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Cyber Bitcoin
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In August 2017, Cybtc released a "8 card Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU miner" review, the miner good craftmanship and software optimization left a deep impression on everyone! One year later, this mysterious company with excellent technology has sold tens of thousands of GPU mining machines. Since 2016, the company has designed and developed a number of GPU mining machines. It can be said that the company is a veteran of the mining industry. Only has not appeared directly in the public front, this company is "SUPER MOBILE".

The company has two new models coming on the market recently, TODDMINER M1 (8 GPUs miner) and TODDMINER X5 (Quite 4 GPUs, yes! Quiet miner! ). The company is about to launch the industry's first home quiet GPU miner. The review of TODDMINER X5 will come later. Lets we go into the review of TODDMINER M1 first.

I. The Company:


The company's office building, it is included of offices, workshops, warehouses, etc. The Cybtc Review team was fortunate to come to the headquarters of the company in Xiamen. We have not only a better understanding of the mining machine R&D, and production links, but also a opportunity to investigate the company's history and team members deeply. Both sides have carried on the deep and happy experience, let us more truly understand the simple and tenacious enterprising spirit of such a technology-driven company with more than 10 years of IT manufacturing heritage!


SUPER MOBILE is a technology company specializing in the development and manufacture of multi-algorithm systems, located in the free trade area of Haicang District, Xiamen City. Since its establishment in 2008, the company has been growing. The existing staff of more than 400 people, including technical personnel and management of more than 100 people, with deep experience in IT product supply chain.


In addition, the company has two large hosting centers in China which can provide low-cost, continuous and stable hosting services for more than 250000 devices running at the same time, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises and individual users around the world. Sales network covers dozens of countries and regions in the world, in Beijing, Xiamen, Shenzhen, the United States and other places have established research and development and service centers to provide customers with timely pre-sale and after-sales protection.

So let's go to the details of the review.

II. Unpacking:

Specification of SMobile TODDMINER M1 Miner:

Model: AMD RX570 MINER M1-8P570
Power supply: 1800W, 9XPCIe 6-pin, 12VOut
Slot of GPU: 8XPCIe Slot-164Pin
CPU: Intel®Kabylate-U Processor 3865U/4415U, Intel® Apollo N3350
Memory: 4G DDR3L
Hard disk: 1X64G mSATA SSD
Network card: 1X RTL8153B 10M/100M/1000M
USB interface: 2X USB2.0 / 1X USB3.0
GPU output interface: 1X HDMI 2.0 Port
Cooling fan: 8x92mm (d), 4 int,4 out
Dimension: 451.4mm × 383mm × 180mm
Weight: 12kg
Hash rate: RX570 X 8 ETH 260 Mh/S ±5%
Wall power: 1250W


The miner is packed with five layers of cartons.


The miner is packed with a plastic bag, styrofoam, and five layers cartons box. The packing effectively provides protection from moisture and shock.


The appearance of the miner is like a desktop PC with a metal frame in black color.


The interface is the same as the previous mentioned prototype. The difference is that the motherboard has been set to power on, and the miner will automatically run when the power switch is turned on.


The air duct is designed in the traditional mode, one side is the air inlet and another side is air outlet.


Cooling fans are SUPERRED 9212 model, 12V, 1.3A, provided temperature sensing and speed control.  


One more power PCIe power input than the prototype, total 9 PCIe power input.

III. Installation:


In the review, we use a miner specified power supply with 10 PCIe 6-pin plug.

Rated input power: 12V 150A 1800W


Power connecting diagram.


Plug the LAN cable. To configure the miner, display, keyboard and mouse cable needed to connect. Then power on the miner.


Once the miner is power on, the miner software is run automatically. The system desktop has two folders: SMobile (miner software and configuration table); autostart (system automatically run script).


Miner software configuration modification method I: double-click open SMobile/start.bash


Miner software configuration modification method 2: using the vi command in the terminal to open editing


Modify the Ethereum wallet address in the configuration document: worker name, and mining pool address and port.


After input the modification, press: Ctrl+Alt+t to open the command-line window and enter "eth'" to run the miner software.

IV. Testing:

Due to the "warm" climate conditions in the testing envirmoment (the outdoor temperature is 36 degrees), we perform the test in the air conditioning room (25 degrees) of room of the company headquater.


In the normal operation, the parameters show that: the miner hash rate, each GPU hash rate, temp., cooling fan speed, status of mining and power consumed are showed on display.

The total hash rate of miner is 260M.


In the test, we use F2Pool as a mining pool. The ETH hash rate showed the curve of hash rate is stable in 24 hours.

The 24 hour average hash rate is 240M and average rejected rate is 0.6% (the mine pool display speed is calculated according to the shares submitted by the user, it is normal that there is a certain difference between the user's local hash rate and the pool hash rate of user).


Standby power consumed at 190W when not digging after booting.

The power consumption is 1231W which is slightly lower than the official parameter 1250W.


The noise is about 86 decibels. As you can see from the diagram, the noise from the power supply is higher.


The wind speed of cooling fan at the outlet reaches 10m/s (because of the difference in the measuring instrument, the temperature display is different from the hand-held thermometer. In the test, the result based on the temperature of the handheld thermometer).


The outlet temperature is about 32 degrees.

V. TODDMINER M1 features:

Miner has good craftmanship.


Control board using PCIe slot to install.


The following shows the there are DVI interface of GPU cards.


The GPU cards are fixed by two screws respectively and it makes the maintenance and replacement operation to be simple.

The miner control board using Intel Celeron 3865U embedded motherboard, with 4G DDR3 memory, 64G SSD.

Using MSI Radeon RX570 MINER 8G GPU card.

Special Optimization of linux operating system to realize the increase of hash rate.


The operating system of the miner using Ubuntu and the the linux working environment can make the miner runs more stably, reduce the system load, and keep the efficiency of the mining software running while further reducing the unnecessary power consumption.

The mining software is developed by the R&D team of the SUPER MOBILE company, codenamed "SMobile", the hash rate is greatly improved compared with the similar products.

Note: The miner using in the test is a engineering prototype. Software configuration may be modified in mass production.

VI. Summary:

1. SMobile TODDMINER M1 Miner adopts mainstream AMD R570 chip, moreover its software and hardware are optimized completely. The hash rate of mining ETH is up to 260M and the power consumpted is 1250W. It is one of the most efficient mining machines for GPU mining. It supports ETH series currency, such as ZEC, RVN, XDAG and so on.

2. It has a compact design with about 86 decibels of noise when running at full speed.

3. Software optimization gives stable operation and no software failure during the test.


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