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AntMiner S9 is a Bitcoin Mining Machine released in June, which uses the latest generation of Bitcoin BM1387, an 11.85 TH, power of 1172 watts.

BM1387 chip is the bit of the mainland's own research and development of the 5th generation Bitcoin mining machine chip, the use of TSMC's 16-nanometer FinFET process, the application of full custom design, single chip computing power up to 74GH / S, 0.4V core voltage Power consumption of only 0.08W / GH / s. Is by far the lowest power chip chip history.

Ant miner S9 official parameters:
Rated power: 11.85 TH / s ± 5%
Wall power consumption: 1172 watts + 12% (bit continent APW3-1600 watts of power, AC / DC efficiency of 93%, 25 ℃ ambient temperature)
Power efficiency: 0.1J / GH + 12% (wall, AC / DC efficiency of 93%, 25 ° C ambient temperature)
Rated voltage: 11.6 ~ 13.0V
Number of chips: 189 pieces

The following is the latest evaluation by Cybtc:

First, out of the box exposure
Ant S9 uses five layers of industrial carton packaging, logistics warehousing graphics, product bar code, QC (quality inspection), brand logo readily available, mining machine with pearl cotton board suspended design, effective protection of the transport safety.

With a  S9 mine and a double-sided English manual.

The side of the Ants Miner S9 .

At the top of the Mineral machine, you can see the machine consists of three pieces of arithmetic board composition, each operator board has three pci-e6pin power jack.

In front of the machine, you can see the sd card socket (reserved), ip key, network cable jack, reset button and status lights (as well as ant mine logo, qc labels and bar code), and front fan, wind.

The other side of the machine, there is a warning sign. Rear fan (from this side of the wind).

Chassis is  the same as s7, the use of aluminum alloy, surrounded by one molding, arithmetic board through the slot inside the chassis interspersed.

You can see inside each chip has an independent heat sink, the overall structure is very close.

Put the following physical parameters of the mine.

Second, installation and commissioning

S9 miner in the installation before the heat sink need to carefully check whether the phenomenon of off.

The test power supply is the APW3-12-1600-B2 ants power supply (1600w gold conversion rate). For more information on this power supply can refer to our previous evaluation. Http://

First, plug in the power cord to the arithmetic board, ant machine three arithmetic board above, respectively, there are three standard pci-E6pin interface. (Wire standard at least 18AWG and above)

And then plug in the power controller (S9 controller is also pci-E6pin interface), then plug in the cable.

This is the final wiring diagram of the mine.

Power, the connection method and the same as ants s7, if the use of two power supply, can not cross-wiring. Can refer to the official document, the following figure for the correct connection (picture s7 miners, but the same principle, the official document screenshot).

Connected to the power, the mine automatically assign ip address, scan the latest access device ip address into the background. (Ip address of the mine can refer to this post

First of all, open the browser ip into the browser, and then enter the password into the background of mining machine. The default user name and password are: root

And then set the pool, this bit is the bit of the continent's currency coin pool (ant pool), the ant pool of the tutorial can enter this post:

After the setting is completed, the operation will start after about several tens of seconds. The background page can see the mine real-time status.

Status lights of the mine during normal operation.

Third, the test

The test room noise is about 38dBa, indoor temperature of about 29 degrees.

The default frequency of 550, running more than one day, the arithmetic power fluctuates between 11.6-12T, with an average of about 11.84T, the arithmetic curve is smooth and does not appear large fluctuations.

Power measured 1317w.

Overclocking test, the default frequency of 550, on the mention of third gear to 568.75, run one hour measured the power of about 12.2-12.3T between.

Power measured 1362w.

Noise, the background fan speed between 4320-4560 turn, the machine measured about 20cm at 81-86dBa between.

Distance 1 meter measured about 76dBa.


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