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On January 15th, BEPAL released a new smart card wallet product, BEPAL Touch. BEPAL Touch is a new generation of intelligent digital asset cold storage device specially designed for beginners. This device will provide users with novel and friendly. Asset management experience. A few days ago, Caiyunbit received the BEPAL Touch, let us take you to understand the unique charm of this digital asset card wallet for positioning users.


The BEPAL Touch smart card wallet used in this experience is a standard version, and the outer packaging is designed with a wallet-like design. The color tone is the black color that BEPAL has always adopted. ⇓



The opening method of the package adopts an innovative three-dimensional design. After opening, BEPAL Touch will be displayed upright for easy access. The inside is printed with three steps to guide the user to use the BEPAL Touch:

        "1. Scan the code to install the BEPAL App;"
        "2. The mobile phone uses the BEPAL App to communicate with the BEPAL Touch;"
        "3. Instantly manage digital assets with wallets” ⇓


After removing the BEPAL Touch from the package, we found it divided into two parts, the card and the card holder. The complete content is as follows ⇓


Don't underestimate the BEPAL Touch card holder. We found a small line on the back of the card holder.


“The protective cover is electromagnetically protected. It must be removed from the ferrule before using the card.”


By carefully observing the inside of the BEPAL Touch ferrule, we discovered a layer of coating similar to tin foil. This should be the "black technology" mentioned above. We deliberately took a series of small BEPAL Touch and ferrules. Test, the result proves: BEPAL Touch placed in the ferrule is unable to communicate with the mobile phone NFC, and we all know that NFC is a wireless communication method, the farthest communication distance is up to 10 cm, and the BEPAL team is safe. The considerations are still very comprehensive. With this simple protective device, the life of the BEPAL Touch can be extended and the safety of carrying it can be improved.


It is reported that BEPAL Touch can be customized according to the customer's needs. The width of the card is the same as that of the credit card, but it is narrower. The weight is about 4g, the thickness can be neglected. According to the parameters of the official website, the area is smaller than the ordinary credit card. Small 17% ⇓




The back of the card is printed with the QR code of the BEPAL App download link, security tips and product serial number, identify the Touch and activate the verifiable product to be genuine. ⇓


The form of the check is to check whether the code in the page after the activation of the BEPAL App is the same as the code on the back of the card, and the official page can also check whether it is genuine.




The BEPAL App supports the iOS/Android system with NFC function. Before using it, please confirm whether the NFC function of the mobile phone is turned on.

First, download and install BEPAL Wallet APP

1. Scan the QR code on the card holder or wallet, enter the download page, click to download and install the BEPAL Wallet App ⇓


The iOS client is issued with a corporate certificate, and the enterprise certificate trust authority needs to be set during installation. The team gives a detailed guide to the entire operation steps on the download page.


2. Open the BEPAL Wallet App and welcome the consistent welcome page.


3. Before starting to use, the software prompts to create a gesture password first. If the phone supports fingerprint recognition, it will also prompt whether to add fingerprint to unlock (the IOS system can also add FACE ID verification), the user can set it as needed, after the password is created, Display operating instructions to help users quickly get started with the features of the BEPAL Wallet App, such as the ability to import EOS private keys and use BEPAL Wallet as a hot wallet.


4. Click the “BEPAL Touch” icon at the bottom of the homepage and bring the wallet closer to the back of the phone. The phone will automatically recognize the device and enter the process of binding BEPAL Touch. In this step, the user needs to set a 6-digit security code. Touch the card communication once again to complete the activation of BEPAL Touch⇓


However, we are very confused when he goes to this step. After the card wallet is activated and set a password on my mobile phone, can it be used on other mobile phones? Where is the password stored? I went to another iPhone to test it. I found that after I recognized the card on the new phone, I didn't ask for the card to be activated again. Instead, I prompted to enter the security password. Only after entering the correct password can I successfully open the card wallet page. And the password is not saved on the mobile phone, the activated card can be recognized and used on other mobile phones. But we should remind everyone to pay attention to save their own security code. In order to avoid accidents that cannot operate the card.

Second, use the card wallet to deposit coins

BEPAL Touch card wallet can only store one type of digital currency. Before depositing, you need to carefully check the currency type printed on the front of the card. For example, BTC's Touch card can only store BTC. If ETH is stored, it will result in asset loss. It is a pity that such a convenient wallet can only store one currency. For this reason, the BEPAL technical team replied that the support of a currency is to simplify the operation interface of the wallet as much as possible, and to clear the user who is in contact with the digital currency for the first time. Obstacles. And promise to open support for multi-chain and multi-currency in later versions of the iteration. So how much can the card deposit operation be simplified? Let us try it under actual operation.

1. Open the BEPAL Wallet App, enter the gesture password to enter, click the Touch icon and identify the card to enter the card home page
2. Click the “Save” button in the lower left corner of the page, and the deposit address of BTC will be displayed.

The entire operation took less than 10 seconds. It seems to be consistent with the official website's promotional text. It is very convenient and fast.


Then let's take a look at the steps that are taken out.

1. Open the BEPAL Wallet App, identify the card and go to the card homepage
2. Click the "Export" button in the lower right corner of the page.
3. After filling in the receiving address and the transfer amount in the form, click "Next" and ask to confirm that the information is correct.
4. Enter the security code and identify the BEPAL Touch to the back of the phone again.
5. After the BEPAL Touch communication is over, the transaction is successful.

The complete operation process video is as follows:

Transfer digital asset operation video demonstration


The traditional blockchain hardware wallet device has a long learning curve, is unfriendly to the entry user, the price is too expensive, and the cost of trial and error is too high. In a certain sense, the hardware wallet is difficult to popularize, and the BEPAL Touch is accurate and focused on mobile. Scenes and getting started users.

No mnemonic, compatible with Android and iOS systems, no barriers to operation can help blockchain newcomers to quickly get started with digital assets in 10 seconds.

BEPAL Touch is slim, portable and practical. It can be easily placed in wallets, ticket holders and other portable objects. It can be used with mobile phone NFC flash, and it can be used as a “flower”. Get a convenient swipe-style trading experience.

BEPAL Touch adopts a decentralized storage method, which performs real-time chain broadcasting during transactions, without transaction review, and perfectly combines both convenience and security.

BEPAL Touch uses PIN code protection and built-in EAL5+ financial-grade security chip, supports cross-chain multi-currency (currently includes BTC, ETH and ERC20 tokens), supports digital currency transfer, built-in OTC, quantization, exchange, payment function . The Touch Card currency will soon be supported to freely choose and open the French currency purchase channel. There are currently BTC, ETH, and GXC cards available for sale. Unfortunately, a card wallet currently supports only one currency, which results in the need to purchase multiple cards separately when the user has other currencies.


BEPAL Touch has a wide range of application scenarios, which can be used as an offline meeting gift, a community member's identity mark, or as a corporate internal welfare or corporate brand image business card to employees and customers, from online extension to offline, easy to access Incremental market users.


BEPAL Touch can also be widely used for gifts and gifts between friends and relatives, holiday gifts or corporate promotion. The BEPAL team has even prepared customized card design services for blockchain companies to help companies improve the ecosystem of blockchain products and enhance their brand image.

The current design of BEPAL Touch is that the entry user does not need a help word, but what if I want to export a key or mnemonic? Officials say that later versions will open support keys or mnemonics for import and export.

Company Profile

BEPAL is a technology-driven blockchain company with a blockchain private key security management technology at its core. It has industry-leading chip-level security hardware R&D production capacity and blockchain asset security management technology, providing full-site blockchain asset management products, asset management service platforms and industry application solutions. For various digital asset management scenarios, BEPAL has developed a variety of security hardware wallets such as BEPAL Pro and BEPAL Q.

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