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Cyber Bitcoin
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Cybtc Review: MicroBT Whatsminer M20S-68
On May 19th, 2019, the theme of "The ultimate win-win, successful reproduction"
Cybtc Review: Bitmain Antminer S17-56T B
On April 7, 2019, the Bitlmain Antminer S17 Series bitcoin mining machine was la
Cybtc Review: APGF Wireless FPGA Miner S
Blessed are the miners who have been paying attention to FPGA programmable minin
EBang EBIT E12 Series Bitcoin Miner Laun
Recently, the price of bitcoin has risen from $3,000 to a short time at $8,000,
MicroBT - New Generation Bitcoin Mining
On May 19th, the MicroBT New Product Launch Conference was held at the first Mar
Take a Look at the Chinese Government's Strategic Deployment on the Blockchain
In recent years, the value of blockchain technology has received more and more attention from the society and the government. The two sessions of China in 2019 were mentioned as the key points of fi ...
Haichao Wang has been appointed as new CEO of Bitmain
Today Bitmain has updated their blog and announce Haichao Wang has been appointed as new CEO of Bitmain. The original article as follows, 2019’s Focus is on Customers We are proud of how fast our ...
Guess hash rate increase during the hydroelectric power season
How much hash rate will increase during the hydroelectric power season this year? (Data source BTC.COM) The annual hydroelectric power season is about to begin, will Bitcoin's full network hash ra ...
Cybtc Review: MicroBT Whatsminer M10
Shenzhen MicroBT Ltd. is a company that produces mining machines. The company was established in July 2016. Its main business is the development, production, and sales of ASIC chips and products/solut ...
Cybtc Review: MicroBT Whatsminer D1 DCR Miner
Recently, MicroBT releases a new DCR miner, Whatsminer D1, which is MicroBT's first DCR miner. Whatsminer has been known for its stable operation and low power consumption. The launch of Whatsminer D1 ...
Cybtc 2019 New Year One-Stop Group Mining provides a one-stop solution for purchasing, managing and deploying miners. We purchase the miners from original manufacturers and get the after-sales warranty. High quality and reliable m ...
Cybtc Review: Bitmain Antminer S15-28TH/s
Bitmain is a technology company specializing in high-speed, low-power custom chip design and development, successfully designed and produced a variety of ASIC custom chips and integrated systems. Bitm ...
Bitmain announces next generation 7nm ASIC chip for SHA256 mining
Bitmain Announcement on 18th Feb 2019 Bitmain announces next generation 7nm ASIC chip for SHA256 mining, delivering breakthrough energy efficiency BM1397 chip combines new chip design methodology ...
Statistics Shows Gold Mining Costs 23 Times more than Bitcoin Mining
Original: ... han-bitcoin-mining/ Data posted by a Twitter user simply known as Asimov shows that Gold mining consumes 23 times more energy than Bitcoin mining. Asi ...
The First Blockchain Mining Game - BD Mining
BD Mining (BDM) is the first strategic competitive game to simulate real crypto mining. It is also the first blockchain game community to foster portal users. The original intention of the crypto in ...
(2014-9-10) Check Out on Zeus Thunder X3 Scrypt Miner by Cybtc
Zeus was established earlier this year. For different customer groups, they develope a variety of specifications of the mining machine. The first batch of Scrypt ASIC mining machine has shipped in m ...
(2014-9-10) Freshman Tutorial Serial Part 1: Mining bitcoin together with me
Make money is one of odd thing, some one can earn full to his neck, while others are struggle to put his nose above the water. All business is whether lost or win, which is not surprising. However, ...
(2014-9-11) Freshman Tutorial Serial Part 2 :Safe use Bitcoin Wallet
You may use the bitcoin wallets, but you may don't know how to safely use the bitcoin wallets. During my time as moderator of the freshman column, Dreamcolor bitcoin web site, I often be asked for h ...
(2014-9-11) Freshman Tutorial Serial Part 3:Bitcoin, its value and price
Even you have learned how to use bitcoin wallet safy, you must need to practice transfer a few times. Why, let us experience the currency value. Only by actual operation, one can realize its value. ...
(2014-9-11) Evaluation of Rock Bitcoin Miner by Cybtc
The second type of Rock Miner called RK-BOX uses the newest third generation chip of firedcat。RK-BOX has four blades each with 12chips, a single miner is 480-500G, the power is about 500W.This miner ...
(2014-9-12) Avalon3 (2nd Gen ADP single module)Bitcoin Miner Evaluation b...
Avalon3 (2nd Gen ADP single module)Bitcoin Miner Evaluation by Cybtc Before I do the evaluation, I want to quote the Avalon's explanation about why they havedeveloped a brand new ADP board : Since ...
(2014-9-13) Freshman Tutorial Serial Part 4: The cost of bitcoin mining
In case of your believe of the bitcoin currency's price, you have the reason to invest it. Since it is investment, it is necessary to calculate costs and benefits. To calculate costs and benefits, y ...
(2014-9-14) CoinTerra 2T Bitcoin Miner Evaluation by Cybtc
Hello everyone, this is AL.F, it’s been a long time since I released the Butterfly 500G mini rig evaluation, this time I’m going to test CoinTerraTerraMiner™ IV. I ordered it in October last year, ...
(2014-9-15) Freshman Tutorial Serial Part 5: The Opportunity Cost of Bitcoin
If you already know how to calculate costs and benefits, then you may try to start to be a miner, but please don't hurry. Prior to this, you must also know, mining industry has not formed the clear ...
(2014-9-15) Zeus Litecoin Miner Blizzard Evaluation by Cybtc
Zeus has developed a variety of specifications of the asic miner, for the different needs of users.This time we received a usb Asic miner code named Blizzard (Bao Xue).Which using 6 chip, output 1.3M+ ...
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