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Cyber Bitcoin
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Innosilicon is a professional ASIC R&D manufacturer with products covering multiple fields. Innosilicon's miners with 28-nanometer Bitcoin chip and Litecoin chip were the first to circulate in China and dominate the domestic mainstream market.

Innosilicon's latest generation of A6 LTCMaster was released in early January 2018. The A6 LTCMaster is suitable for all digital currency mining based on Litecoin algorithm (Scrypt encryption algorithm). The official parameters are: 1.23Gh/s (+/- 8%), power consumption 1500W (+/- 8% @ 25°C)

Following comes the newest evaluation from Cybtc.

1. Exposure inside of the box

Innosilicon A6 miner adopts five layers of industrial carton package,on which there are completed logistics warehousing graphics logo, product bar code and brand logo. Miner encapsulated with Expanded Polyethylene Foam and moisture barrier bag, which guarantee transport safety effectively.



A6 miner adopt double tube design with front/back double cooling fan, alloy shell, which make it compact and solid.


Every tube of the miner consists of four hashrate plates. Both tubes share a controller, which you can see at the top of the miner. Each hashrate plates has two PCI-E 6 pin interfaces and data wires connected from the controller.





The side view of the miner.


In front of the miner, you can see that on the top is the controller, and in the middle of the controller is the cable interface. There are two front cooling fans (where wind goes through in).



There is a warning label on the other side of the miner. The content includes the basic parameters and warning signs of the miner.



On the controller, which is on the top of the miner, there are data cables, 4pin fan power cables, and the controller power interface from left to right.


On the back of miner, the hashrate plate power interface is on the top. And below the interface there are two cooling fans, where wind goes through in.


Cooling fan specifications are as below. And the diameter is 12CM12V3.4A.


Data wire interfaces adopt buckle design and solid contact is conducive to the stability of data transmission.


Here provide the physical parameters of the miner.


2. Assemble

The power supply used for this test was a 1800W dedicated miner power supply with 18 PCI-E 6-pin power cables.

Innosilicon A6 is very simple to install. Plug power cord to hashrate plate.



Contact the controller to the power supply.

Then plug network wire.


This is the final wiring diagram of the miner.


After the power supply is turned on, the default IP address of the miner is, and the network segment is 192.168.1.*. If the route is not the 1 network segment, it must first be changed to the 1 network segment. And then turn on the miner.
(The information about the miner IP address can refer to this post

After booting, browser will open miner IP to get in, and then get into miner’s backstage. The background is the English interface. The following is a brief translation.


Then set up the miner pool. Click Config in the lower right corner of the miner general configuration page. Note that this process takes several tens of seconds.


Enter password to login. Both acquiescent user name and password are: 12345678.


Set up the miner pool and click to save it.


The following is the picture of the miner general configurations. Below the pool settings are the frequency settings. Normally you do not need to change the default settings.


Network Settings of the miner.


The status lamp of the normal operation miner.




Room noise of this test is about 40dBa. Indoor temperature is about 15 degrees on daylight, and about 8 degrees at night.

The average hashrate is between 1.2G-1.25G during the long time running. Hashrate curve is stable without large fluctuations.



Measured power consumption is around 1535w.


As for overclocking test, like modifying the pool settings, firstly you need to login in.

Then choose the overclock.


The average hashrate is about 1.29G.


Power efficiency is about 1738w.


Operation on overclocking miner: the frequency is currently only two built-in types, which are the default and overclock. Because the voltage depends on the power and the miner features, you need to adjust it until the operation is getting stable.

You can also set automatic adjustment.


For noise part, when the speed of miner background fan is about 70% at daylight under the normal operation, noise is about 84.7dBa with spacing 20cm from the miner.


Noise is about 75.5dBa with spacing 1m from the miner.


For temperature, the temperature of miner hashrate plate is about 39 degrees and temperature of air inlet is 19.9 degrees.  


Temperature of air outlet is 23 degrees.



1) Innosilicon A6 LTCMaster operation is stable, and the measured average hashrate is between 1.2-1.25G. The power is about 1535W, roughly the same as the official nominal.

2) Innosilicon A6 LTCMaster is applicable to all kinds of encryptcurrency using Scrypt algorithm.

3) The noise performance is slightly higher. This is also a common phenomenon in the current miner with high hashrate.

4) With double fan cooling, A6 LTCMaster has a good heat dissipation. There is little temperature difference in front and in back of the miner.

5) There is a certain overclocking space.

6) The operation is simple and quick. Running stability, compact structure are suitable for many mining scenarios.


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