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Cyber Bitcoin
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Cybtc Review: APGF Wireless FPGA Miner S
Blessed are the miners who have been paying attention to FPGA programmable minin
EBang EBIT E12 Series Bitcoin Miner Laun
Recently, the price of bitcoin has risen from $3,000 to a short time at $8,000,
MicroBT - New Generation Bitcoin Mining
On May 19th, the MicroBT New Product Launch Conference was held at the first Mar
A Block Chainer (ABC) by EHash, build Yo
Recently, the CGMiner open source project contributor Qin Fengling introduced a
Cybtc Review: Avalon A10 Bitcoin Miner
Recently, Canaan released the new Avalon bitcoin mining machine A10. The officia
(2015-8-30) Antminer S7 Bitcoin Miner is Available to Pre-order on Bitmaintec...
Antminer S7 is available to pre-order on Bitmaintech English site , See following released news : Bitmain is pleased to introduce our latest machine, the Antminer S7. This powerful machine featur ...
(2015-9-1) The Review of Avalon4-Mini Bitcoin Miner by Cybtc
Bitcoin miner manufacturer Avalon released a new Bitcoin miner, the Avalon4-Mini last month. This miner is designed to be a lightweight home miner. It can be connected directly to a computer and contr ...
(2016-4-1) 14nm A4 Dominator ASIC, world best 1.5W/Mhs efficiency, coming soon
Innosilicon, the world renowned creator of the dominating 28nm A2 Terminator, is proudly announcing the specification & availability of the exciting next generation 14nm ASIC code-named A4 Dominator ...
(2016-8-26) Bitmain AntMiner R4 family bitcoin miner is coming
Recently Bitmain released a number of official posts to latest generation of bitcoin mining machine of AntMiner R4 The BM1387 ASIC Chip The world's first bitcoin mining ASIC based on the 16nm pro ...
(2016-11-25) BlackArrow BlackArrow X1.5 bitcoin mining machine unboxing
BlackArrows BlackArrow X1.5 bitcoin mining machine is scheduled for the end of 2013, the plan delivery in early 2014, the results dragged on, the time came to the beginning of this year.At this point ...
(2016-11-25) Cybtc evaluation: Bitmain AntMiner S7 bitcoin mining
This latest batch of S7 (S7-135) bitcoin mining in the original first batch (power 4.86T power 1180w) on the basis of the re-optimization of hardware and software.This latest batch of S7 (S7-135) mach ...
(2016-11-29) Cybtc Evaluation: AvalonMiner 6.0 Bitcoin Mining Machine
AvalonMiner 6.0 is the latest high-bit Bitcoin arithmetic machine by jia nang yun zhi.The machine uses 80 AvalonMiner fifth-generation bit-bit machine A3218 chip machine, the machine operator to 3.5T. ...
(2019-2-19) The death of a coin-circle number one student
Translate from: This article is pure nonsense, you lose if taken seriously. On January 30, 2019, I received news of the blockchain training classmate Wa ...
(2019-1-23) SAPPHIRE RX 570 16GB Blockchain Graphics Card: Optimized for Mini...
Sapphire RX 570 16GB HDMI (Source: SAPPHIRE) Recently, graphics card and motherboard manufacturer and global supplier SAPPHIRE (Sapphire Technology) announced the upcoming SAPPHIRE RADEON RX 570 16GB ...
(2019-1-17) We are Miners: There is a legend whose name is derived from King ...
We are an old leek, old miner! Being cut one after another, filling one by one, this thing is very fun, we are still playing. From 2013 the present, the crypto mining circle is full of stories. Do yo ...
(2019-1-10) Bitcoin 10th Anniversary, Beijing Bitcoin 99 People Party
Blockin, Blxin, Cobo Wallet, etc. Beijing bitcoin 99 people gathering. ☰☲☱ Prologue ☰☲☱ On January 3, 2009, the Bitcoin genesis block was created, with block number "0" and a single block rew ...
(2019-1-3) Cybtc Review: BitHD Watch Style Cold Wallet
BitHD (Bit Shield) is a smartwatch-style digital currency hardware wallet, which was developed and launched by the Bitpie Wallet Team team for one year. One of the team's development projects, Biter W ...
(2019-1-2) Cybtc Review: Cobo Vault (Military Grade) Hardware Cold Wallet
If you have a billion currency, do you have troubles? How to save so many assets? With a cold wallet? With a hot wallet? Desktop wallet? Mobile Wallet? Paper wallet? Brain wallet? Offline wallet? Wh ...
(2018-12-31) Cybtc Review: Goldshell X5 Litecoin Miner
Litecoin is a well-known decentralized digital currency born at the end of 2011. It has always occupied the top ten position in the digital currency field. The production of Litecoin is obtained throu ...
(2018-12-20) Cybtc Review: Bitmain AntBox (Mobile Mining Farm)
Bitmain ANTBOX is the latest self-developed practical mobile mining farm. ANTBOX was released in March this year and can accommodate up to 324 S9 mining machines. It is expected by global miners to me ...
(2018-12-20) Cybtc Review: LUBANSO X1 Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet
I. Foreword: What is a Bitcoin wallet? To receive, store or use Bitcoin, you must have a Bitcoin wallet. But your Bitcoin cannot protect by the wallet, but a private key. The private key gives you ...
(2018-12-13) Cybtc Review: Coldlar Wallet Pro 3
Coldlar Wallet Pro 3 is a cold wallet supported by Beijing Coldlar Information Technology Co. Ltd., which supports multi-currencies. The Coldlar Wallet Pro 3 is separated into the hot and cold wallet. ...
(2018-12-12) Cybtc Review: Avalon Bitcoin Mining Heater
Winter is coming, the weather is getting colder. The north has started to provide heating, but the coin-industry in the cold winter unceasing single replay "cool", foreshadowing the 2018 winter will b ...
(2018-12-7) Cybtc Review: Water Cooling Miner Antminer S9 Hydro
Recently, Bitmain has launched a new mining machine based on SHA256 algorithm, this mining machine has aroused widespread concern once it was launched, this is Antminer S9 Hydro, a real mass productio ...
(2018-12-5) Cybtc Review: KeepKey Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet
KeepKey is a hardware cold wallet used to encrypt digital currency storage, providing a secure, simple and reliable hardware wallet solution. All users of KeepKey, from novice to expert, can easily se ...
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