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Cyber Bitcoin

(Source: Poolin)

At today's 2019 “Poolin” New Era Mining Summit, former Canaan Development Engineer and CGMiner Open Source Project Contributor Qin Fengling introduced a new 100% open source mining project EHash, which will focus on promoting cryptocurrency. The development of clustering deployment technology for mining equipment hopes that the industry will develop together and establish new industry standards.


(Source: Coin: Qin Fengling)

The EHash team is led by Canaan founder, Liu Xiangfu, who has been an active supporter and contributor to the open source community. Years ago, the open source of Avalon mining machine related projects made an important contribution to China's Bitcoin mining.

In a media interview, Liu Xiangfu said:

"When I was in college, Linux was not so popular, but I started to use Linux more and more. Starting in 2008, I began to contribute more code to the open source community. Primarily the operating system boot code, and then began to become more interested in the collection of hardware and software. "

In 2012, Liu Xiangfu completed the first open source FPGA bitcoin mining machine driver: "At the time, CGMiner was the number one bitcoin open source mining program. I decided to port the FPGA driver to the CGMiner project. My first batch The Bitcoin FPGA mining machine was installed in the trunk. Later, the mining machine was getting bigger and bigger, and the mining machines were all running in one room. At the time of the cold Beijing winter, the walls of the whole room were warm.


On January 19, 2013, the first batch of 300 Avalon bitcoin mining machines were sent from China to the world.

EHash project introduction

On the project, interviewed Qin Fengling, co-founder of EHash project.


Qin Fengling - worked for Canaan, a software development engineer and software manager, open source software and hardware enthusiasts OpenWrt, CGMiner and Canaan and other open source project contributors, starting from the three generations of Avalon, participated in the software The architecture and code writing are currently active in Proofofexistence, Qi hardware, and EHash, wallets, and full-node projects.

Qin Fengling mentioned:

"EHash will be committed to promoting open source solutions for mining machines and mines (software, hardware, structure), and will work with industry colleagues to establish industry standards and accelerate industry development.

The standardization of the mining machine can realize the calculation of the power board, or the control board, controller, and casing. Similar to computers, memory and hard drives can be bought by any manufacturer, as long as the model supports.

The standardization of the mine can facilitate the deployment and transportation of the cluster. The modular design, such as: Moose is a group of 12 machines, the user only needs one power supply and one network cable."


The general standard for the cluster deployment of cryptocurrency mining equipment is still in the industry. The EHash team is an old-fashioned mining machine R&D team with rich experience in cryptocurrency mining equipment. The launch of EHash will once again lead the development of cryptocurrency mining in the block. I look forward to the EHash team contributing more power to the open source community. For more product details, stay tuned to

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