counterfeiting label.


A link "" is printed on the inside lid of the box, where you can find a simple tutorial.


The inner content of the box is simple. There are two layers. The top layer placed the main body of KeepKey and another layer is stored a warranty card (for one year, the dealer arranges the warranty to the original factory, Repair or replacement), FCC and CE certificate, nylon woven Micro-USB lines, and recoverable word backup cards.


The main body of the wallet is formed by a die casting of the anodic aluminum oxide shell and engraved with the "KeepKey" logo.


The front panel consists of polycarbonate and 3.12-inch OLED (resolution 256x64) display screen.



The wallet is light and compact, with a physical button at the top to confirm the information, and a Micro-USB interface at the bottom for data communication with the computer.



III. Update Firmware:

KEEPKEY is a hardware cold wallet which application executes directly on the hardware. All operations have to be done through App which needed to download native Chrome extension application for the usage. Open the Chrome/ application to search for "KeepKey Client", or link through the KEEPKEY page: ... kgheijapngmlbohdhjg to add the wallet App according to the prompt.



After you have added it, you can see the KEEPKEY Client icon on the Chrome/App page. Click to open the app.


After opening the app, you will be prompted to insert the KEEPKEY wallet. If you have inserted the KEEPKEY wallet but do not display it, you can re-plug or contact the after-sales.


Use USB to connect the KEEPKEY wallet, which displays the "KEEPKEY" on screen.


When the new wallet is first used, App automatically detects version information (V1.0.3) and indicates that "Device update required", disconnect the USB connection, press the wallet button, and then connect to USB." Do not want to update by clicking "Skip" in the lower right corner to skip this step.


After reconnecting, the wallet will display the firmware update mode.


In the following steps, please alert that the bootloader and the firmware needed to be updated independently.

The app prompts for updates, follow the instructions, do not unplug the wallet during the update, click "Update Bootloader" to start the update.


At this point, the wallet and App will indicate if you have made a backup of the restore phrase. Of course, the new machine does not have to back up. Hold the button on the wallet for about 2 seconds until the small arrow icon disappears.


When the update is complete, the App and wallet will indicate that the update has been completed. Please disconnect the device and reconnect the device. The bootloader update to V1.1.0.


Next you need to update the firmware, also press the wallet button to plug the computer into firmware update mode, this time the wallet and App will remind you whether you have done the restore phrase backup and other information, Check "I've done the restore word backup" and click "Update Firmware" to update




Once the firmware update is complete, you need to disconnect the USB again and re-insert it


IV. Create a private key:

After completing the update, reconnect the wallet. The app prompts the wallet to be initialized and starts initialization by clicking "Initialize Keepkey".


Next, put a label on your wallet to make it easier to distinguish it from other wallets. Enter the label and click "Set Label" to continue with the next step.


Set the PIN code (wallet password): here's the interesting part. The App and wallet display a picture of a nine-cell grid at the same time, and the nine cells on the wallet will randomly display nine numbers in the grid, and the App will only show the gray content. When entering the PIN code, you need to use it in combination. The number displayed on the wallet will click on the location of the nine-cell displayed on the corresponding App, and click "Choose PIN" to enter the next link after the setup is completed.




Using an overlapping method to obtain the Digital position of Nine Gongya PIN codes.

Verify the PIN code: enter the PIN code you just set to verify that you remember the PIN code, and complete the verification by clicking on the nine cell corresponding to the wallet and the App. The PIN code will be used in both the boot and confirmation transactions.


Generate recovery phrases: after verification, the wallet generates 12 words randomly. The app prompts you to back up the 12 recovered phrases and put them in a safe place. You can use a randomly attached phrase record card to record them and save them. Confirm the save and hold the wallet button for 2 seconds to complete the wallet setting

V. User interface:

After the KeepKey wallet setup, the hardware wallet as the function of displaying and confirming the transaction information and PIN code confirmation, the other operations are completed on the App, the App homepage page is simple and clear, the currency information is displayed in the middle, the upper left corner is the setting menu, The bottom left corner is the wallet tag, the upper right corner is the refresh sync button, the lower right corner is the currency exchange and add currency, the default main account is BTC


Click on the currency to enter the transaction menu, you can send and receive, view the transaction record, modify the currency name and other operations.


The setting menu can modify wallet label, PIN code, PIN code timeout time, wipe device, get service support and set up login ShapeShift exchange account, easy to realize coin exchange through App.


The API token (wallet identifier) and contact information of the current wallet are displayed under the service support section. Post-sales support is available by submitting the API token through a web page or email.


You can add other new currencies by clicking on "Add Account" in the lower right corner. Clicking on "Bitcoin" will pop up the drop-down menu. You can select BTC, BCH, LTC, DOGE, DASH, ETH and other currencies, select a currency, and fill in a note name in "Account Name". Click "Add Account" below to complete the currency addition.


VI. User experience:

KeepKey receives BTC

Click the main account BTC on the home page to enter the currency information page and select "Receive Bitcoin".


The App and wallet will display both the current BTC's receiving address and the QR code information, or you can click the arrow to replace the new address to check if the displayed address is the same, and then send the address to the other party through the QR code or otherwise. Press and hold down the confirmation button on the wallet to confirm the transaction information, and the system will automatically return to the previous page.


Waiting for some time to confirm the transaction on the network, reflash the App to see the currently received BTC, complete the reception.


KeepKey coin exchange experience

After being acquired by the exchange Shapeshift, KeepKey integrates the coin exchange system and can realize the seamless exchange between more than 50 digital asset trading pairs without the exchange directly within the application. The currency exchange function needs to use the Shapeshift account. So the first need to Shapeshift exchange registration account can be through the App settings page to enter the exchange or directly open the to the homepage registration.


Register Shapeshift account

First 10000 user register Shapeshift will offer platform coin "FOX" 100 tokens. The password needs to contain large and lowercase letters + numbers + symbols and is more than 12 bits. The registration process is slightly different from the common exchange. Enter the mailbox and password before the display of man-machine authentication, otherwise, the man-machine authentication cannot be displayed and the next action cannot be taken.


The next page generates 6 digits * 10 digital account recovery codes which are as important as wallet PIN codes in case the account cannot be accessed because of lost authentication devices. Copy or print to save to a safe place, then confirm the page prompt and select "Done" for the next setup.


Then enable Google secondary validation, using Google secondary validation App to scan or add authentication information for the current account.


Complete mailbox validation and the site will automatically send mail to your registered mailbox.


Go into the mailbox and click the "Verify My Email" link.


After the mailbox authentication, the registration is completed. You can log into the site, the current display of the platform token FOX is 0, to obtain 100 FOX need to complete authentication, can click on the personal page "Verify ID" to complete the authentication, here no longer repeat.



KeepKey wallet bound to Shapeshift account

On the App page, go to the settings menu and select "Log in to Shapeshift".


Enter the registered email address and password, and perform Google secondary verification to complete the App account login. The success will display “Log out from Shapeshift”. Click again to log out.


BTC Exchange BCH experience in KeepKey Wallet

App Home Click BTC to enter currency information, select "Send/Trade Bitcoin".


In the address bar, click the drop-down menu and select "BitcoinCash (BCH)"


The current convertible exchange rate information is displayed on the exchange page. Click on the small arrow in the box to select the total amount of convertibility in the current wallet. The system will automatically generate the miner's fee and the total amount after the exchange. Click "Start Trade" after confirmation (start trading).


The app prompts you to confirm the transaction and needs to confirm the transaction through the wallet confirmation button.



After confirmation of the wallet, if the transaction amount exceeds the balance of the wallet or the miner's fee is too low, the wrong message will appear, and the transaction will need to be redone.


Modify the miner's fee to continue the above operation and wait for a moment to complete the exchange.


Exchange information can be viewed through transaction records.


KeepKey Wallet BTC send experience

Sending and trading bitcoin works the same way, just paste the receipt address directly instead of choosing the currency in the address bar of the page.

At App Home Click BTC to enter currency information, select "Send/Trade Bitcoin".


Enter the wallet address in the "Send Bitcoin to" address bar, enter the sending quantity in the "Amount" column, select the miner fee standard in "Miner fee", the system automatically generates the miner rate, click "Send" to send.


Enter the PIN code according to the number shown on the wallet.


Manually confirm transaction information on the wallet, complete BTC send.



V. Summary:

Through the use of KeepKey wallets, we have experienced a variety of settings, installation, receiving and sending operations. The advantages and disadvantages of this hardware wallet are summarized as follows. The two biggest highlights are the PIN code verification design and the integrated coin exchange function:

KeepKey is utility oriented, workmanship meets wallet requirements, but provides bank-level security in security. Because KeepKey does not have an operating system, the device will not be infected by viruses and malware. Prevents hackers from accessing the key recorder.

The KeepKey display clearly displays transaction information and must manually confirm each transaction using the KeepKey confirmation button.

If the KeepKey is lost or stolen, you can restore the information by restoring the phrase without compromising its private key.

KeepKey is sent, received, and stored through native Chrome applications. It is easier for PC, Mac, and Linux than for installing software. For the Android user, download "MyCelium" from Play Store.


Multi-currency support, supporting up to 54 digital currencies and tokens.

Jinghong's PIN code verification design makes it impossible for App to obtain the true password of the KeepKey wallet while operating on the device, but the disadvantage is that it needs to be adapted to use.

You can exchange coins directly through the built-in ShapeShift integration exchange.

Hardware wallet uses safety rule: equipment should be purchased from the manufacturer or designated dealer; safe preservation of the recovery phase.

***Thanks to KeepKey officially Chinese distributor, Shenzhen Chuangyi Electronics Co., Ltd.,, to provide wallet for testing.

***KeepKey official dealer inquiry website:


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