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Cyber Bitcoin
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BD Mining (BDM) is the first strategic competitive game to simulate real crypto mining. It is also the first blockchain game community to foster portal users. The original intention of the crypto industry is to create a game platform for fans who are initially entering the blockchain, which is a game and a community.

Download BD Mining please click: Here.


As a participant of the mining circle, experienced this blockchain game crypto mining. The following is an experience sharing of the game as a normal player.

First, download the App registration game account


The BD Mining is a mobile game. You need to open the mobile browser to enter the official website of the BD Mining, or scan the QR code to open the webpage. The game supports IOS and Android mobile phones. Click on the mobile phone OS to download the corresponding app on the official website.


After the download and install, run the app and the game will display a brief introduction and enter the registration page.


Now download the app and register as a member of the crypto mining industry. Players can register directly with the mobile phone verification code. Fill in the invitation code shared by the other player and get additional power bonus and one redemption opportunity. Of course, in order to prevent malicious players from using robot registration to affect game fairness, the invitation code will be updated every 10 times.

After the new player has successfully registered, they will get their own invitation code. The more partners you invite, the greater the rewards and redemption opportunities.


Congratulations on becoming a participant of the mining circle in the BD Mining and starting your mining career!

Second, the interface menu introduction


After the registration is completed, the game will automatically starts. First, a brief interface introduction will appear, and the main page will be entered in two steps.


A prompt will appear on the start page to allow the player to enter the character as soon as possible.

Initially, you will get 20 BDMs from the system, but the system will use 2 BDM to unlock the machine room by default and buy a CB-X7 miner with 8 BDM. You will have 50T hash power when you enter the market. In reality, the hash power of 100T, that is a lot of money piled up. After clicking on the center of the equipment room, the system will display a help prompt and put the mining machine on the shelves. After the mining machine is put on the shelves, it will get 50T computing power.


The top shows the personal information area. Click on the left picture head to enter the personal information page, which can modify the personal information and avatar. Click on the user's avatar to display BDM revenue and current mining power.

There is a QR code scanning application behind the personal information area, which can be added to the team by scanning code. Down is the power-up area, players can increase the mining power by participating in tasks and playing slot machines. The numbers shown in the middle show the total power of the entire network in the current game. The central area of ​​the machine room is the main operation area of ​​the mining game. Players can buy and sell mining machines, put the mining machine on the shelves, rent the machine room, pay the electricity fee and receive income and other related operations. At the bottom, you can participate in the Q&A and view the leaderboard, and the middle icon is used to return to the main interface.

Third, learn the tips of strategy to win the grand prize

As a new player, of course, don't miss the tips of strategy, click on the top left corner to enter the account center, click on "tips of strategy" to start mining trips


In the "tips of strategy" section, you will get the gameplay and the knowledge in the mining circle in detail. Here we will give some key points of this crypto mining game.

What is BDM? "BDM" is the platform coin. The TOKEN rewards obtained by the players in the platform activities can be used for circulation and exchange. The total output is fixed at a total of 36.5 million.


Players can see the BDM balance in the current account at the top of the homepage.


You can see the income in the center of the mining room, the income can be seen. In the first year of BDM, 50,000 are allocated every day. According to the weight of each mining participant, the weight of the entire network is distributed. Each time, the incentive allocation calculation is performed every time. The annual output is halved.


The “Coin Wallet” in the Account Center also provides detailed income and expenditure records. Mining will become more and more difficult over time, so the sooner the player joins the higher the income.

The wallet also has a built-in transfer and redemption function. The transfer support transfers BDM to other players in the game. The redemption feature currently supports commemorative merchandise and season mining machines.

The BDM allocation consists of three parts: 70% for motivating players (game mining); 20% for marketing; 10% for start-up teams. Among the 20.44 million BDM TOKENs used to motivate players, they are acquired through mining games, and another 5.11 million will be distributed through slot machines/red packets pools or other channels.

What is BDMs?
"BDMs" are season coins that can only be used for games and support circulation. For example, the TOKEN rewards obtained in the first season are called BDM s1. Players can convert BDMs into BDM or automatically convert after the end of the season, BDMs and BDM. Redemption can be done at 1:1, but the process of BDMs to BDM is irreversible.


Players can click on the trophy icon in the lower right corner to view the current season's rankings, the list will be updated every day, ranking the power calculation list, the currency list, the list, and the answer list.

What are the season and the season rewards?

In order to prevent the former players from destroying the fairness of the game, the game mode of the crypto mining industry will adopt the season system. One month is a season. After the end of one month, the player's computing power will be cleared but the income BDMs can be exchanged into BDM for permanent retention. Support circulation. In the leaderboard you can see that the current S1 season has begun.


The S1 season ends from January 26th to February 26th. For one month, after the end of each season, the coins will provide the season prizes to the players on the power chart. After the season, the players who meet the conditions can consume BDM. Redemption of prizes, through the list published on the official website, the S1 season's prizes are very attractive, the value of the first prize in the power list has reached 300,000 Chinese yuan, if the game players in the season more than 300,000 prizes are still doubled, this The reward is really great!


The leaderboard will be updated at 0:00 every day. Players who rank first in the top four categories will receive 1000 power awards. The top 21 players in the ranking will be rewarded after the end of the season. , play hard will win!

Fourth, into the door of miners

After understanding the four important knowledge points in the game: BDM, BDMs, season, leaderboard, players can start the mining journey, as a qualified mining worker, first of all, there must be a mining machine, the mining machine is used to dig Take the TOKEN reward machine.

Click on the homepage "Mall" to enter the mining machine trading interface. In the game, there are 4 mining machines in cooperation with the mining machine in the S1 season. Each mining machine has the power, power consumption, price, recycling price, and supply. The way is different.


The higher the calculation power of the mining machine, the more expensive the price is. Of course, the higher the revenue is, the other three mining machines are regularly quantitative sales, and the players need to go to the mall to buy. The supply method of each mining machine is different, and the supply method will be adjusted according to the game situation. The initial game player will get 20 BDMs from the system. The system will use 2 BDM to unlock the machine room by default and buy a CB-X7 mining machine with 8 BDM.


In addition to the current four mining machines in the mall, there will be two new mining machines, the Mavericks N1, and Panda B3 on the market. The supply method has not been disclosed yet, and the mining machine war of the mining industry will also start.

After you have the mining machine, you have to have the organic room to mine. The machine room is used to place the mining machine. The default player has unlocked a machine room with 5 seats. After clicking the machine room center, the system will show help tips and the mining machine. On the shelves, the mining machine will get 50T computing power after the shelves, so the player has a computing power of 100T.


In the center of the machine room, players can see the mining machine, revenue, and other information in the current computer room. They can put the mining machine on the shelf, pay the electricity fee, collect the income, etc., or choose to unlock or rent the machine room.

Fifth, open the road to a mining

After learning the basic mining, I will learn to play the currency mining industry. How to play it is to constantly improve my calculation power, and strive to make the calculation power every day within the top 3 of the ranking, how to do it, the currency Yan Mining has provided a lot of gameplay for the calculation of the power.

Players can increase their computing power by participating in the following links, and the rich gameplay also improves the playability of the game.
1. Play slot machines
2, play the red envelope pool
3. Complete daily tasks
4. Hiring employees
5, participate in the question and answer
6, rental machine room
7, participate in the mining pool competition
8, unlock achievements

In the game, you can set up a small game of slot machines and red pockets and light gambling. Whether you are a lucky one who is eager for Xiaobo, or a career eager to get rich overnight, you can participate in one of them.

In the slot machine game, players can use BDM to the slot machine to bet every time, get the BDM, computing power, mining machine or physical strength by lottery. Of course, besides betting BDM, you need physical strength to participate in the lottery. To provide players with 20 points of physical strength, you need to use physical strength in the game to play slot machine and Q&A.


In the red envelope pool players can choose to bet 5BDM, 10BDM or 狠 点 50BDM and then enter the game, the game will automatically match the player into the game, after five people, the red envelope pool will automatically draw the prize, then you will see your luck, as long as the wallet There is BDM inside, you can keep playing, it is very addictive!


Every day, the mining workers go to the engine room to check the operation of the mining machine, pay the electricity bill for the day and receive the BDM that has been dug into the wallet, play the slot machine in the game, play the red bag, and then participate in the question and answer study. The knowledge of the lower blockchain or the question related to the blockchain basically completes the daily task of the game, and can receive the daily computing power bonus in the daily taskbar under the promotion of computing power.


The game adds a feature-based gameplay that hires employees, and players can use the redemption opportunity to hire employees with a halo attributes to gain the benefits of reduced power consumption, reduced the risk of theft, and more.

Players can hire hackers to steal the proceeds of their opponents. They can hire professional electricians to reduce electricity bills, hire mine bodyguards to prevent stealing incidents, recognize mining big coffee to get special mining bonuses, and recruit foremen. Accelerating the construction period of the mine, etc., the hiring of employees to add such a special gameplay greatly increases the fun of the game.


Of course, there are also thresholds for recruiting employees. You only need to invite new players to enter the game through the invitation code, and you will get a chance to recruit. The sooner you invite the proceeds, the higher the reward!

If you feel that your blockchain knowledge is not enough, you can enter the fun question and answer module. The game provides a rich and high-quality test bank. Through a simple question and answer, you will not only gain a long experience, but also gain a computing power bonus. The main thing is that the player can also continuously add content to the question bank. The review will also receive the power award, and this question will be praised and gain additional power bonus, which will stimulate the interest of learning interactive learning among players. Players can check whether the currently submitted question has passed the review under [Personal Center\My Question], which is a bit interesting.


Of course, the question and answer module accepts the force limit. If the physical strength is 0, there is no power bonus, but you can also answer the question. If you can get the first place in the answer list every day, you can also get the reward of 1000 power.

However, there is a problem that you can't always praise the question, otherwise the system will think that you are a robot and prevent you from continuing to answer the question. Of course, this is also a good solution. The solution will be solved after the spit, but the system will deduct 0.1BDM after the spit. Too much to spit, a few BDM will be gone, this is a bit helpless ~.

If the player unlocks a lot of computer rooms and vacates a lot of seats, it can't be wasted. Putting it into the rental market is also a source of income. If you rent, you are free. The default is 8% of the income. It is enough. Anyway, it is idle. Idle. Of course, if your mining machine is not enough, you can also rent a rental space in the market.


Introducing the concept of a real mining pool in BDM, players can call 4 friends to participate in the game, and 5 teammates form a computing pool and opponents to play 5K5 team PK.


Each game is 6 hours, and the team with the most increase in computing power wins during the competition period. At the same time, as a reward, you will receive a limited time limit and an invaluable competitive position to dig out the extra digital benefits that everyone envied. Of course, a person can also start, the game will randomly match 4 teammates with similar powers, but the waiting time will be a little longer.

The strategy of the competition is to start the team on the same day. After the war, it will start to brush all kinds of daily tasks. Of course, if you are lucky, you should play the slot machine first, and then you will be able to answer the questions. Quite a lot!


After the end of the competition, each player will receive a reward for the competitive position. The advantage of the competitive position is that the awardable power consumption is reduced by 50% and the computing power is increased by 500%, which is equivalent to a full filling of the mining machine. engine room.

In the game to complete a specific link to unlock achievements to gain power, the unlocked achievements are positive and negative achievements, positive achievements have arithmetic rewards, negative achievements are also, mainly to evoke players, so that players who have not been online for a long time also have a chance The list is reflected in the principle of fair and open games.


Sixth. Summary

Through the above various gameplays, it is known that the important parameter settings in the game are divided into three types: BDM, computing power, and physical strength. The gameplay for obtaining these three parameter rewards is summarized as follows:

Put together is a sentence: the player should continue to gain more computing power when the physical strength allows, and then use to dig more BDM.
Let's talk about the innovation of the game:

● The game innovatively integrates real mining into the virtual environment. The player experiences the virtual currency circle as a miner. By highly restoring the real mining, the player needs to unlock the machine room, buy and sell the mining machine, pay the electricity bill, and have fun questions and answers. Various gameplay to dig for TOKEN rewards
● The game and Q&A sections can be created by the players themselves, highlighting the interaction between the game and the player, enhancing the player's dominant position in the game, and allowing the player to experience the hardships of the “miners”.
● The addition of [employed employees] links greatly increases the fun of the game.
● The introduction of the mining pool and the concept of competition enhances the entertainment of the game. Players can invite three or five friends to join the competition, and increase the computing power through various game methods to win the victory.
● Light gaming games slot machines and red envelope pools allow players to relax and play during the game.
● In the game, you are not alone in the battle. Players can add coins and small assistants to the group. In the group, they can communicate with the players. They can know the players who share the same interests. You can recruit teammates to join the competition and enter the red envelope in the group. Pool fights and the group will also give some lectures to teach some strategies, so join now.
● In the game, not only the blockchain knowledge but also BDM can be taken, and the grand prize is given at the end of the month. Why not!


Finally, let's take a look at some of the game feelings in the game:

● The first time you enter the game, the pace is too fast, and you can't return it. It's a little difficult to learn.
● As a miner can't hear the noise of the miner's fan, it always feels less. If you add some noise in the computer room, it will be more realistic.
● After the question and answer session, the system will deduct 0.1BDM. If there are too many BDMs in the Tucao, it will disappear. It is not enough to spit. This is a bit helpless.
● You can view the wealth information of your teammates in the game. Can you consider adding property hiding function? If my assets of several hundred million are being stared, it is not very troublesome...

Seventh, look forward to the grand prize

After the season, the number one will receive a season prize of 300,000 yuan, and the players will end up with the special prizes in the top 21 after hard work.

How to redeem the final 300,000 awards?

Follow the steps below to enter the personal center - enter the wallet - choose to redeem - choose the season to redeem, commemorate the commodity big gold pot is a redemption item during the beta period, currently cannot be exchanged, have to say a little regret, I look forward to the official re-launch of some season souvenir exchanges.

The award-winning process will only be known to the winning players, let us look forward to the grand prize!


— END —


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