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Cyber Bitcoin
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Cybtc Review: Avalon A10 Bitcoin Miner
Recently, Canaan released the new Avalon bitcoin mining machine A10. The officia
Cybtc Review: INNOSILICON Terminator 3 B
Recently, major cryptocurrency miner manufacturers have released their latest ge
Guess hash rate increase during the hydr
The annual hydroelectric power season is about to begin
Cybtc Review: MicroBT Whatsminer M10
Shenzhen MicroBT Ltd. is a company that produces mining machines. The company wa
Cybtc Review: MicroBT Whatsminer D1 DCR
Recently, MicroBT releases a new DCR miner, Whatsminer D1, which is MicroBT's fi
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Dash Activates Fork 15 and 16, Launches Deterministic Masternode and InstantSend digest
Source: Dash has activated two sporks finalizing the 0.13 upgrade, locking in deterministic ...
The day before yesterday 11:28
Does Cryptocurrency affect National Security? digest
Source: Core reading In recent years, the rapid development of cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology has constituted a new trend of ...
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Cryptocurrency Market Volatility due to Brexit Delay digest
Source: The Brexit was delayed until Halloween in 2019, and the EU and cryptocurrency markets reacted strongly to the news. For those who do not understand the Brexit situati ...
April 2 Bitcoin Price Rebound Analysis digest
Today, the price of bitcoin has soared. I try to find some information on the Internet and I can't get the reason. Zhao Changpeng, the founder of the Binance exchange, posted a tweet and asked "Why?". ...
What is Bitcoin? by Friedcat at 2012 digest
From: Douban Public-owned believers get out, you want to replace the deal with a plan, and bitcoin is just another trading tool that you spit on. The believers of Keynes rolled out, and this thing wa ...
From Bloomberg, Russia's Richest Man Plans Crypto Tokens Backed by Palladium digest
From: Bloomberg Image from Bloomberg. MMC Norilsk Nickel PJSC and its billionaire chief Vladimir Potanin are planning several digital platforms, including using crypto tokens for trading palladium. ...
(2014-9-11) Freshman Tutorial Serial Part 2 :Safe use Bitcoin Wallet digest
You may use the bitcoin wallets, but you may don't know how to safely use the bitcoin wallets. During my time as moderator of the freshman column, Dreamcolor bitcoin web site, I often be asked for h ...
(2014-9-11) Freshman Tutorial Serial Part 3:Bitcoin, its value and price digest
Even you have learned how to use bitcoin wallet safy, you must need to practice transfer a few times. Why, let us experience the currency value. Only by actual operation, one can realize its value. ...
(2014-9-15) Freshman Tutorial Serial Part 5: The Opportunity Cost of Bitcoin digest
If you already know how to calculate costs and benefits, then you may try to start to be a miner, but please don't hurry. Prior to this, you must also know, mining industry has not formed the clear ...
(2014-9-16) Freshman Tutorial Serial Part 6: Be careful Bitcoin mining trap digest
If you already know how to calculate costs and benefits, then you may try to start to be eager for a fight, but please don't hurry. Prior to this, you must also know, mining industry has no clear in ...
(2014-9-17) Freshman Tutorial Serial Part 7: Pay the lowest tuition digest
In order to make things well, you should always need pay off something, more or less, that is tuition. The mining are no exception. The problem is, some fees are too high. To reduce the tuition, the ...
(2014-9-18) Freshman Tutorial Serial Part 8: Concerned Bitcoin Market digest
Aswe know howto calculate the cost ofbitcoinmining,aswe understandbitcoinmachinerelated recessivefeeand machine industrytraps, the restthat weshould do isthat we shouldfocus on the marketing,learn h ...
(2014-9-19) The trouble of Scrypt mining industry digest
Over the past one or two months,mining base on the algorithm of Scrypthad mushroomed,Gridseed blade mining,Ajie 30M mining,Jingtianmining,SilverFish mining,Zeus miningect.However,by the sales record ...
(2014-9-24) PayPal and Virtual Currency-Bitcoin digest
Bitcoin has been big news this year, and for good reason. Although crypto-currencies have been around for some time, only Bitcoin has achieved significant scale. This new entrant in the world of pay ...
(2015-3-16) The theory of Chinese financial management of BTC digest
In February 18, 2015 at 01:21 (Chinese New Year), Kipcoin published an article called "The statement about theKipcoin stolen event" .It said the Kipcoin has been stolen for many times since last Oc ...
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