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Cyber Bitcoin
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Cybtc Review: APGF Wireless FPGA Miner S
Blessed are the miners who have been paying attention to FPGA programmable minin
EBang EBIT E12 Series Bitcoin Miner Laun
Recently, the price of bitcoin has risen from $3,000 to a short time at $8,000,
MicroBT - New Generation Bitcoin Mining
On May 19th, the MicroBT New Product Launch Conference was held at the first Mar
A Block Chainer (ABC) by EHash, build Yo
Recently, the CGMiner open source project contributor Qin Fengling introduced a
Cybtc Review: Avalon A10 Bitcoin Miner
Recently, Canaan released the new Avalon bitcoin mining machine A10. The officia
Facebook cryptocurrency project Libra officially releases white paper digest reported. Facebook cryptocurrency project Libra officially released the white paper and its official website on June 18. At the same time, Facebook also opened up the source cod ...
Half hour(s) ago
Communication software Telegram's Gram token will be open to the Liquid Exchange digest reported, the blockchain project of the communication software Telegram, Telegram Open Network (TON) issued the token Gram will be publicly sold on the Liquid Exchange on July 10. Acc ...
6 day(s) ago
Former Bitmain CEO Wu Jihan will launch the cryptocurrency exchange in July digest
According to, Wu Jihan, former CEO of China's mining giant Bitmain, will launch a new startup, Matrix, by the end of July. Matrix, a hosting and trading company, is said to have ini ...
7 day(s) ago
G20 requires global regulators to consider corresponding cryptographic assets digest reported that at the G20 meeting in Fukuoka, Japan, the finance director and his central bank counterparts have submitted a joint request to the Financial Stability Board (FSB) and the ...
India Proposed Law: 10 years in Prison for Buying or Selling Cryptocurrency digest reported that a proposal in India's 2019 draft "Prohibition of cryptocurrency bans and regulation of official digital currency bills" stated that anyone who handles cryptocurrencies w ...
Apple launches cryptocurrant developer tool: Massive use is approaching? digest reported that Cupertino-based technology giant Apple hosted the annual Global Developers Conference (WWDC), which updated its product lineup, although new products were first shown to the ...
Decline of Bitcoin price was due to the Transfer of 25,000 Bitcoins by Whales digest reported that according to some market analysts, Bitcoin's decline of nearly $1,300 during the 24-hour trading period may be caused by speculative trading of some bitcoin whales. Imag ...
Tron Founder wins $4.5 Million Bid Dinner with Buffet digest reported. Warren Buffett once said that Bitcoin "may be a rat poison", but he must now have lunch with a new founder who is most keen on cryptocurrency. Sun Yuchen, the 28-year-old wave ...
Localbitcoins P2P Exchange cancels 'Personal Cash' Option digest
According to on June 1, P2P exchange Localbitcoins has stopped providing on-site cash transactions. A small number of users said that all pending fiat currencies were cancelled, allow ...
Telegram releases Cryptocurrency Wallet "Button Wallet" digest reported that Telegram (Telegram) is a privacy-focused communications software that completed a $1.7 billion private placement in the first half of last year, created a blockchain netwo ...
BitPay: Big companies push up Bitcoin prices digest reported that Sonny Singh, chief commercial officer of bitcoin payment processor Bitpay, told Bloomberg Television that the current unexpected bull market in the cryptocurrency market ...
Yahoo Japan launches Cryptocurrency Exchange "Taotao" this week digest reported. In April last year, Yahoo Japan acquired a stake in BitArg Exchange Tokyo, claiming to develop its own cryptocurrency exchange with BitArg technology. Today, the new exchange ...
Morgan Digital Assets: Bitcoin may enter a Multi-Year Rebound and Bull Market digest reported that Anthony Pompliano, CEO of Morgan Digital Assets said that all signals, as often seen by bitcoinists, point to a multi-year rebound and bull market that Bitcoin could last ...
Zuckerberg and Winklevoss Brothers negotiate on Facebook's Cryptocurrency Plan digest
According to the British "Financial Times" report, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has talked with his old rival Winklevoss brothers, because social media giants plan to launch their own cryptocurrency. ...
Facebook plans to launch "GlobalCoin" in 2020 digest reported that Facebook is finalizing plans to launch its own cryptocurrency next year. It plans to establish a digital payment system in more than a dozen countries by the first quarter of 202 ...
Telecom Giant AT&T now accepts Bitcoin Payments digest reported that telecom giant AT&T announced that customers can now pay bills through Bitpay. The company has become the first major mobile and fixed-line operator in the United States ...
Bitfinex admits: Bitcoin was Purchased with a Reserve of USDT digest reported. According to the legal documents obtained, the company Tether of the stable currency USDT and the management of its related company Bitfinex acknowledged that the company had ...
Research: Bitcoin Discussion has Matured digest reported that a new study by Indexica, a cryptocurrency data provider, shows that since the last big bull market at the end of 2017, talks around Bitcoin have improved significantly in ...
Binance Research: Stable Coins Shows the Potential of Cryptocurrency digest reported earlier that the Binance cryptocurrency exchange recently released a report by its market research and analysis agency, "Binance Research". Noting the increase in the activity ...
Analyze the Current Bitcoin Rebound based on the 2017 Bull Market digest reported that bitcoin value has risen significantly in the past few days, reaching $7,968 at 3 pm on May 19, 2019. Since the value of December increased by nearly 150%, various cryptoc ...
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