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Cyber Bitcoin
The second type of Rock Miner called RK-BOX uses the newest third generation chip of firedcat。RK-BOX has four blades each with 12chips,
a single miner is 480-500G, the power is about 500W.This miner will be available, below Cybtc to bring you the latest test.

Out of box exposure

RK-BOX Miner adopts five players paper bag packaging, printed with logo of ROCK MINERand web site information,
bubble wrap with miner and accessories,looksvery tight.



The attached is four USB data lines, USB-HUB and  Raspberry Pieach one,Raspberry Pi is fixed on one side of the miner .


The appearance of Miner is very unique,the main air-cooling fin of the four blades toward inner as a square,before and after each consisting of two pieces of X plate fixation,The cooling fan is located on one side  of steel plate, and on the other side fixedthe Raspberry Pie.


Physical data of miner is given below ,the length of front-end and back-end (from cooling fan to raspberry pie) is 23.5cm.the width and height are 22.8cm;the gross weight of miner, accessories and packaging is 7.5kg,the net weight of miner and accessories is 6.7kg.The machine is small but hold up so weightily.


Siglebalde,each blade with 12 chips,each blade with a PCIE power supply interface and a USBv3interface for the data line.


Colling fan and miner interior collingfin,four line NM12v1.3A,with temperature and wind speed adjusting.This I believe a lot of friends are not unfamiliar,it is used for a super popular miner.


The Raspberry Pi fixed on one side of the miner ,its screw would be loose in transport.



Attached accessories without power supply of Raspberry Pi,I use my mobile charger as replacement.



Firstly,USBdata lines are respectively inserted into the four hashing power board of plate interface




Then put thePCIE  line of power insert the PCIE interface of each blade.


Finally,put the assembly lines in order, plug the cable and Raspberry pi.


Third, Shakedown test

Switch on the power, USB-HUB, fan running,all the lights on ,miner began to work.



Then the browser to open the miner background,the default IP: can see the home page,I marked the English with Chinese

because of limited English.Believe that this interface has been familiar withwhich can show hashing power of four blades is around 120g

each,miner hashing power is during 480-500.


Enter the mining pools setting page to set up mining pool,there is only a backup pool,if choose stable mining pool is enough under normal circumstance.


IP setup page


DNS setup page


Sync Time, I select Beijing Time.


Status,here the delay is a bit high,more than 50 seconds.


Version page,can select to upgrade.


reboot after change the setting, it will takes 45 seconds with promt, No operation.


When miner run normally,the blue light of every balde is in a twinkling state,all the signal lights of Raspberry pi. are on.



Real-time hashing power of Fish pool floats between 480-510g.



The following do the test for miner about the power ,temperature and noise. My test environment is the room temperature

up to 30 degrees, humidity 60,indoor static noise 46dBA,real-time power of miner and Raspberry pi are 520W or so.


Noise testing of RK-BOX Miner , the fan is running at a low speed is about 70.7dBA,when the automatic adjustable

speed fan is running at high speed is about 74.1dBA.Please note that the data of the highly close the fan is the maximum,

the further away the lower the data.



Following is the temperature testing of RK-BOX Miner. Thermal design of this miner is the main cooling fin toward the formation

of air duct,air exhaust toward outsid,so in this end of Raspberry Pi is air intake which is also the heatest of the miner.

The heat value of the cooling fin this place is about 50 degree with hand touch feel a little hot, compared to some of the

computer,the chip temperature high enough to fry the egg,but the temperature here isfar from enough.


Cooling fin is around, less heat temperature of 40 degrees


V.Brief Summary

The design of Rock Miner RK-BOX is very sharp and modern. Application of red and blue LED, feeling romantic ignore the

voice in the night.It’s hashing power tends to perform stably ,and interface operates conveniently.

Fistly,its defects is high temperature of the air intake more or less causes stability problems.Therefore, the organization of miner should be considered whenair intake circulation.

Secondly, noise problem,powerful fan directly contact the machine causes the slight vibration,where should be userubber pad to reduce external noise sources.

Thirdly, Raspberry pi fixed to the machine is great,but there is a problemmanufacturer should pay attention that in the transport process the needle of 26 pin is bent.

Fourthly, power lines problem,if use the ordinary computer,the power does not stop the fan,need to move a littlebit,it would need four lines enough long of 15 metres. Take my semi module Zhen Hua and bone gamma supply as example,it should beadditionallyequipped with a PCIE extension line.

Fifthly, there is no fan speed display in its background interface,hope that thenew version can be added.

Finally,Rock Miner RK-BOXat run time according to the running status of adaptive frequency chips run, by the machine environment adaptive operation. This canavoid the machine accident (such as the machine overheating, line contactoccurs, it is also improper) at present a lot of machine design

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